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    Good value for what it does

    Very neat converter that contains a lot more than people think, hence the moans about poor value.
    This device includes all the electronics to work out what the original 30 pin plug is doing and pass the correct commands up through the new 8 pin plug regardless of which way round it is plugged in.
    There are some compatibility problems with older 30 pin products apparently, but I have not experienced this yet.
    Overall it works very well.

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    Works but I feel ripped off!

    It works when Iphone has no case. Why not add to the design that the pin can be pushed out more? And why does it not come with the already expensive phone. OR be at a basic token price. It's you that changed the plug design Apple so don't penalise the first users of the very expensive product we've all bought into. It can't possibly cost this much to produce.

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    Thunderbolt - a new band waggon for a new accessories industry

    I'll try to be objective...I upgraded my iPhone 4 to a 5 and my iPad 3 to a 4 ..I like to keep up with the latest technology so I knew that I'd have to buy one (actually 2 because my wife needed one for her iPhone 5 too) of these adaptor widgets to be able to connect my phone to my Bose Sound System..and my Roberts DAB Clock Radio dock...and any number of my " i-Life" accessories that I have acquired over my years as an apple devotee.


    The thunderbolt connector is very flimsy and does not reassuringly support the weight of the iPhone so without risking my new adoptor snapping in two..its pretty useless for connecting my iPhone 5 to any docking station in the origianlly intended/designed manner.

    It also won't work with my Griffin iPhone case fitted....the case doesn't allow the adaptor to seat properly in any dock...maybe a fault of the case...but for the sake of a an extra mm on the adaptor length it would have at least seated properly (before snapping under the weight of the iPhone!)

    Mine is heading for eBay..the only realistic solution is a new case and new docking station and new alarm clock when someone eventually releases one with the appropriate adaptor.

    The new thunderbolt connector isn't just a connector its a whole new band waggon for a whole new accessories industry!!!

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    Not charging

    I bought this so I can use my Belkin car player with my new Nano. It plays fine but does not charge. The Player worked just fine with my previous generation of Nano. But when I use the lightning to 30 pin adapter the nano does not charge and really loses charge very fast. In a trip of less than one hour the Nano says it is less than 50% battery life!

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    Badly design adapter

    Bought this adapter prior to buying casing for my new iphone 5, and to my horror it cannot be fitted in after i put on my casing.

    Definitely a design flaw...

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    Does not support 30 pin vga cable

    As the title, it does not support 30 pin vga cable

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Some have given feedback that the adapter doesn't work with a casing, this isn't so. I have a leather casing and it fits perfectly. Small enough to carry everywhere - my car, my office, so that I can still use the previous chargers!

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    Cannot use with a case

    Very surprised at Apple's poor design of this essential connector that doesnt fit when iPhone 5 has a case on. It's an expensive piece of kit that doesnt really work - who wants to remove the phone case to attach the connector to your iPhone accessories!

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    Not suitable

    Only works back to front so I cannot see front of iphone to choose music in car or dock......Apple say it must be faulty and to take it into store for testing. Not amused as expensive and not very practical.

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    New adaptor

    I've just gone out & bought the new iPod nano & adaptor so I can use it on my docking stations around the house. Why oh why have Apple put the adaptor to the right on the nano? When I got items home & put them on my docking station the nano no longer sits centrally, it's offset to the left. It looks ridiculous & to be fair unsightly to look at. Had I known this before hand I would have got a classic that doesn't require new adaptor.

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    Why doesnt this support video

    My fault for not reading the specs - but seriously, why doesn't this support video? This is so frustrating! Cant use my car stereo to its full capabilities because Apple keep moving the goal posts. Not happy at all.

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    can't use at all unless you use it without any case on your iphone5, not recommend to buy it.

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    It just works!

    Got one at the Apple store in the Westfield Centre in Stratford.

    I wanted one of these for my radio/alarm at home and the cable version for use in the car.

    No cables in the store, so I bought the one adapter and tried it in the car, a Hyundai i20 with iPod controls, which worked with the iPhone 4s.

    All the controls work as expected - hooray. It also works with the Philips DC390 Dual Dock Clock Radio I got a while ago.

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    Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

    Work's fine with B&W zeppelin,shame not in other colour options ,black or chrome would be good,as look's a bit cheap against phone and B&W speaker.

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    Works well

    I have read allot of reviews about this adapter and some people need to rethink what they say. Its as wide as the 30 pin adapter so there will be no difference to connecting it with your case on your phone then if you had the original 30 pin connector with the same case on your phone. I do agree that it is over priced though. For something I believe Apple should throw in as a free accessory because they decided to change the dock $35 is rude.
    In having said that it works perfectly but at a cost which consumers should not have to outlay.

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    Very disappointing

    Firstly, something like this should have been included with the iPhone in the first place. Secondly, if not included with the phone then at least available to purchase when the iPhone 5 was released. Thirdly, this will not connect if you have a bumper or case. Everybody I know who has an iPhone without exception uses some sort of case to prevent scratching and damage to what is a very expensive product. So now I need to purchase an even more expensive product in the form of the cable adaptor. All in all a very frustrating experience for no particular benefit, the original dock connector always worked perfectly well for me.

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    Rediculious Design

    This adapter is obviously built just to plug into the standard iphone USB cable. Most people who would be willing to fork out $35 for this wpuld have expensive docks or cradles. Using this adapter the phone would sit an inch in the air and any bump would snap the adapter and probably the phone.

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