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    can't use at all unless you use it without any case on your iphone5, not recommend to buy it.

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    It just works!

    Got one at the Apple store in the Westfield Centre in Stratford.

    I wanted one of these for my radio/alarm at home and the cable version for use in the car.

    No cables in the store, so I bought the one adapter and tried it in the car, a Hyundai i20 with iPod controls, which worked with the iPhone 4s.

    All the controls work as expected - hooray. It also works with the Philips DC390 Dual Dock Clock Radio I got a while ago.

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    Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

    Work's fine with B&W zeppelin,shame not in other colour options ,black or chrome would be good,as look's a bit cheap against phone and B&W speaker.

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    Works well

    I have read allot of reviews about this adapter and some people need to rethink what they say. Its as wide as the 30 pin adapter so there will be no difference to connecting it with your case on your phone then if you had the original 30 pin connector with the same case on your phone. I do agree that it is over priced though. For something I believe Apple should throw in as a free accessory because they decided to change the dock $35 is rude.
    In having said that it works perfectly but at a cost which consumers should not have to outlay.

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    Very disappointing

    Firstly, something like this should have been included with the iPhone in the first place. Secondly, if not included with the phone then at least available to purchase when the iPhone 5 was released. Thirdly, this will not connect if you have a bumper or case. Everybody I know who has an iPhone without exception uses some sort of case to prevent scratching and damage to what is a very expensive product. So now I need to purchase an even more expensive product in the form of the cable adaptor. All in all a very frustrating experience for no particular benefit, the original dock connector always worked perfectly well for me.

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    Rediculious Design

    This adapter is obviously built just to plug into the standard iphone USB cable. Most people who would be willing to fork out $35 for this wpuld have expensive docks or cradles. Using this adapter the phone would sit an inch in the air and any bump would snap the adapter and probably the phone.

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