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    Changed 4 USB cables in 4 months!

    I've been using them very gently and keeping my phone straight when charging but it always stops working after a month.
    I am sick of paying 39.00$ everytime a cable stops working due to low quality.
    Very disappointing coming from apple.

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    Break easily

    I hate these chargers with a passion. I've had 8 chargers since Christmas and i'm now going on to my 9th, they're very badly designed and break with the slightest misuse. But what makes it worse is the fact the iphone 5's don't accept cheap chargers from places like Ebay or Amazon so you end up spending a lot of money on a charger that is going to last a couple weeks.

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    Not Impressed

    I honestly wish I could rate this 0 stars. My cable has lasted only 3 months with only standard use. Extremely unsatisfactory & I sincerely hope Apple is reading these reviews & doing something to resolve the problem, because this is the first issue I have ever had with any of my Apple products.

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    My original cable is not working just after one year, though I used it with much care and there is no visible indication of why it is not working. Bought another with that surprising price of 25 dollars.. lets see how that goes.

    To me, this cord is simply beneath the name of Apple. I am very disappointed.

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    Lightning cable

    I have 2 iPads in my house after one year both cable stopped working so got 2 new ones at apple store one. Stopped working 2weeks later the other one 1 month later so then Used my mothers ipad charger that is only 4months old that stopped charging they are the worst thing apple have ever made. I also have 2 iMacs in my house hold + 3 iPhone 4S I WILL never buy apple again I have spent thousands of pound with them,the apple shop were no help what so ever I'm sick of this company good by apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Flimsy. New one required every few months.

    These cords fall apart like nothing I have ever seen. I have had my iPhone for about a year and am constantly having to buy a new one. And then last night my iPhone started making that horrible noise which suggests the charge is coming in/out. I'm about to go travelling and am looking at taking AT LEAST two cords with me in the expectation that they will fall apart. The fact I should have to do this is ridiculous.

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    your cables dont last long and they break very easly

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    Putting me off iPhones

    I have been through 3 of these chargers in 1 year, now i need a 4th. As the charger starts to play up, when inserted into the phone, it stops and starts charging and the only way it works is if put in a certain position or on a particular surface. It does this until it stops charging all together. I'm seriously considering a different phone next because I have never had to purchase another charger for any other mobile i've used in the past.

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    Dreradful Cables

    All these cables need recalling absolutely dreadful!

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    My 30pin charger for the iPhone 4 lasted me for the entire 2 years that I had the phone with no problems whatsoever! This supposedly improved charger broke within the first 6 months of having the phone so, I replaced it. 6 months later, this one has broken as well and I find myself purchasing a third charger! This is an unacceptable level of product quality apple, sort it out!

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    Apple's Lightning cable is TERRIBLE build quality - very disappointing

    I'm really disappointed by Apple's Lightning charging system:- I've just had to give up on my 1-year-old iPhone because the charging stopped working properly (I had to jam things against the charger to make it sit at an angle in order to work) - I've tried endless new chargers, and they all have the same problem. I've also had a similar problem with my new iPad Air - which has the same Lightning fitting - sometimes the charger connection doesn't work properly and has to be jammed at an angle.
    This really is terrible build quality, and very disappointing for Apple when we're paying such a fortune for the products and the chargers.

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    Worst phone cable

    I hv bought 4 cable for my Ip5 since purchase 1yr ago...all the cable is unusable after sometimes due to the wiring problem....it wont exist for the cable for iphone 4 and before...pls make sure ur quality can stand longer and I cant afford to buy the cable every 3 mth wt such a high price.

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    I have had my iPhone 5s Since November. It is now early January. I Have went through 7 Lightning cables. They're really lousy quality. I will not be buying another apple iPhone or iPod until this issue if fixed. The cables aren't cheap. Nor was the iPhone. The leased you can get after paying over $700 for a device is quality accessories.

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    Absolutely Ridiculous

    I've had my iPod since Christmas 2012 and since then I've bought at least 4 new Lightning-USB cables. Each one has broken after around 2 months of moderate use and it's really getting ridiculous. At first I thought it was just me, but apparently it seems to be a design fault with either the Lightning Connector or the cable itself. If Apple could sort this out as soon as possible, it would be great because it's putting me off from buying other Apple products in the future.

    This wouldn't be so much of a problem if Apple products weren't so expensive to constantly replace.

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    Appalling. After using it for 1 month, I keep on getting the message on my computer, "USB Devices Disabled, Unplug the device using too much power to re-enable USB devices."

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    Phone is 2 weeks old and cable doesn't work

    This is so bad. I look after my cables, it stopped working, they wanted me to visit apple store, I said no, then they want me to send it back, why can't you send me a new cable i still have apple care

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    Worst cable ever!

    this is honestly the worst charger cable i have ever bought i have been through 6 cables already and my most recent one i bought a week and a half ago has already broken! i cannot believe a company like apple would make a cable that is so poorly made and breaks so easily, it really needs to be sorted out because i cannot afford to be spending £15 every time the cable breaks, especially when i need to use my phone everyday, so it needs to be charged everyday. SORT IT OUT APPLE!!!!

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    fragile and useless

    after buying 4 of the cords to replace all the old ones I have for various apple products I was surprised to find for no apparent reason they stopped working, 3 of the 4 are now broken even though they haven't been treated badly, for the first time I may have to resort to ebay as buying them from apple doesn't seem to matter, all of my old cords are working fine, none of the lightning connecters are!!! at $25 a cord I expect some kind of quality, for the first time ever I am questioning my decision to stick with apple.

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    Gone through 2 cables in 8 months, absolutely terrible product, the fakes you get on eBay for a fraction of the price are probably just as good if not better.

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    Not Happy

    These chargers break far to easily, the wires snap I took the plastic off to see if I could fix it and I found burn marks on the inside plastic! God forbid if it actually caught fire! This product in my opinion is very unsafe, should not be manufactured and should be recalled to go through more testing and the design be rethought. Not a happy customer!

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