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    Cable is bad

    My wife and I each have an iPhone 5 and combined we have 3 of these cables since we bought an extra one from Apple for $19. All 3 cables are now bad. About to go to Apple now to see if I can this resolved at no charge. All of these cables are handled fairly delicately and still they went bad. No bueno.

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    Stops working after a couple months

    I have now bought 3 cables. They have each stopped working after a couple months. Horrible quality.

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    Did you design this cable to fail?

    For a design company to come up with this is laughable. The previous cable had a locking device that required you to hold the buttons on the plug to remove the cable and the wiring connections were then protected. What possessed you to design this so it can be pulled out by the wire and then set the price for replacements at £15, hang your heads in shame and get this redesigned sharpish, I really wish I'd kept my iPhone 4, I never thought I'd see the day when apple quality went backwards. And another thing why cant you rate this no stars, even one star is about a zillion times more than you deserve for this super fragile rubbish.

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    iphone 5 charger cable

    1021 + negative reviewers cannot be wrong. Having an issue with making a simple cable? Really? The biggest and richest tech company on the planet and my $800 phone cannot work for the lack of a simple cable that has an obvious product design or manufacturing flaw. You people at Apple ought to be replacing this for free as long as I turn in a defective cable. This is unacceptable!!

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    These cables are rubbish, I have had my iPad mini for just over 12 months and have gone through 4 cables, that's £60, although the first three were replaced free of charge as there was no obvious damage but they just stopped charging. Now a couple of days ago the fourth just stopped working which I bought in December. I currently can't charge my iPad and the trek and wait to go to Apple store again fills me with dread, I will have to have an argument again to try to get it replaced free and if I don't win, then I will have to fork out another £15 on a new one which again will only last a maximum of 3 months. I have been using charging cables for more years than I care to remember and have never had a problem, in fact some of my phone chargers are still going strong after 10 years. If you are making rubbish chargers that only last a few months then you should only be charging a couple of pounds for them as that is all they are worth, maybe then it wouldn't feel quite as bad when we have to replace them. There are cheaper alternatives around which are also rubbish and only last a month or so but at least the price reflects the quality. Apple cables are very expensive so should last longer. Statutory rights dictate that a product should be fit for purpose for 6 years i.e. a charger should charge for six years, so legally these should be replaced free every time they stop charging. Apple you really owe it to your loyal customers to sort this huge problem out, do you actually read these reviews, hundreds of unhappy customers.

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    Getting ready to return (again) APPLE PLEASE FIX THE FLAW IN THESE CABLES!

    I am sending my cable back for the third time in a year. The original and two replacements have all broken. The cable begins to bunch at the end where it connects to the phone and, eventually, it stops making a connection. The charger is plugged in next to my bed, it only gets plugged in at night, and my phone just sits on the bedside table. The cable is never taken anywhere. That is to say it is NOT mishandled. The forums and discussion boards are rife with stories like mine. Each time I get a new cable, I hope that this one will actually be well constructed. Three times I have been disappointed. Apple, this is a simple, simple device that you can't seem to get right. Just ridiculous.

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    Needs to be redesigned

    Terrible cable... now on my third lead, too fragile. Sort it out apple!

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    Lightening cable failure

    Wow... A cannot believe all of the horrible reviews just on Apples website on the very low quality and issues Apple owners are having with these new lightening charging cables. Well, I have also experienced many issues with these cables. We have 6 devices in the house that use the new cable and all 6 cables have gone bad. We have 3 iPhone 5's, a 5c, and 2 iPad minis. I have purchased several new cables.... 2 have since gone bad... Now our family is down to 2 cables that are still functioning. We are literally fighting over who gets to charge their device.... It is really pathetic! Like many others, I never had an issue with the 30 pin cable. I wish they never changed. I really hope Apple is doing something about this... And fast. They have some of the best devices out there....the iPhone.... iPads... But if one cannot reliably recharge them, what good are they? Apple ought to recall all lightening cables and allow Apple customers to bring any bad cables in to any Apple store or even a best buy for a swap out to a new.... Preferably redesigned and reliable lightening cable. If they don't act soon, their stellar reputation will surely be damaged... If it hasn't already to some degree. Ca mon Apple, step UP and make this issue go away and make your millions of customers happy with their devices by doing the right thing.....

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    Lightning to USB iPhone 5 cable

    Okay, seriously now? I have legit been through 3 chargers in the past 4 months not including the ones I've tried to purchase that weren't apple and seemed to automatically be faulty with the device. This is getting ridiculous.

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    Terrible product

    The fact that apple changed from their old chargers is bad enough, but these new ones are terrible. I've barely had the cord any amount of time and it has stopped working, and the only problem I can see is that the cord is slightly crimped by the base of the usb. I was pretty frustrated that an off brand cord I had would not work as well. If the cord is going to be so expensive and fragile, don't update software to prevent users from going with a cheaper (but just as good!) product!!

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    Breaks very quickly, Shame on you Apple.

    I have gone through 5 of these cables in the 14 months I have had my ipad 4th gen.
    Before that I still had 30 pin cables for the iPod Classic that was years and years old and they still worked fine.
    What a horrible way for Apple to make money. It is so annoying when I can't use my ipad for days because it will not charge and I have to order another new cable online.

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    Terrible quality.

    If Apple is going to create a new standard cable for their devices and disable third party cables through software updates they should first make sure that their cables are up to par. Charging over $20 for something that costs dollars to make is ludicrous. Makings those cables complete garbage that fail more often then any other cable I have ever used is even worse. Disabling third party cables that cost half the price and boast twice the quality is the last straw. I vote with my wallet, and I'll be voting anyone besides apple from now on.

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    worst cables EVER

    I have owned iPhones since 3gs in 2008. I own a MacBook Air and its power cable is brilliant. I am frankly shocked at how unreliable these lighting cables are. I personally have a 100% failure rate.

    As others have mentioned, I bought some really tough after market cables on Amazon; they worked for a couple of days and know the phone won't recognize them and the cables won't charge the phone.

    Apple really needs to address this problem immediately. Don't buy.

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    Such bad quality from a top company

    I am currently on my 4th 'lightning cable. Every time a wire comes loose at the tip of the charger where you put into your phone. I must admit I may of neglected my first charger, but after that broke the next ones I took ultra care of and this still happens! I think this is disgusting as Apple are meant to sell top quality products and this is not the case. Modern mobile phones are so essential to people as they are used for contact, work, alarms ect and when the charger breaks, panic mode begins.

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    Terrible Quality

    I wish they would go back to the 30 pin connector. I have gone through 1 cord and two 30 pin adapters cause the lightening connector is very poor quality and stops working after a few months.

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    I had this cable for barely 4 months and it stopped working. I really don't have the money to buy a new one every 4 months. This is awfully cheap quality for Apple. Disappointed.

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    Hi. I had loads of trouble with my cables, kept on changing them the outer insulation is very frail especially if you puncture or pinch it it will be days and will come apart. I do hate the proprietary cables and some other decisions thei made but I like their security, more or less.

    So I tried to open and fix my iPhone 5 cable but it just felt apart once i managed to get pass the metal casing which protects the chip, respects to apple it is actually made of two pieces spot welded at a very small scale. and the inner wires are quite a good quality, I don't expect them to brake very easily.

    Either way I'm writing this to let the community know of my small observation.
    if your phone stops charging if you move your cable, check if the connector is properly inserted. and if not, look inside the connector there may be a load of gunk (sorry for my frankness now" belly button gunk type" I'm talking about) build up inside which can be considerably thick and compacted over a few months. Clean that and hope will work for you.

    For the Ones not so DIY. I took a piece of plastic ( Very Important Do Not use metal or any conductive wires) so plastic or toothpick is the way to go. power Off your phone and gently and with patience scrap it out.

    And in the spirit of XXI century. I take no responsibility for any actions following my observation and proceed at your own risk!

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    One star is even overrated!

    This is the WORST product that I have ever purchased in my life. It makes me doubt Apple's quality control forever. It breaks too easily and too soon and the price is not cheap, considering the absolutely disgusting quality of this rubbish. Apple should be responsible for the defect of this product line and should work on it and for the sake's of loyal customer, refund the purchase of the cable replacements paid at user's expenses. For the first time that I wrote negative comment on Apple's product, I do not regret writing this but upgrading to an iPhone 5. Terrible product!

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    Each cord consistently breaks

    I have had my iPhone 5 since November 2012, and will be purchasing my 5th cord soon. The cords always seem to crunch up at the lightning end. I assume they fray inside the insulation and separate. I have had the same problem with my MacBook Pro power cable. I have been impressed with the machines themselves, but for the price, I expect the components to be of the same quality. Not impressed.

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    Poor quality Apple product

    I thought I had upgraded my phone when I switched to IPhone. The cable has been such a frustration so far. Need to hold on for a few more months before can upgrade to a different phone.

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