• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Shoddy product

    I have four lightning cables and each of them now have frayed ends near the connector. This is clearly an engineering problem. If Apple was wise they'd offer replacements.

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    awful. truly awful.

    if I could give it less than 1 star I would. having only agreed to pay £38 a month for the handset and after having it and the charger usb cable for two days, the iPhone tells me that the cable is no longer recognised. apple really are an extortionate bunch of money grabbing ..... id expect much more from the product seeing as I have never had to change my iPhone 4 charger once. Poor from apple.

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    Very disappointed in Apple

    I have owned an iPhone since July, 2007 and have never had a problem with charger cords. Until the lightning. Like so many others, my cord failed at the point at which it joins the connector plug. A trip to the Apple store brought no satisfaction in that I believe that I should have been given a free cord for my slightly out of warranty iPhone. Instead, I chose to pay $17 for a replacement. I expect more out of Apple than to be blamed for the cord's demise. Apple needs to own up to the fact that these problems are the result of poor engineering and poor design.

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    Lightning to USB Cable (1 m) broken again!!

    gone though 6 cables on 1 year they break the pin connects to the cable every time, im looking at puchacing a docking station or a hopefully stronger braided cable to see if it lasts longer. really six have wasted about $100 on differnt cable types ranging from $6- $30, please fix apple

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    Terrible Product

    I have gone through three chargers and apple blames it on me. This is a terrible product.

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    Bad Product

    I have had my cable for 5 months it has no damage what so ever however it has just stopped working. I looked to buy a genuine one from apple saw the price and closed the web page. No wonder people are buy cheap fake ones off of eBay and damaging themselves. Please sort this out apple.

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    Terrible quality

    I have never had to replace a charger with any other phone I've owned. I've had this charger cable for 10 months, and yes, it's covered by warranty- but unfortunately I have relocated to Kenya, so no dice. Bought a knock-off for $18 and I'm hoping this actually lasts longer than the Apple product! It's unfortunate that Apple also make these cables SO specific, bc once it breaks, you are forced to buy a replacement (whereas as I'm sure we all have a number of micro and macro USB cables).
    If they are going to continue making such a poor quality product, they need to start replacing them for free (even past warranty). I would expect much more from an Apple product.

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    Total Piece of junk

    I wanted to give 0 star..... My family has three iPhone 5 and all charging cables do not work. Apple can not make even a simple hardware. So disappointing and frustrating.. It is a total shame for Apple to produce such a poor quality product.

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    Horrible Product

    These lightning cables do not last very long. They stop working after few weeks. I have thrown away 4 or 5 (I have lost count) lightning cables in the last 8 months. Please recall this product.

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    hate it

    my charger broke after 4 mouths

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    My charger is broken again

    I wish I could give this zero stars because despite the fact that they charge your phone relatively quickly they're horrible. The chargers break within a few months of getting them and I really think that apple should change the design because a lot of people are unhappy with it

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    Charger cable quality at its worst!

    The cheapest of phones would have a better quality cable compared to iphone 5 charging cable. Within 10 months of buying a brand new iPhone 5, the cable near the phone charging tip has ripped off! The silver protective coating inside the white cable has also ripped off and I can see the red and green twisted wires inside. We pay hundrads of dollars to get the best quality. The cables are very disappointing and do not deserve even a single star.

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    Horrible Product- Needs to be recalled!

    I have gone through more iphone 5s chargers than any other phone in my life! I purchased my phone in march of 2014 its the end of may as of now and ive gone through 3 chargers where they just quit connecting to the phone to charge it! I had the iphone 4s and that charger i had for 2 years with ZERO issues..doing the same things i am now. This product is HORRIBLE! My third charger just broke AGAIN today..I'm now going to purchase my FOURTH one. This is ridiculous! And im not the only one having this issue i have friends/family that are iPhone only users and their phones do the same thing with their chargers...

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    Terrible cable

    I had used the cable for few months and its just cracked like that and need to make a replacement on it. The phone is very good to use but why the cable quality so bad? really hope can make improvement onto the cable.

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    Quits working after a few weeks...

    My husband and I upgraded to the 5s about a month ago and have already had to buy new cables. This lightning chargers a joke!!!!!!! Fix it, Apple!!!! You've obviously got mostly one star ratings of this product...

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    If I could give this 0 stars, I would.

    Everyone is right- this cable is trash. I'm on my second cable. Nearly burned myself because one of the slightly broken ones got super hot one day. Don't use your cables once the protective casing is cracked. Has anyone found a better option? I'm not buying another apple USB-lightening cord.

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    Not worth the price

    The one that came with my iPod Touch didn't even last a year. After that, I purchased two fakes and of course they didn't last longer than a month. I finally purchased my 4th lightning cord from Apple, expecting for it to last a year but apparently I was wrong :) The time you spent working on the fingerprint sensor for the 5S could've been used in developing your defective lightning cord. The $20.00+ my dad spent on this was not worth it. At all. I could've bought a lot of McDonald's burgers with that money.

    I barely heard any Samsung users complaining about their chargers/usb cords to be honest, just to give you a heads up :)

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    Worst Design In History of Apple

    If I could give it zero stars I would. The Lightning cable corrodes, rips, twists and basically falls apart very quickly. It is not a durable product and prone to fail far too easily with normal use. The free replacement program is hardly a solution when the entire purpose of the devices this cable is designed to power, is to increase productivity and improve quality of life. Repeatedly returning defective cables (and they are all defective) on a routine basis is a complete waste of productive time. This cable design is deeply flawed. I will not purchase another apple device that requires a lightning cable.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Flimsy piece of garbage

    Had 2 break in less than a year. In the same spot at the end of the lightning part. Definitely not worth +$20 dollars. Or $1 for that matter

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    Absolute piece of garbage

    I cannot believe apple has stooped to such a garbage level, unfortunately everything on my iPhone 5 works flawlessly, the cable itself fails within a month under regular usage. It is absurd that such a reputable, or was reputable, company would even sell such garbage and be content with themselves. As many have said this is the turn point for me to leave apple behind and hope it dies out after wasting so many peoples time and money, I'll be battling my friends to leave apple if they are on it aswell.

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