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    Every single of of these cables we own are broken, I don't know what else to say

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    Cord stopped working

    I've had my iPod for about 9 months and my cord is scrunched up, and u have to bend it for to work barely. And the same thing happened to my sister.
    Apple really needs to fix this problem badly.

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    2nd charger just broke

    had the ipod5 for about 6 months and now my second charger just broke. the first charger slowly went out, my mom managed to wiggle it into place for a final charge but gave up after that. my second charger only lasted a week or so and the plastic cap on the end of the actual lightning charge side came loose and you could see that the red thread was completely off so no point in trying to wiggle any more with that cr*ppy charger. now my ipod5 just sits and Im using my ipod4 even tho its a little slower, its still no problem to keep it charged. I have a ton of 30pin chargers. seriously apple? this might be my last apple device..

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    Very disappointing

    If you are going to block my phone from using other manufacturers cables, you really need to build an "official" cable that doesn't wear out in 3 months. Deeply uncool, Apple.

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    Lightning Cable is trash!

    This is the worse charging cable for any phone i have had! Apple needs to recall or redesign this cable. Terrible quality! The constantly FAIL! iPhone owners take the L!

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    Yep it's true, poor quality

    I didn't believe the other reviews. They're right though. I only ever pulled my cables out using the hard plastic plug yet two cables have died on me recently. If they were being used in rugged outdoor conditions I would understand, however these are simply not up to standard. :/

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    Breaks easily

    I'd like to see a more reliable, sturdier cable for my phone. I've had mine for less than a year (like 8 months) and it's already messed up. The rubber/plastic part near the lightning piece has broken open and now I have to maneuver the cord around just to get it to charge my phone. SO ANNOYING. Come on Apple, you can do better than this.

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    I had TWO Apple cables stop working this week. Took me three days to figure out that the problem wasn't the phone. The expense/life of use ratio is seriously lacking. Never had this problem with the 30-pin. What gives?

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    Not impressed

    I have literally spent more money on these cables over the years then the phone itself costs. On avarge one lasts me about a month... I would like to see a heavier duty one I can buy even if it doesn't come standard with the phone, or a easier way to use the warranty... I would have to take a whole day off work schedule a appointment then drive 2 hours to the nearest Apple store the 2 hours back for a $20 charger.... I'm considering switching to a different phone to save $20 a month even though I love apple and would hate to have to switch

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    Absolutely rubbish!!

    I've had my iPhone 5S since May 2014 and I'm just about to go and buy my fourth lightning cable! I am absolutely fed-up of these cables. I've had the wires unravel and break at the lightning end and 2 have snapped off in my phone. If I had a choice, I would never buy one of these again. I can't believe Apple have invented such an inferior product.

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    broke after 4 months

    why am i having to buy a new charger after 4 months of use? I intend to have my iPhone 5s for at least 2 years... that means i'm going to spend roughly $150 on new chargers over the life of my phone?? No thanks.

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    Fragile charging cable

    I have had the same problem as everyone else. What I don't understand is why no one contacts Apple and demand a replacement. I did, when mine went after only six weeks.

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    Lower your prices!

    Shouldn't have to pay $29 each time your cables don't work, have gone through 5 different ones in the space of half a year - make proper ones or reduce the price at least!

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    changing phone brands when plan is up

    Sick of paying good money for something worth 1/10 of what it is worth. always dies in a short period of time, for something left in one place and only used to plug a phone in and out. i live a fair way from shops so cant just pop out and get a new one so am left for days with out a phone for contacting with a baby this is not a good position to be in. not happy will not support apple products once this plan is up!!!!! disgusting the quality for the price you pay. Apparently a half star is not possible thats what this deserves.

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    cable brittles

    I'm using 3 of this cable in the car and the white plastic sheeting breaks and peels off after a couple of month in use

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    Lightning is why I bad mouth my iPhone to my friends

    I love my iPhone 5s. IOS is the best mobile operating system and everything about the phone is top notch.


    The lighting cable is the worst computer component I have encountered in a long time. The cables quit working after a few weeks, despite learning to treat them with kid gloves. I don't crunch, bend or twist them and they look great. They just stop working. And it's another $20 trip to the Apple store.

    It's infuriating because Apple was clearly trying to be clever by inserting a chip into the cable to discourage cheap alternative cable makers. The problem is that their own cheap cables don't last either.

    I would write something worse but the website bans naughty words.

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    I've lost two cables in the last two months. It's terrible to loose original cables without any reason. They simply stops working.

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    5 months into owning my iPhone6 and the cable it's twisted/bent right under the charging port. Incredibly annoying considering this cord is only used in one place and hasn't been moved from that place since purchasing. Even more annoying is the constant "this accessory may not be supported" message that continuously pops up on my phone screen while the phone is charging. Hardly a quality product, especially considering it costs $20! Way to go, Apple. ��

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    Worst charger cables I ever had.....

    I had changed the cable almost 5 times in the last one year and still none is giving satisfactory performance...
    Can Apple do something to take care of this issue on priority?
    I see lot of resentments among customers. Company must do something to improve the situation.
    Next time I would never ever try iPhone if this continues........................

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    Not expected from Apple

    The apple lightening charging cables are prone to breakage. You can find your phone has no charge after leaving it on its factory charger and cable overnight. Like I did. No warning, nothing. Dead phone. No one could get a hold of me. The cable would not work. No apple store nearby. What do you do. Get a windows phone? The lightening cable won't work. No reason. On top of all this Apple has now placed software on our devices that rejects cables not made or authorized by them. Reportedly due to a fire from copy cat cable. So we all have to pay $19.99 for an inferior product. Not a good sign of things to come. The iWatch supposedly will replace your wallet. Well my wallet does not disappear due to a faulty cable. Definitely not expected from Apple and its superior products....(formerly !!)

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