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    Short Lifespan

    Bought my Iphone 5s in mid November 2013, and as of mid July 2014, my lightning cable is no longer working. I've had the 30-pin cable for other apple products and it seemed to have a much longer lifespan (a few years at least). This is a problem that needs serious looking into. No one wants to buy new cables every six months.

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    Poor product

    I have had my iPhone 5s since March and already I am on my third one of these leads. They just stop working for no reason. Mine is always left plugged into the wall (not always turned on) so there is no wear & tear on them. Very disappointed with these - at £15 each, they are not cheap to replace.

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    Terrible! (would be 0 Stars if that was an option)

    Considering how much devices with the new lightening charger such as the latest iPads and the iPhone 5s cost I was expecting the lightening cable to out do its 30-pin counterpart.... how wrong I was! The 30-pin cable that I had with my iPhone 4 lasted me 2 years whereas within 5 months of owning the iPhone 5s I have been forced to buy new lightening cables at a rate of roughly once a month!

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    Poor Quality!

    Like the earphones, this cable only lasts a few months if you are lucky. I have had enough of spending too much money each time which isnt worth parting with!

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    Poor lifetime - not fit for purpose. Apple should provide free replacements

    Similar to other reviewers, my daughters have suffered failed lightning cables, whereas previous style cables have lasted without issue.
    I find the £15 price of a replacement cable an insult given the extremely poor life expectancy.
    Come on Apple - please treat your customers with some respect on this please and recall or at least admit you got it wrong. From a household with 10+ apple products...

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    This is the 5th charger I've had to buy in under a year. They're terrible. But good for Apple as they're expensive so technically I've spent over $100 on just USB cords alone. As I'm sure many others have too. Ridiculous. Why would they bother fixing them.

    A penalty for the consumer as forced to buy them or not have your $800+ product work.

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    Breaks easily

    For an accessory that you need to rely so heavily on, this cables are notably fragile and easily break on the side of the Lightning port even if you use them very carefully. At this price I wouldn't expect a cable that needs to be replaced every 8-10 months.

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    Poor Lasting Quality

    I have had 4 of these cables - all originals that came with devices (iPod x 2, iPhone, iPad) and all are now not working. I have been very careful with them after experiencing the delicate nature of the old style cables and yet they still failed. One failed after only three weeks.! However, the good news is that after speaking to Apple, they assure me that the cables will be replaced free of charge if I take them to an Apple store. I'll let you know how I get on... But even with that, I don't fancy having to trek to my nearest store (20 miles) every time I need to get my cables replaced! MAKE THEM STRONGER AND MORE RELIABLE PLEASE APPLE!!!

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    Cable breaks even when used properly

    Poor, poor, poor quality. If I could give it negative stars, I would.

    The cable near the charging head cracked open spontaneously, exposing the wires. Despite me carefully grabbing only the head instead of the cord to plug or unplug. This after only a 1.5 years of use. Meanwhile, the 30-pin for an iPod video from 2005 which is still going strong - that's almost a decade of use with no problem.

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    Cable Lead - TOTAL FAILURE

    Im on my 7th Cable Lead for my iPhone 5C, this is absolutely ridiculous and Apple should rectify this reoccurring BAD DESIGN FAULT !!
    Iv still got another 12months left on my contract !!!!

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    Dire quality, unfit for anything other than static uses

    I need to charge my phone & iPad at work and, as a consequence, have always taken a lightning cable (or two) with me. They're well looked after - neatly wound, and put in the safe / small objects section of my bike bag.

    Nonetheless, I've now had 2 lightning cables die on me in 2yrs, compared to one dead 30-pin adaptor in... ooo... 7 or 8 years of multi-iPod and iPad use.

    Lightning might be semi-adequate! if used in only one location, with the connector held rigorously straight. For actual use as a real-world charger cable, though, it's beyond terrible. Quality control seems to've gone to pot, when compared with its predecessor.

    Expensive, shoddy, and unfit for purpose.

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    Broken after 4 months

    Disappointed in this cable especially since I babied it. I love you apple but this is ridiculous!

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    Defective Cables and Charging Port:-/!!

    I am actually very angry about the FACT that there is a problem with the cables for the iPhones and Apple seems uninterested in admitting or addressing the problem. I am on my FOURTH cable!!!!! No, I am not an idiot who pulls the cable from the port. I am a 51 year old businessperson who spends hard earned money on what I HOPE is quality equipment and accessories. To add insult to injury when I go to the "genius":-/ bar, they act as if I'm stupid and pretend that they are oblivious to the problem (there was another customer there with the SAME issue BTW!).

    I am angry because I bought my first Apple computer almost THIRTY YEARS AGO and have been a loyal customer. I used them in my business and personal life. Sure, there have been bumps along the way, BUT this problem is especially annoying because of the lack of acknowledgement by Apple and refusal to admit a mistake. Sure, lots of cables are working fine, but for many of us, they are a HUGE FAIL:-/!!

    I EXPECT MORE FROM APPLE. It doesn't take a "genius" to figure out that customer loyalty is the foundation for success. If you're making someone like me who has spent THOUSANDS of dollars over the years this upset, red flags should be going off somewhere in your organization! WOW!

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    Very Poor

    Outer side or Upper portion of the cable is very poor

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    Terrible Quality

    I have had my iPad Air for 5 months and it has just stopped working and for it too charge i have niggle the front until it works i think apple should make a improve this charger asap!

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    Tired of buying these

    My third cable is now on it's way out. My iPhone 5 is about a year and a half old. They just stop working and I have to twist and maneuver the cable until it picks it up, it's ridiculous for a £15 cable. My 3 year old iPad 2 30 pin cable still works perfectly.

    My cable and the charger rarely move from the plug socket beside my bed so it's not even like it's being jostled about and yanked around.

    I'm a huge Apple fan and I love my iPhone but I am so disappointed with this cable.

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    Completly Annoying

    I am starting to find this really annoying.In 1 month 3 of our cables broke and now we have to get our 4th one!!

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    Me, my mother in law and my sister in law all have ipone 5's and all of our chargers have broken and haven't even had them a year.

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    Worst most frustrating product ever

    Apple, I love your devices, I do…but this is a disgustingly poor product. I thought it was just me who had gone through multiple cables for some reason but no, looks like this is the same for everyone. My cable has broken several times now, and when you feel a broken one they feel really hot which must be unsafe. I was about to buy ANOTHER one of these stupid things (though it sticks in my craw to reward Apple for bad behaviour) when I read a review that said use a 30 pin to lightning adaptor instead. I had one of those luckily and now i can finally charge my phone again. So thanks v much to whoever gave that piece of advice, you've just saved me £15 x infinity. I do not intend to ever get another iPhone again because of this rubbish disappointing charger. So, for the sake of your remaining customers Apple, if you care about anything except money, sort this out.

    PS it won't even let you rate the product unless you give it 1 star. I'm amazed that it is averaging 2 tbh...

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    Mine broke too

    I brought my 0.5 lightning cable from an apple store, five months later, its broken. :(

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