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    Spend my money on this. Why the HDMI cable if doesn’t work. This is not $10.00 is over $50.00 and a complete waste. Very disappointing

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    Does not work with iPhone X iOS 11.2.1

    Doesn’t work with iPhone X iOS 11.2.1. Phone seems to recognize it was plugged in but movie just plays on the phone. Doesn’t give the option to mirror to HDMI.

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    Worked Once

    Worked one time. This is a worthless piece of junk.

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    not sure why the low rating

    I was hesitant to buy this product based on all the bad reviews.

    Bought it to play Beasts of Balance on my iPhone SE and displayed on my 60 inch TV via HDMI.

    Have had no problems. Looks great.

    Now, it's only been a few hours. Perhaps it will crap-out. If things change, I'll post another review.

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    Kindly resolve this issue

    Dear Apple,

    In the last year or so I have retired 2 Blackberry handheld, 2 HP laptops, one Microsoft Surface Tablet, and one Blackberry playbook . We transitioned over to Apple for convenience and commonality. We now have an IPhone 7, an IPhone 6s, and 2 Ipads which all worked with the adaptor. We often travel for business or up north. We paid extra for the most storage possible on our phones so we could download Netflix shows and then paid what seemed like a rather large price for the adaptor specifically for these occasions. We were very impressed with the convenience until it was no longer....It seems that a new update has made this a very unstable choice. Of the 4 Apple products only the IPhone 6s will work with the adaptor and even then it will only display a black screen and audio with Nexflix.

    I have to admit that the Surface 3 has been pulled out of retirement, which has a dedicated video port and works flawlessly for the purpose we need. I was also able to link/sync it to my Apple network somehow and has been returned to service recently.

    Please consider that certain things like the ability to transfer Netflix from an I phone to a TV are key to certain people, my hope was that I would transition over to apple completely making my life easier. My first impression with Apple is that things just work, after being in the Apple family for about a year or so, I am a little less impressed with certain aspects of the Apple lifestyle

    I never thought I would have to dust off old electronic items to make something so simple possible, and as your target demographic, I am much less inclined to only consider Apple products for future purchases.

    Thanks for listening.


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    Terrible! NOT SUPPORTED IN iOS11

    Bought this to watch downloaded Netflix movies on my TV without using data (rural home, no good internet options). Worked great for a month, until I upgraded to iOS 11. Thanks for making your own product defunct, you jerks. I can’t believe they are still selling this product/haven’t updated their OS to make it work.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not worth the price for jumpy video

    This adapter is incapable of outputting HDMI reliably. The video is reencoded in the adapter and sent out.

    If I would have known this I wouldn't have bought it.

    Save yourself the time and do a quick Google search on the quality of the video output from this so-called official Apple adapter.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this adapter

    I see that other people have had issues with this but I never have. It travels with me on every vacation or trip I go on and I use it play movies from my iPhone right out to the resort TV on rainy days or late at night.

    I plug this in with an HDMI cable and it just works and duplicates my phone screen to the TV. for me it is a simple solution to watch what I want.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Please fix Netflix mirroring

    I love download movies on Netflix to watch them at the chalet. Since last iOS update Netflix is playing sound but no picture. I bought a too expensive 70$ genuine Apple adapter just for that, so please fix this issue as soon as possible.

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    Worthless Piece of Junk

    Power intermittently goes in and out. Rarely displays video. I want my $50 back.

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    Works as expected

    Have used this for years to connect an iPad to a hotel TV while traveling to watch movies. Works great.

    I do think the price should come down a little though.

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    No Signal

    Tried everything, no signal. Correct input, powered, tested hdmi cable. What can be done?

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    Useless junk of a product!

    Until recently I have been using a $15 third party HDMI adapter that has worked (including charging function) a treat. Charging function has stopped first and few iOS revision later HDMI output has also stopped working - around mid 2017. Turns out it has functioned as intended until Apple decided to block all non MFi products, despite quality of lighting connector on par with genuine Apple cables. Fast forward 6 months later, bought a new Apple AV adapter as a replacement - after all, what option did i have...? Well, what a waste of $70 this was! Netflix offline mode works in audio mode only (black screen), in online mode (over WiFi and fast connection) you also get continuous slight staggering of video - very annoying - presumably due to some bizarre compression technology used in their adapter. In both Netflix modes, I never had such issues with a cheap and cheerful $15 adapter. Problems don't stop here - yep, there is another issue with this rubbish product. The lightning cable is very finicky, and yes both my phone socket and cable connector are still in excellent condition. Need to lie-down this product flat (including HDMI cable) and try not touching it as not to disturb it in any way. Thanks Apple, and I can't believe that this product has been in existence for so long. Lesson learned here, pays to read reviews before you part with your money!

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    Worked fine until the latest software update

    We purchased this in August and were delighted to find it worked perfectly. We watched Netflix downloads via iPad to TV screen every night, no problem....that is until I did the software update last week. Now the adaptor only plays sound through the screen, no image. Very frustrating indeed. Come on Apple - you need to sort this! You’re ripping people off!

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    Great....when it works : (

    I've had to buy several of these adaptors because after a while, the adpaptor starts to stop working intermittently. When it's working, it's great - however there seems to be some quality issues with the adaptor which causes it to fail after some use. I am a fan of Apple products but this is extremely frustrating. These are expensive connectors. I would expect a much better quality product than this if it were from ANY manufacturer. I would certainly expect much better quality from Apple! Apple, please listen!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Save your money and buy an Apple TV

    The adapter worked great with the iOS 10 I had no issues playing downloaded Netflix content, but with the iOS 11 update the adapter no longer plays my Netflix. The adapter will mirror everything else (even Amazon Prime downloads). I always update apps and operating systems when available hoping this issue will get addressed, but I'm continually let down. I wish I could go back to iOS 10!! My iPhone has not worked efficiently since the new update. My battery life is terrible too........but I digress. Bottom line, save your money and buy the Apple TV.

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    This product is garbage

    I bought this with the intention of watching things from my I pad on my widescreen. I should have tryed it when I first received it. The rotten piece of rubbish doesn't work, PERIOD. Its to late to get my money back. Heh Apple, Try testing your products before you market it.

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    Please fix!

    Worked great for our business until we upgraded our iPad to iOS 11. Now we only get a blank screen with the cable. PLEASE FIX ASAP APPLE!

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    Doesn't work after one month!

    Just bought a month ago and doesn't work. DON'T BUY

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    Worked fine at first but...

    Was surprised at the initial $50 price tag but was satisfied with the first 5months. After that it stopped working completely. Look for another option.

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