• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Beats solo 2

    nice headphones, over priced, whatever you do, DO NOT DAMAGE THE CORD!!! they only have the one replacement cord available so if you have white headphones, you'll get a black cord with red ends. the only one offered. also had an issue with the earpieces, the leather part of cushion came off which they did repair with no cost (even shipping) but I feel that if you have red headphones, then you should have a red cord and vise- versa. spent approximately 2.5 hours in chat and phone calls with this issue

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    Take some getting used to...

    I was worried that being Beats headphones that the bass would be overwhelming... but I am happy to report that they bass is in line with the rest of the audio spectrum. The only down side to these headphones is them being on the ear there is pressure on the ears that is a bit painful at first, but with consistent use for a few days, this lessens and eventually goes away for the most part. I have had absolutely no issues with these, I do put them away in the carry case and wrap up the cord and keep it all together in the soft lined case they come with. $200 is a bit much though they are build extremely well, but I would suggest waiting to find them on sale. But overall I would highly recommend these headphones if sound reduction is important as well as balanced sound quality. Cheers!

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    Great headphones

    this headphones are of really high quality and perform perfectly but the white headphones are hard to maintain if you work or use them in a dirty environment I recommend a different colour if you work in a dusty and/ or dirty place

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    Right side stopped working

    Pros: Sounds great and very comfortable

    Cons: 6th month I had them the whole right ear of the headphones stopped working so I thought it was the cord so I went and bought a $20 cord to figure out that it was the headphones not the cord

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Right side stopped working

    I got these has part of the back to school promo and really liked them. They sounded much better than my cheap headphones, and they blocked out a little bit of noise. The ear cushions are comfy, but I can only wear them for a couple hours at a time (glasses). However they only lasted 6 months before the right side died. Which is about has long as my cheap 10$ pair typically lasts, so I'm disappointed they didn't last very long considering they are worth over $200.

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    Right Side Stopped Working

    I bought my headphones in January and about a week ago, my right speaker stopped working. I have no idea why, I took really good care of them . They worked great. I'm really disappointed that my headphones stopped working for no reason.

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    Not Wireless

    I was disappointed that they weren't wireless. For $200, you would think they were. Sound is awesome but the chord gets in the way when I work out. A little disappointed.

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