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    No iPhone support for cameras not even with iOS9.2

    Sadly the new update doesn't seem to work with this version. Do we need a newer version which also supports USB3.0?

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    Nothing works as of IOS 9

    my MIDI keyboard doesn't work anymore, even a simple usb drive doesn't work as of IOS9
    tried it with a mini-hub; still nothing.

    Hopefully the store will give me a refund. The device is completely useless and I'm trapped in IOS 9 without a way to get back to 8. This 'IOS update' trick happened to me on my IPAD 2 and it's 'camera connect' kit a couple years back, when three people complained that their battery wasn't lasting as long anymore.

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    Great wit MIDI keyboards

    Works perfectly with my Axiom 49.
    One recommendation: plug the controller to the adapter first and then the adapter to the iPad.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    purchased for use with D7200 it works with Apples own photos software but not with any other app on ipad's like Helicon a waste of £25 shame apple wont support really good 3rd party apps takes their money to sell via apps from the apps store but wont let you connect to them. Had to give it 1 star apple wont let you give it any less - shame on you

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    almost useless

    I was a fan of the old USB camera kit. I could connect a card reader to it, or a midi device, or a camera, and transfer stuff and interact with the items on the other end.

    Alas, with this device I am not able to do much. Even a simple SD card reader is not able to work. I bought two different ones, thinking maybe I encountered a fluke. No such luck.

    Save your money. Don't bother with this. The closest I got was when using it connected to a camera, but even then the ability to tell it to just import the JPG part of a JPG+RAW set of photos is still broken. Bummer.

    If you are going to only want to import RAW photos, or don't shoot RAW, and have a USB cable for your camera, and your camera can be set to NOT try to charge off a USB connection, you may find this useful. Otherwise, take a pass.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    It was a great idea but it failed in practice...

    I bought this as I wanted to be able to review photos in the field that I was taking with my Canon EOS 60D. It worked well but quickly found a major problem, BATTERY. If I wasn't careful of my battery usage I was bound to kill the device during a day of shooting. So it went from a great tool to a useful when convenient (read: rarely useful) toy. I had pretty much written it off for major use when I stumbled on a way to bring some life back into it's use, I could use it to connect a USB keyboard for longer typing sessions. I tried it and it was great until I ran out of battery. If only Apple could've thought this through like the Digital Media Adapter and put on a female lightning port for charging.

    So back to the camera bag it goes to be pulled out and used who knows when...

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    Does not work

    I bought this Lightning u s b Camera adapter to connect my iPad to my piano as it supports midi. I was able to use my music apps for three months and then it stopped working it did not recognise the piano. I was advised that every thing pointed to the adapter not working so I took it back and got a replacement, to my delight it worked, but for only 14 days. There clearly is something not right with this adapted as it is not only cameras it is not recognising. I bought my iPad and Camera connection so that I could use the music apps. Please Apple do something about this.

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    Works on 1 in 10 products

    Simply awful connector as I've only made it work with one Canon camera (and a simple MIDI pad). Doesn't work with my Sony video cam, Nikon, GoPro, or any of my USB drives as they all "require too much power". Useless and if I could, I would get my money back.

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    Not a trustworthy product

    I've had the camera connection kit for just under a year, and used it 50+ times with my camera and music keyboard. It worked fine before, yet now (even without a device attached to the adapter) I get an error saying the devices is using too much power. I'm only plugging in the camera connection kit. Again, I'm only connecting the adapter, without any device attached, I am still seeing this error. I used the old first gen adapter for years, this adapter is buggy. Also, they devices sold as (mad for Apple) iPads will change from one iOS to the next version. A mic that worked on iOS 7, may not work on iOS 8.

    How long is the warranty for the Camera Connection Kit? I guess I had to read the box, as it listed nowhere on Apple/Amazon's website.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It solved a compatibility problem.

    I have a Olympus SP-550 UZ that uses a XD memory card, I couldn't connect the camera or the XD memory card to the iPad. This adapter gives me two ways to put photos on the iPad, I can connect the camera to it with it's USB cable and I can connect a small USB multi card reader to it for the XD memory card. I don't like the price of this adapter but it does the job that I wanted it to do.

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    iPad mini does not work with iPad min

    Lightning USB connector does not work. I get a device is on strong for the iPad MiniI can't even get my EOS 20D camera connector to work in the iPad. When this iPad is finished i will Not replace it. As I am a photographer I find it totally useless. except as a game toy.

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    Doesn't work.

    IDoesn't work. What I can't understand is those people who are saying theirs work perfectly would be looking at this site.

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    It works, but software limitations prevent it from being useful to me

    When I plug in my camera to an iPad I want the option to only import jpg to get a good idea of how my shots turned out. Bringing in dozens of raw files eats up space with the quickness.
    Also this doesn't work with iPhone 6+. Maybe something for consideration of the 6+s to make everyone buy a new phone. Psh!

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    Pointless product

    Since the new i0s system is not compatible with this product it is completely pointless and a waste of money - just like my iPad is becoming.

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    This must be a Joke?

    With the iPad Air its totally useless product. Keeps bringing up warning "the attached acessory requires too much power" with Zoom Q4 and several other cameras. Fix it !!!

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    I'm about done with apple, they really don't want to help anyone; I have a P500 and photos transfer fine with a 30 pin adapter on my iPad 3, but my iPhone 6, I tried a 30 pin to lightning adapter, USB to lightning, and all give device not compatible...my camera works fine with my MacBook Air?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought this item to use it with my Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ 150. Connected the kit, chose PTP on my camera and then I saw the 'import' appear on my I pad (air)... to see it dissapear very quickly. Tried it more than 10 times. Same experience over and over. Horrible. Tried the I phone (4) and it worked like a charm and very quick too. Tried it with an old camera (Minolta Dimage X 50) and even that worked. Unbelievable. I'll maybe try to use it with a USB hub but don't have one yet. I tried to format the SD card to exFAT but my camera formats it back to FAT32.
    I gave it one star because it worked with other devices. Very very very disappointed. Bought an apple device because I like devices that work and are easy to use but I regret it very very very much.

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    Not compatible with all digital cameras

    Although no mention in the instructions, this cable is not compatible with the Olympus XZ-2 iHS. It may not be compatible with other digital cameras that cannot have the auto charging shut off. It draws too much power for the iPad to function, presumably because it is trying to chage the batteries in the camera from the iPad. Wish this had been in the compatibility list.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than expected

    Came in the post today. It connects to the camera and transfers photos and video. Best of all it reads cards from my card reader.
    An excellent adapter

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    come on Apple, why waste my time.

    I buy this to plug an 8Gb USB drive in to get some vacation photos out onto my iPad where I love using iPhoto to organize things. And I get an error message telling me the device requires too much power and cannot be used. hrm? Too much power? An 8gb thumb drive? What's really going on here? Can an Apple hardware and or software engineer shed light on why a $30.00 external port that should be built in cannot power an 8gb usb thumb drive? Im abviously returning it. but still logically. And even from a business stand point(profit) wouldn't you want some thing to actually work in the most basic ways? I mean aren't most people buying these and plugging usb drives into them? what do I know right Apple? Well I do know this. An 8gb usb thumb drive should be able to be power by my iPad . And nobody needs to be an engineer to figure that out.
    -my $00.02

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