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    This charger lasts no longer than 5/6 months. This month made the 6th month for my use of the charger and it just went out. I didn't even move it around, it stayed in the same place from the beginning and I was careful with it. Apple needs to do better with the charger! How can you have top of line electronics with worthless chargers?! Can't even keep your things charged. ��

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    Exceptionaly bad

    I have lost the count on how many lighting cables I have bought. They all split at one end. I don't understand why Apple do not improve thus repeated fault! One after another always tge same! Expensive product, very poor quality and Apple dont care.

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    Less than useless

    Apple must have been over budget when it came to designing their lightening cables because their cables are rubbish. It doesn't matter if I buy expensive or cheap cables. They all last a few weeks. Also, I'm extremely careful with the cables - let the device and cable charge on a flat surface, pull the cable out of the device by the plastic housing and not the cable itself. Its ridiculous!!! I shouldn't have to think of ways of being gentle with a stupid cable.

    Actually, lightning thread is a better name than lightning cable. Lightning cable suggests something strong. What a joke.

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    Breaks easily

    Had iphone 6 for one year and been through 3 cables. 2 of them just stopped working and one of them broke at the end with the metal wire-bits protruding.

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    The chargers breaks too easy. I'm paying a lot for the phone; I should be able to get a quality charger too. Apple makes a new phone every couple of months, but can't make a new charger or at least go back to the old one. I'm convinced they just want us to keep spending money every 4 months on a new charger. Or they could even move where you insert the charger, so you are not bending it as much. Please fix the issue

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    0 Star is the real rating

    Charge cables are never an issue with any of my other audio or video equipment. NEVER.
    I'm a pro in video production so at any given moment I have a dozen or two pieces of equipment to keep powered and charged.
    Charge cables are ALWAYS an issue with any Apple product be it laptop, phone or tablet.
    Poor design, poor quality control, and obviously engineered to fail often.
    Seems desperate to me that the second most valuable company in the world must supply poor quality and then REQUIRE their licensed inferior design to carry 5v at 2amps through 2 conductors frequently unsuccessfully.

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    Terrible Product

    I have had the USB Cable for 1-2 months and it is already falling apart on me. The rubber that protects the cord is tearing, and revealing the wire within the cable. Also, the USB Cable will not charge my phone so I have to position it correctly intruder to charge my phone. Im tired of buying new cables every month and I suggest that Apple should make there cables out of a better material so it does not tear.

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    'Made for iPhone 6' lightening cables

    I think there must be a serious design fault with the lightening cable design. They don't last. At the current rate I am replacing them monthly. There should be no difference between the 'made for iphone, ipad etc.' versions and the genuine Apple versions. I have had both and both are equally prone to failure and not robust. You don't get this problem with other forms of connector/ charging cable design.There must be a design fault. I now make a conscious effort to keep receipts so that I can return them to retailers for a replacement. However, this should not be necessary and the product should be fit for purpose from the start. It would be nice to get a response from Apple on this.


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    Seriously APPLE?! Fix the problem!

    As with the majority of the reviews this product is far subpar. I enjoy Apple products as much as the. Ext person but these light ing cord are rediculous. I have had my iPhone 5 since it came out and it works fine dispite use and abuse plus an otterbox... So i guess thanks Otterbox! But these cords are useless. Every one from apple has broken within months and all third-party chargers that stay together end up quiting and i get an "accessory not supported" message after using the stupid thing for weeks every single day with no issues. All i can figure is ur updates mess up the connection somehow. I would glad to pay more for a charger if it worked longer than a few months, even though I think $20 is too much for a flippin charger... I want quality over quantity and will pay for it if I have to.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best cable ever

    I must confess I didn't come to the Apple website with the intention of writing a review on lightning cables, I intended to get another one. I was so surprised about the bad reviews I thought I should write a genuine review.
    I've been using lightning cables since they appeared on the planet, they never died on me, never failed even for one day. They're more expensive than other cables we get from Amazon or eBay. But they're worth every penny, as we know we're getting the real deal. Also Apple customer service is brilliant*****

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    Worst possible accessory

    Highly fragile and very expensive. Easily the worst possible mobile accessory in the world. Moreover the battery backup is so short which necessitates frequent usage of these cables on a daily basis. Will NEVER buy another Apple phone purely because of the requirement of these fragile and expensive cables.

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    Excellent Cable

    I'm not sure where all this negative reviews come from but I have 4 apple cables (0.5m in the car, couple of 1 m at home and 2 m close to the bed) and never had any small issues with any of them. I saw same bad reviews about Apple batteries but they worked for me for about 2 years with now issues. They were the world best. So I'm going to change my behavior now. If I see so many negative reviews this means it's beautiful product and I definitely should buy it...

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    I AM careful with it, but it still frays out....

    I take care of my cable. I don't pull on the cord to disconnect it; when I have to take the cord somewhere I put it in a zipper pouch in my purse. I have now just worn out my second iPhone 5 cord, having worn out an iPhone 4 cord before that. SURELY there is a way to make these more durable, or your quality control is off because some people have good ones that last and others (at least some of whom ARE careful with their phones) are replacing them all the time. DIscouraged. Love the phone, hate the cord.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    "Once you go Mac you never go back" - no longer is true.

    If you could give less than one star I would. Apple's cables are a joke they are not durable at all. I have bought at least 15 chargers in the past 14 months.

    Constantly having to buy new cables because the company cannot make durable products is so frustrating and infuriating not to mention their condescending staff in Apple stores.

    I have two macs, ipad, two iphones and apple TV. However I have decided that I am going to leave Apple.

    The saying "Once you go Mac you never go back" - no longer is true.

    This is extremely disappointing

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    Rubbish quality

    Expensive poor quality.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor quality

    Not lasting for long, hate to get replacement all the time!

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    Fix your charging cables

    If it was up to me I would label all these lightning USB cables 0 stars. I have been an apple user for 4 years now and the only reason I have not moved to PC is because of the new iPad pro which makes paper usage for my company documents obsolete. Through out the years I have seen so many chargers brake in the 1st month. At first I thought it was the way I was treating it, so I had been purchasing cables for every room and every location I could be in that way I have the minimum amount of interaction that would make the charger loose its ability to do what it was made to do which is power my device that I bought. Even after trying this for many months I still had them loose its ability to power my device unless the phone was positioned at an angle. If I wanted to go through this I would of bought an antenna TV. If any one reviews these I would say fix your dumb chargers. Stop being so freaking cheap and invest on more durable wiring.

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    Be really careful!

    The charger is only good if you take really good care of it. For someone who has to constantly share the cable, it's really bad quality. After a few months of use the charger gets bent, it stops to work. Then you'd have to twist the cable in weird ways to simply charge your phone.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    No issues

    I don't understand all the negative reviews. I've had mobile Apple products for 15 years and I've never had a problem with my chargers, this one included.

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    As much money we the consumers spend yearly on your extremely high in price products, you all at Apple should produce chargers that would last longer then a month. I've had my IPhone for a year now and I've had to purchase a total of 12 chargers within that year. I've had to pretty much purchase a new charger every month. Apple products are the best but your chargers not so much. Sorry not sorry....

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