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    1m cable perfect, 2m won't work with iPad mini 2 (retina)

    I've read lots of reviews for this 2m cable, all complaining about its poor longevity. However, my issue with it, is that it just doesn't work with my iPad mini 2... When I plug my iPhone 5S into it, to charge, it's fine and stays connected and charges and works as it should (and the same as the 1 metre cable which came with the phone.

    I decided that a longer cable would be really useful, partly because I don't have many power points but also so that I could use my iPad mini in bed, whilst still having it plugged in, so I bought this 2 metre cable from apple. I assumed, being an 'official'/original cable, that there would be no issues with it - and I checked the compatibility. However, when I first plugged my iPad in, it 'pinged' to notify that it had connected, but when I looked at it five minutes later, it was no longer showing as connected. This happens all the time (sometimes it doesn't even connect at first), which is really frustrating and makes what is an extortionate cable, useless!

    I don't know if I just got a 'duff one' but I cannot recommend this cable based on my annoying experience! I will have to stick to my limiting 1 metre cable unless I maybe try a much cheaper, unofficial longer one?!

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    A junk cable for a premium Ipad ?, come on folks.

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    Soooo very frustrated

    I fell in love back during the second generation iPod, so I stood by Apple products and shared my joy with anyone I know, BUT in the last several years, I have been soooo disappointed. It started with the cable, it started to fray and then sto working all together, then, my iPad Air started acting crazy and I had to get it replaced, not by a new product that I had purchased a few months earlier, but to get a refurbished item, that isn't right. THEN...again with the rubbish cable, fraying and acting up...again, less than a year. This is getting ridiculous. I don't mind paying for quality IF I get quality. You gotta do something to make loyal customers whole again. We pay a lot of money for these products, we deserve better.

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    A cable that just works.

    I love the 2m (almost 10') of this cable. That extra few feet make all the difference from the std 1m/3f cables. I can plug in with the freedom to not have to camp next to an outlet just to get a charge. One sells me on the Apple cables, thought the price is high for it, it is RELIABLE lightning connectors. I've tried being the after market brand cables, and I don't know what is so hard about manufacturing the ends, but the they fail quickly. The Apple cables are the only ones that keep working. Back with the 30-pin connector I could see more going wrong, but with the lighting connector it's a solid piece w/ contact strips, no pins/springs. Maybe the 3rd party cables use cheap/thin metal coatings. Stick with Apple. Though I do wish they'd offer a cloth/no-kink version also.

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    Horrible Quality

    I use nearly every product Apple sells and have been a core Apple fanatic for years. But the quality of this cable absolutely astounds me. That this could even come from Apple, having been tested, blows my mind. You can now buy 3 Amazon Apple-Certified charging cables for less than the price of 1 Apple cable also. C'mon Apple.

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    Hate this cable!

    I hate that you can't tell what direction goes in without looking at the tiny little logo. And I hate how ithe cord wears out where it connects to the iPad. I REALLY hate this cord!!! Cheap! Apple needs to figure out a better cord. They did it for the new iPhones but I don't want to buy a new iPad if that is their plan. I want it for my old iPad2!

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    Its a great cable

    This is a really good cable as far as i can tell. It charges devices as well as you would expect and because its official you don't have to worry about those charging problems you sometimes get with 3rd party accessories. I use it for charging my iPad, the cable is long enough to go behind my desk and run across the top giving me lots of space to use my iPad. The build quality seems fairly good too although time will tell how long it really lasts.

    Don't be discouraged by all of these low 1 star reviews, if you take a closer inspection they appear to be fake and probably made by trolls.

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    Genuine review! Cable awful!

    Firstly I will say that I bought my first apple product two years ago! Mini iPad 11. I love it!!!! Now to the USB cable! I am on My third cable in 2 months! They work for a while but then they no longer charge until I firstly turn my iPad off, then plug in the charger. Then I have to turn it off again before it charges! Now what's that about? I don't mishandle the cable. I wondered was it anything to do with updating the latest IOS? Maybe just coincident but it seem to stop working after these updates??? If you haven't had problems with this cable you are very lucky!!!!

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    "Accessory may not be supported" Error

    This is the 2nd cable I purchase from Apple and I keep getting this error: Accessory may not be supported

    Does this cable have a design flaw by apple?

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    come Apple make it better

    On my 3rd cable the last one last me 4 months come on. You make everything else superior work on making the cable stronger

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    Un-Apple like quality

    Try a 3rd party cable before you buy Apple's. 6 months worth of bedside use and the cable has already split.. wires coming out. With more and more things using the lightning connector.. this could be the achilles heel for Apple. Really surprised that Apple slapped their name on this with the quality being so poor.

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    Poor Quality

    This lighting USB cable truly reflects poor quality. My average OEM cable last 6 to 8 months. Apple has been willing to replace them for free, but I have to make an appointment at the genius bar. Come on apple, please make better quality OEM cables.

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    Breaks in 4 months

    Every single apple lightning cable I've bought has broken. They're absolutely terrible.

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    Apple is about quality

    I LOVE Apple products especially because of the craftsmanship and "quality"
    But what's going on with the lightning cables?????? It breaks on you in little under 4 months!!!! Come on apple! Then you want to charge $20 plus!! Please do your fans and loyal customers right! Please!!! Make a better stronger cord for less$$$. Please!!

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    Smart phones with stupid chargers!!

    Same issue as other people said If I have read what they write I wouldn't buy it again, I don't know when Apple gonna think to change the material or the shape of the wire

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    Never again....

    Purchased this cord after the one that came with my phone split and frayed. Had it for under a year and it is doing the same thing! One would think that Apple would have fixed this issue already. It is a widely know issue with these cables!! I was refused a replacement for this item in the apple store and the customer service line only sent me a coupon that I could use if I purchased $100 of merchandise. I will be buying a 3rd party charger from now on. These apple chargers are no better than flushing my money away. I couldn't be more disappointed with the company and this product.

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    I'm currently on perhaps my 6th Lightning cable in about 3 years, and they're all junk. I've had just about every length available and, without fail, every one of them starts shorting out and/or fraying. I honestly cannot understand why Apple is having such a hard time making cables that don't disintegrate by simply existing over a few months.

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    Do not buy

    I bought two of these and in less than a year BOTH started unraveling at the base and have split open exposing the wires. Terrible quality. Apple, you should be ashamed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Cable!!

    After seeing so many 1 star reviews I thought I need to write a 5 star review.
    I brought my 2m charger lead 2 years ago and still working now, it goes everywhere with me, around the world, to work and back, in my car and still works perfectly, looks as good as new.
    Will 100% buy a new one when the time comes to change.

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