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    Apple should come up with a solution

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    Terrible product & no alternative in sight

    I must have gone through 10 of these cables. It's always the same - you buy them, they work fine. But after a few weeks the center contacts start to discolour until they actually physically disappear. They basically rot away. I think this must be due to high humidity where I live. The cable itself is fine, never had any problem with the cable (no frailing, kinks or anything), but it's the connector itself that just stops working after the most 6 months (sometimes much earlier).

    I have tried alternatives and they perform the same. Some lasted me 5 days, some (MFI cert) would last me a few weeks. These will not last longer than 6 months in a humid place.

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    I change cables more than some people change razors

    I've only had my phone since April 2015 and I'm already on my 4th cable. If you're going to sell a terrible but necessary product, the least you can do is have the price reflect the quality. Here is what I do with my cables that apparently is too strenuous for them. The cable sits in my home next to my TV for charging while I'm here or it sits in my car to charge it when I'm not here. I guess if I want my cables to average more than 5 weeks of life I shouldn't even touch them. I got knock off cables now and they lasted as long (longer in one case) than my first apple one. Basically apple is selling you a product that is the same quality as what I found in a gas station rolled up and rubber banded for $5. The lightning platform is terrible, 3 years later and it still has it's "teething issues" seems more like serious platform flaw at this point.

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    Are you kdding me?

    I barely touched that 2 days old cable and the housing for that microchip behind the lightening plug came of and then was like a pearl on a necklace. tried to gently get it back in place and thanks to that the red cable ripped of the plug. my grandma can make better cables. sorry..but a new cable for 25€ ? Are you kidding me?

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    If only I could give negative stars

    I have been an Apple fan since the release of the iPad, but I am sorely disappointed in the quality of the charger cables. Within 6 months to a year, the coating around the wires begin to fray and disintegrate. Wires are exposed and the chargers stop working. We currently own 8 Apple devices that require chargers in our household. I purchased multiple cables and plugs so that I could leave 4 at the office and 4 at home. I thought that the cables would last longer if I didn't transport them from site to site. I was wrong.
    Not only are Apple devices at the top price bracket, but now it costs even more to maintain them. When you look at the cost of an iPad or iPhone, you can add $40+ per yr just to use your iPad or iPhone.

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    Frustrating! TERRIBLE! Apple is better than this!

    I don't get it. Why are these cables such POOR QUALITY. I've gone through 4 between my wife an I. I've babied these and have gotten a case for them to keep in and our brand new ones still failed after a month. TF? Do they care or is Apple getting so big that quality is no longer their concern?

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    Overpriced, Flimsy, Unreliable.

    Apple is charging $29 for a meter long of cable that doesn't always work (re: occasional pop up alerts on iPhone saying it's unsupported), and breaks approximately a year after the purchase. The cable is flimsy and always get twisted near the neck, or the infamous "turtle-necking" as people call it, then proceeds to fray, and finally broken.

    Been buying the lightning cables constantly for years since its first introduction back in 2012 and none of the issues were resolved.

    I have absolutely no problem with paying $30 for a cable but not when the quality is as horrendous as this. Looks like I'm not the only one experiencing issues with this expensive piece of flimsy cable.

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    These cables wear-out quickly.

    I love apple products, but these cables are annoying, unreliable, and expensive. Please find something that works, like the mini usb or whatever, but fix this, please.

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    A product that doesn't atand the test of time

    Totally agree with a review two doors down. I am about to purchase my fourth usb wire in a year becuase they stop working after a few months. People spend enough on Apple as it is as they cleverly monopolise, but the products should stand up to this. I could have purchased an Apple watch by now! (Please make the wire stronger and less prone to twisting at the top!)

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    Horrific price increase

    This is my third cable for my iPad, they always seem to break in the same place in spite of careful use, I logged in to get another 2m one ( which I bought in the first place thinking that the extra length might help it last longer) only to find in less than a year a $10 price increase. Disgusted. Buying a shorter one which will doubtless only last about a month:(

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    Terrible , pc connectivity error

    Just bought iPhone 6 last month .and got error like "cable authentications " and not appropriate usb cable. What's the fun of buying such a branded mobile who's manufacturers can't even solve this minor problem. Too much disappointed,my mobile touch sometimes stop when connected to cable during charging.

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    Lightning connector is too small

    Make the lightning connector bigger, i.e. the body is too small to grasp when removing from the phone. So instead of pulling the connector out by the wire, which results in it breaking and turning brown due to shorting out internally, make a finger and thumb sized pull out tab, so one pulls the plug, oh, and put more reinforcement on the cable in this area so it does not bend so easily, then the cable would be more robust and you would have a happy customer base.

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    Apples worst, unreliable cable ever

    I've owned 10 of these and, they all broke without even being rough with them. I waste so much money on buying a new one each month and, the fact that these cables are way more expensive than any other phone cable makes it worse. Apple has really went backwards in making quality products. These wires are so thin and, break easily without a single touch. Apple needs to go back to the basics and, go back to the thick bulky wire like the generation 3 ipad has. I have an ipod classic with the classic wire that I had for 10 years and, NOT ONCE did I ever have to replace the cable that originally came with it. I take well good care of my things and, I know for a fact that it's not my fault that they're malfunctioning. If i haven't bought apps in the itunes store, I would go and, buy an android tablet and, sell my ipad air right now.

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    Treating customers with disdain

    I have spent enough on replacement MacBook and iPhone power cables in the last 5 years to buy a Nexus 5 for everyone in my family.

    Blocking the only iPhone cables I could find that last more than a month has finally tipped me over the edge. I just had to run out to buy new, inferior, more expensive Apple cables in order to charge my phone to take pictures of my newborn son. I find myself ill disposed to this company.

    It's the wrong plastic, Apple. It's the wrong plastic. It's the wrong plastic, the wrong plastic, the wrong plastic. We have been telling you this for years. If you won't fix it, then at least allow somebody else to serve your customers.

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    This morning I bought a new one, because my last other (my fifth) is starting to wear down. I was appalled that the price has gone up from 19€ to 25€!! I would accept this if the quality went up...but it's just the same rubbish.
    I have never had to replace a Samsung cable, nevermind a Nokia cable back in the days...

    I am so holding my heart for when my Macbook charger will fail....because it seems failure is the option Apple chargers' got, succes is not...

    Also where's the option to award zero stars?

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    1 star too many

    This very overpriced cable fails quickly even with gentle use. If it were well designed it might be worth about one quarter of the price Apple is charging. As shoddy as it is, this cable should be free with purchase and replaced for free every 6 months, no questions asked.

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    No Problems Here

    No problems after a year with this cable to my iPhone

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    Good cables - I never experienced any problems with these cables.

    I've owned quite a lot of apple devices ranging from the iPhone's, to the iPad's, Mac's etc and I never had a problem with my lightning cables supplied by Apple. Never once did they break. I've noticed tons of people writing bad reviews, however I can only come to a conclusion that people are miss-treating and not taking care of the cable (i.e un-plugging the cable wrongly, stretching the cable, etc.)

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    9 Months!

    That's how long it lasts before the cheap plastic dissolves from the oil on your fingers. Hey, does Jony Ive have time to design the cables as well? You've got flimsy, thin plastic, dirt-attracting white color, and sharp, plastic edges that make it impossible to pull out. I've seen 99 cent USB cables with better workmanship.

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    Apple hardware quality assurance creep

    Why is Apple allowing junk hardware to creep into its systems? Aren't the margins high enough to support lasting details in their products? The lightning connector for example is a complete failure and a step backward in terms of mechanical robustness. Apple should have switched the iPhones to a mini-version of a MagSafe connector and added data transfer capabilities to it. Why let garbage hardware creep into such a "high-priced" product? The same applies to the new notebook with (single) USB-C adapter. What are Apple's product development execs thinking they are doing to their customers? What sort of future is Apple seeing for its hardware business?

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