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    Trapped by Apple's worst product

    Extremely unreliable. Poorly made. Wires under minimal use (plugged in at my bedside) will fray after 6 months. Apple should know better. Worst experience with an Apple product.

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    If only I could leave less than one star

    I'll admit it. I'm an apple fanboy. Almost an evangelical Apple zealot. I bought my first Mac back in 1989 and have spent countless thousands of dollars on every Apple gadget imaginable ever since. But this TERRIBLE, ABSOLUTE JOKE of a cable has me seriously rethinking my loyalty to the brand. I could tolerate their old, junky cables, but that's because they didn't cost nearly $20 a pop to replace. I have an iPad Air and two iPhone 6+ that use this abomination in workmanship to charge themselves. EVERY cord wears out in a couple of months, starting with the shreading of the insulation. Then the braided wire begins to break, followed by intermittent functionality and then complete failure. EVERY friend I have with these devices has the exact same I trouble. My last cable actually burnt my fingers! This is a joke of a cable and I would advise against purchasing any Apple product that uses this cord. I'm done buying Apple until they figure out that I purchase their products for their QUALITY. These cords have zero quality and aren't worth a dollar, let alone $20. You're losing lifelong customers over this garbage.

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    Terrible. Keep breaking and cost is ridiculous.

    I have been through so many lightning cables, I have lost count. At least five of these 1m ones (all broke) and third party ones are even worse.

    The Apple cables cost way too much and are of appalling quality.

    It is galling to read the tiny number of positive reviews for this truly awful product saying that the problem is just because people don't take care of the cables. What offensive nonsense. They cost a lot of money and are a pain to replace, but they stop working even when carefully handled.
    The idea practically everyone else who has written a review is simply a careless idiot is not only rude, it is really quite dim.

    These cables have uber-delicate internal wires that seem to get disconnected very easily. The microchips in them require extra internal cables, so there is more to go wrong and it seems like the only design imperative was for it to be small. I'd rather something bigger that worked!!

    Third party cables frequently don't work and even those sold with 'Made for iPhone' approval and sold by Apple will frequently fail and many won't charge at all as the iPhone or iPad will claim that 'This accessory may not be supported' and then fail to charge. Of course, that's better than it exploding the phone if it really is dodgy, but come on! After having that issue with a LOT of third party cables, I bought more of these Apple ones and all but one have failed.

    It really is stunning why Apple allowed this problem to continue for so long and haven't apologised about it and still have made no promise to improve them. Of course, wireless and inbuilt solar charging would be great, but I'd settle for a cable that works.

    It is hard to know what to recommend as there aren't many alternatives that are very good either. That said, my Belkin one in my car has been OK for several months and has withstood being wound up and unwound repeatedly. My iPhone and iPad are a big part of my life, taking over ever more functions, and with services like Apple Pay we are placing ever more reliance on our Apple devices. If you run out of battery on the Tube in London, you could end up being overcharged if you can't touch out. If you were hoping to pay for a meal with your iPhone, you can't if it's not powered. Being able to charge the device up is so fundamental to being able to use these devices that I just can't see why this isn't being treated seriously.

    Wireless charging is long overdue and competitors are way ahead on that. I'm not going to upgrade my iPhone 6+ to the next model if it doesn't have wireless or a new type of cable. In the meantime, please stop selling these awful cables and switch to a toughened Lightning cable that is designed with some slack on the internal cables so they don't come detatched so easily! And please make it easier for third parties to make alternatives that are safe, cheap and reliable too.

    Luckily, my JBL speaker dock (cheap and v loud, highly recommended) does charge well (and has a USB port so can do your iPad at the same time if you can find a Lightning cable that works :-P !

    It is truly infuriating that I'm now having to spend another £10-£20 on yet another cable. I could have paid for one year's access to Apple Music for the same amount I've spent on these ruddy things! I think I'll have to hope another Belkin one will be as sturdy as the one in my car!!!

    Come on Apple, my 128GB iPhone 6 Plus cost as much as a used car! Please make charging it more straightforward, less expensive and reliable! Pretty please?!

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    The worst product Apple makes

    I have never been able to find a lightning cable made by Apple that lasts without it bunching up at either end or the outside rubber jacket ripping separating or just fraying thus causing the wires inside to become exposed. Apple needs to make this product with a better outside material that is impervious to everyday use. I have purchased after market brands and the cable is more durable but the connectors aren't as good or they don't transfer data as good as the Apple brand. Buying them every 8-9 months is getting old and expensive. Android phones definitely has Apple beat when it comes to cables!

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    Not worth the price

    This cable breaks easily. Very expensive for a product with substandard quality. With just less than a year, the connector wires started to break and your device will not charge anymore.

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    I have had this phone for 1 year now and It is absolutely shocking the amount of new chargers that I have needed in the past half a year! I have have around 5 new phone chargers over the past 3 months and that's £75!!!

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    Bad stuf

    I had 3 cables with the problem is the same. These cables break had problems next to the connector. It's ridiculous! In my opinion a expensive cable for the used material.

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    Apple lightening cord

    I've bought so many of these it's ridiculous! Apple should really think about quality when producing this! Has anyone found one of quality to purchase?
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    I spent hundreds of dollars to buy these cables. They are really bad quality.

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    Seriously flawed!!

    Don't have words to say how pathetic this is. Apple takes so much pride in designing beautiful perfect products. This charger has to be the WORST design ever. Who designs a charger with connector leads open to elements. Have had the charger for 6 months and I am now hunting for a good charger 3rd time.
    1. The leads corrode (green completely with humidity..
    2. When you pull the cable out of the phone, it breaks at random points. I have had two chargers break at two different points.

    Haven't invested so much on a charger in my life. Thanks Apple!

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    I have spent SO MUCH MONEY on these cables it's ridiculous. Every time I explain this to Apple they are like "it's because you're pulling from the cable and not the pin when you remove it from your phone", sorry but I've tried everything and it always ends up with loose wiring inside which then only makes the cable work when it's pushed in certain directions. Why supply a cable with the phone that only lasts a few weeks? It's not like the phone is $2, however, we spend thousands of dollars on these phones to then get a dodgy cable with it. Sick of them, if you had an option for me to give you 'no stars' I would, but because I have to...this product gets one star! Can't you see how horrible these charges are with the amount of negative reviews on it?

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    Worst Apple product ever made

    This literally breaks every few weeks. No matter how gently I treat it, it just breaks. At the end of the day that is the result of TERRIBLE design. For a company that prides itself on design and quality...wow they should be ashamed. Infuriating.

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    Lightning cable

    Absolutely awful. The amount of these we have been through. The price of the product why isn't the cable top quality??? Come on apple!!

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    Lightning to USB Cable (1m).

    Absolutely atrocious how apple can put there name on this rubbish is beyond me this has to be the worst cable ever made buy apple very poor quality.

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    Improve Lightning Cable quality please

    Apple which is so careful is their design seems to have outsourced their lightning cable design! (Though it says Design by Apple in California).
    Bought two 6+ 6 months ago and the both the cables are already giving away! And worst - it costs $20 to replace.

    Please - please - improve the design so that it is strong.

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    Yes I buy one every 7 month , not impressed with it .

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    Only had the iPhone 5c since May this year. The wire is already snapping close to the phone adaptor end. Can even see the metal wire underneath which is a complete electrical hazard. Unimpressed.

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    Poorly made JUNK

    I have two of these cords, one for my iPhone, the other for my iPad. On both cords, at the Lightning end, the wire has split.....I've had to tape the wires. Both of them have never left my desk. And now when I plug in the phone and the iPad, I sometimes get a message that "This cord is not compatible with your device", or something to that effect. I have to jiggle and plugs to make them work. A poorly made product. I'm certainly not going to buy 2 replacement cords from Apple for $19 each! I'm going try and find another supplier.

    I'm giving this product 1 star, only because zero is not an option.

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    Cheap and nasty cable - not properly strengthened at the gripping points and breaks even after careful use. Cheap junk.
    I just bought a Belkin - seems much stronger.

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    No good!

    I've bought so many of these it's ridiculous! Apple should really think about quality when producing this! Has anyone found one of quality to purchase?

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