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    Please! 3 cables in a year...

    I like the lightning cable concept, but the wire and strain device is garbage. It is either poor materials or poorly designed. If you are going to use non standard cables and connectors, make them better not worse than micro USB...

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    Poor design

    Like everyone else, I think this cable is poorly designed at the lightning connector end. One accidental kink or pull on the cord and the wires are screwed. From then on it will be "guess which angle will work" until it just stops altogether. Currently, I have to wedge it against something at a 90 degree angle and hope that it doesn't move. If you travel with this thing, put it in a hard case by itself because it doesn't handle getting jostled about very well.

    I'll contrast this with the old 30-pin connector which has lasted years of travel, being shoved in bags of other equipment and mashed around a great deal. I think there are two problems: 1) the old connector would usually disconnect if too much force were applied on the cord, preventing the wires from inadvertently breaking. You really have to apply some force to the new connector to disconnect it, which opens the door for accidents. 2) the old connector was wider, so easier to grab at the sides without accidentally bending the cord. The new connector is so thin you have to be very careful where you're grabbing it and which angle you're pulling to maintain the integrity of the cord.

    After reading all these reviews, I might just get a bunch of cheap third-party knockoffs that are a fraction of the Apple price. Sad that this has to be a budgeting factor.

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    Rubbish !!

    So my iphone4 charger is still ok after 3 yrs and used on iPod
    & iPhone 4 and iphone4s yet iPhone5c which I have had for 8 months I have had to replace 5 times!!
    Really not good !
    Worse Cable ever !!!!
    If I had the opinion for no stars that is what I would give!!

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    Been through 4 cables in 9 months

    I'm now having to dish out yet another $30 for a (apple wouldn't let me publish the word here) product that doesn't work for more than three months if you're lucky at usual wear and tear. The next phone I get will be a Samsung.

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    Waste of money

    Absolute waste of time! Seem to have spent more on cables than my phone! Especially with kids. 0 stars!

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    I have gone through FOUR cables in the last month because they are so poorly designed. Overall, pretty disappointed. Apple needs to rethink their innovations because they lost it.

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    So bad. If I could give 0 stars I would.

    4th iphone 5 charger in a year!

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    Fix your cables Apple. Seriously.

    I will be replacing my cable for perhaps the fifth time in just over a year. The cable is used minimally and well cared for and still they die one by one. Trust me they aren't on the battlefield or being used as jump rope- it's used on my bedside table and charges while I am asleep.

    While travelling last week I had to bring spare cables just in case one or more stopped working.

    The previous cables were a pain to plug in but they seemed to last longer than a month...

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    Worst design

    I've gone through three of these since October 2013. With my iPhone 4, I used the same cable for three years. With any other phone I've ever owned (MicroUSB), I've only had to replace a cable ONCE. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Not fit for purpose

    These cables are VERY expensive for what they do yet are also VERY prone to faults and to early failure

    Apple, you should not be OK with this. This is letting you down badly. A cable. A simple cable is letting down the whole of the iPhone experience.

    You need to redesign it so that it is more robust. Better still, revisit the idea of the dock which will solve many of these issues. Better Better still, do wireless charging

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    Charging cables

    I have bought 6 cables for charging my daughters 5c's. The initial problem was they just kept breaking. Now since I upgraded their software the two chargers I bought from Fred Meyers at the same time off of the same shelf one works just fine and the other one keeps giving me an error and not supported by this device. What is going on? Getting extremely frustrated

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    Multiple cables broken for both iPhone and nano. 7 in total so far. Hope this is dealt with before iPhone 6 launches. Can't justify spending over 600 euro on a phone when your can't rely on the charger to power it up! 0 star rating

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    beyond awful

    Since my iPhone 5s arrived in November i have been through 3 cables costing a total of £30 extra ( as one came with the phone) and now another one is on its way out!!! this is awful. i would rate as 0 if i could.

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    Gone through 4 of these in the time I have had my ipod 5th generation compared to when I had the ipod 4th generation where I had the original cable for years.

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    horrible quality

    my Iphone 5 is about one year old, and i'm on my 5th Lightning cable. if this keeps up i will have spend more on lightning cables than on the phone.
    the idea is great (small, fast and goes in both ways) but the quality is so much below what i'm used to from Apple.

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    Don't even need to read any reviews as it is pages of one star. Can't believe for months I've been blaming my power outlet for killing my cables. $30 each for this quality is quite abusive.

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    cable doesn't last

    I am now setting out to buy my third cable for my iphone 5. These lighting cables are very cheaply made and I have been very careful not to bend the wire at the point it connects to the phone, however, it has failed YET AGAIN. Unfortunately, had I seen how many negative reviews this product receives I would have saved my receipt. Live and learn. This is a very poor product.

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    Apple Do You READ These Reviews!?!

    Just came here to sound off about how I've burned through 3 cables in about 8 months but it looks like well over 1,000 people beat me to it. Build quality is a joke. But I guess the joke is on us because Apple is apparently happy with a 1.5 star average for an item that most of their customers have to use. Apple, time to stand behind the product you are gouging us on and offer a cord warranty or something.

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    Why can't i give zero stars??

    Dear Apple,

    The point of a Forum is to have a discussion with your users. This appears to just be somewhere your customers can rant and get more annoyed and get no answers.

    As such I'm not expecting a response but I'd like to add to the list of disgusted customers with your cabling issue.

    I have had an original Iphone, an Iphone 4s and 2nd Gen Ipad and I have a new Imac.. I am your ideal customer, locked in and going nowhere.

    It pains me to be paying out €20 every 4 months for a new lightning cable having never had an issue with any other device now that i have an iphone 5s

    Once again assuming no reply but I'm with my fellow apple users here and you need to sort out the quality of this product before you release a new phone.

    It's simply not fair.

    Sort it out please

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    One sign that Apple is losing its way.

    Not only is the lightning connector unnecessarily overengineered (putting a chip in the connector just to make it possible to flip the connector over? Come on...) the plastic and rubber are brittle and will fray and fall away within a few months' use. Apple used to believe that longevity was as important an element as feel and look. Apparently, the latter have trumped the former.

    I hope Apple recognizes the error of their way, repents, apologizes, and improves on the quality of these inordinately expensive charging cords.

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