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    Expensive failure

    I bought one of these in January and while it worked well initially, after 8 months it just stopped working. If I had paid £5 for one from China I might not be surprised, but at over £30 for a genuine Apple product, this is just not good enough. I am now trying to get a refund/replacement but have little faith that another one will do much better, particularly having read so many recent reviews showing these failing after only hours of use.
    I used to think Apple produced a high quality product but my experience with this leaves me very much in doubt and I would be reluctant to spend any significant sum on any of their products if this is the level of quality I can expect.

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    I bought this product around March/April 2015 and it worked perfectly fine...I probably used it a total of three times. Fast forward to Sept 2015 and when I plug it in I get NOTHING! I am beyond aggravated and angry! I take it back to the store and plug it in to their TV set up and it worked just fine! GGGRRRRR!! I don't know what the issue is and my nerves are too shot trying to figure it out! Bottomline, Apple you need to fix this issue ASAP! From everything that I've read, ever since the ios 8.4 update this adapter no longer works.

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    think twice :(

    Worked for a few months, then it just stopped working. nothing shows on the screen. the ipad air detects the cable and the tv detects the hdmi but it wont display the ipad's screen on the tv. come on apple! think twice before spending fifty bucks!

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    Do not BUY

    So I go out and buy the Apple Lighting AV Adapter. First day it worked fine. Then I went to use it again and NOTHING. I have a 6+. So my brother comes in with his 5and it worked fine. So I said well let me try it again. NOTHING. upgraded my phone and NOTHING. NO THIS DEVICE IS GOOD FOR NOTHING. DONT BUY. SMDH. WASTE OF 50$. This type of stuff makes me hate APPLE����

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    This used to work well until the update to iOS 8.4.1. Works on and off, gets disconnected, seems like compatibility issues. BTW $50 have beed wasted! Hope apple releases a new update to address the issue!

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    I find it annoying that we are being forced to buy an item from a sole supplier when obviously other manufacturers can do it better (Belkin springs to mind). I used the adapter once and it failed on the second occasion (and I am not the only person to have this problem). So Apple, please give the licence to someone who know how to produce a reliable product and you stick to making things that you know about. (why is it not possible to give a zero star rating as that is a better reflection of the quality of this adapter?).

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    Firstly it's expensive. It worked for less than 24 hours and then stopped working. I exchanged it for another one and that one didn't work either. Don't waste your money on this.

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    720p only

    Doesn't do a full 1080p HD. Just 720. Not a good cable when mirroring a video or watching a movie from your iphone to your TV.

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    Very "iffy"

    As with MANY other reviewers - I have had problems. Plug it in - it works great - yay! Next day - doesn't work for weeks - boo. Try again - it works - yay! Unreliable - Can't say it is an iOS8 problem as I have latest update 2015/08/27 and it worked 2 days ago. And not an iPhone vs iPad issue as have same good and bad luck with both. It really seems to be the Lightning adaptor connection. Something there does not always align or gets worn out. Today - not working. Boo. Apple needs to address this proactively because it scares me (and others) off buying Apple TV or other accessories- rich or poor no thinking person wants to waste money.

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    Apple stands behind this cra**y cable. :-)

    I see the many many reviews where this cable just failed. Mine did too. So I drove to the Apple store in a pretty bad mood not expecting a good outcome based on prior experiences with the Apple Store in LG. To my surprise, Apple employees, and the manager, asked "when did you buy it?". I said "11 months ago but it failed last month". They exchanged it on the spot for a new cable. Now my connection works again! OK, Apple employees, you made me a believer again. Thanks very much!

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    Excellent Adaptor

    I use this adaptor a lot when I go to hotels ad want to watch films on my phone on the hotel TV. The only problem I had was one that I suspect some of the other reviewers have had....fluff in the lightning connector of my iPhone. This gives the wobbly connector problem. I could not sort this so I took it to an Apple shop and they cleaned it free of charge.

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    Bought one of these to work with a Pioneer App Radio which mirrors onto a touch screen on my car. The wire needs to be perfectly staight to work other wise poor connection. One failed so bought another and same issue. Simply not up to the task and £80 down. Apple sort it out please - Like that's going to happen

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    Beware - doesn't work on IPad Air 2 with ISO 8.3 and 8.4!! Don't waste ££££

    I bought this to connect my iPad Air 2 to my TV. At first it worked great and then following an IOS software update it stopped working. It shows the connector is attached with the blue bar appearing, but doesn't display on the TV anymore. It still works on my iPhone 5c (also a poor quality product) so clearly there is a problem with the software update and I'm very disappointed the latest (8.4) has not remedied the compatibility. I've not updated the iPhone software and assume if I did this expensive connector would be totally redundant.

    Apple you should change the compatibility statement until you fix the problem, instead of allowing your customers to waste £40!!!!

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    Has never worked well.

    I should have returned this but I waited to long. For one it has a short in it. if I touch it at all it loses the picture. A lot of stream serves don't work with it. And it was 50 bucks. COME ON!!!

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    I've had this for a couple years and it always worked GREAT with all my iPads and phones, UNTIL they were upgraded to IOS 8. Audio passes, but NO VIDEO. I just discovered this while on vacation as the last time I used it was with IOS 7. I'm going to the Apple Store as soon as I get home to get a refund!!

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    Not compatible with LifeProof Case

    This adapter is not compatible with the LifeProof Case for iphone 6. The lightning connector collar is too fat to fit in the opening on the case. DO NOT BUY if you have a LifeProof case on you iphone 6.

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    Do NOT Buy

    This adapter is not supported by IOS 8.4 and does not work! Check out the support pages to find out more. 'Hdmi adapter not working after upgrade to iOS8'.

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    too much lag

    I took this devices for gaming but due to not mentioned lag the games are unplayable.
    I am using an iPhone 5s, please update that device.

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    Only worked for 1 hour!

    So I got an IPad mini for Christmas this past year.... Let me start off by saying I'm an Android user and have no interest in having an Apple however I love my Mini and the one thing I wanted to do with this was let my children watch their movies on the "Big Screen". Now if you can imagine having two children (ages 3 and 4) so excited to finally get what they have been asking for, then so QUICKLY let down. Lets just say there was a lot of crying and screaming!! It wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for: 1. I had to go out of my way to get one of these, local stores were sold out and online took to long. 2. HOW CAN YOU CHARGE $49 FOR AN ADAPTER?!? I mean really??!! I'm totally returning this thing and will find another way to let my children watch their movies.

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    Great!!! Worked for 2 minutes..!!!???

    Worked only for a 2 minutes. Such a great life for apple accessories!!!!.
    Please don't ever buy this. Money waste

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