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    Works Extremely Well But Instructions Are A Nightmare

    I bought this to help me migrate from a 2014 Macbook Air to a 2017 Macbook. Neither machine has ethernet ports and moving hundreds of gigabytes over WiFi with a DSL connection was something I wanted to avoid. I also didn’t want to bring all of my old apps over to the new computer, so Migration Assistant was useless for me.

    “Clearly,” my best bet was to use Time Machine to backup the Macbook Air to a USB 3 external hard drive, then connect the XHHD to the new single-port USB-C Macbook via this multiport adapter. But in fact this was only apparent after I’d read and re-read a half dozen or so Apple Support documents and cross-referenced them with three or four other online sources!

    I suspect some of the problems people have had with this dongle stem from the opaque instructions and confusing product descriptions that accompany it. Then there’s the lack of warning about things like the need to hear the USB-C connector make a little clicking sound in order to know the cable is firmly seated in the Mac’s port. Once I realized I couldn’t use Migration Assistant, learned the difference between Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C, and found a way to transfer a large amount of data fairly quickly, the adapter performed flawlessly. I look forward to viewing video from my Mac on a big-screen TV connected by HDMI. I’ve used HDMI connection between a TV and a laptop for over a decade, so how hard can it be?

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    Helps but should be better for the price

    It's nice to be able to USB, HDMI, and be able to charge at the same time. However, it's terrible that I'm unable to get 60 Hz refresh rate on the new monitor I bought. Instead, I had to buy a $15 cable that went from Display Port to USB-C. What a shame.

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    HDMI output doesn't work with virtually everything I've ever tried it with

    I use one of these so I can plug in power and a keyboard at my desk. It works acceptably for that usage. It's completely useless for connecting to external monitors and projectors. It just doesn't work. Sometimes it causes the display on the MacBook to start cutting in and out making the entire system unusable until the HDMI cable is unplugged. Sometimes it just does nothing at all. I may have had it work with something once but if so I can't recall it and it doesn't work with any of the monitors, projectors or TVs in this office that I need it to. It's completely unfit for purpose.

    None of this is new, how can Apple justify continuing to sell something that is fundamentally broken?

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    I am an IT consultant serving a 70%/30% customer base of pc/Mac users. With regards to my Mac users the most critical accessory is the usb-c hub with thru charging. Since the new MacBooks are limited to two ports, which is fine, a hub that allows the connection of power charging as well as USB2/3, video, etc. is needed. Sadly most everything on the market comes with all types of horror stories. Even the products on Apple's web site and on the shelves at the Apple Store are 2-stars. Complaints of faulty thru power smoked the board, USB ports fail, hub dies after 3-months use, and so on. My Apple clients love Apple equipment EXCEPT when it comes to accessories. Apple has always been the benchmark for the elite. In recent years other mfg have gained some ground but you still can't be the marriage of Apple hardware and software. So how about a little accessory help. Suggestions? Ed

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    doesn't work

    apple store employee said it works and that i shouldn't judge the product based off of reviews LOL

    don't get this product - if you need to extend display, buy apple tv (airplay)

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    Costs a lot, but works fine

    I've had one of these since day one with my MacBook Pro and it's worked just fine in every instance, with every imaginable daisy chain of peripherals. Need another one now, and cranky about the cost, but not worried about performance.

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    Apple Come On! Shame on you!

    Terrible data transfer speeds + no video. Charging 70.00 for an adapter that probably cost under 5.00 to manufacture in China! You are gouging the people something awful. The future is in the dongle business I guess! If you are going charge this crazy amount for an adapter at least make it the best one on the marking. Are we slipping here a bit? I miss the good old days of Apple!!!! Steve we need you back.

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    Horrible product, not up to Apple standards

    I've been using this with a 2017 MBP. For some reason my MBP was not waking from sleep and would need to be restarted fairly often. I spent a lot of time with the Genius bar who even had to rebuild my Mac to troubleshoot. When I stopped using this device the wake from sleep issue stopped and the computer is working fine now. I can't recommend this unless you like restarting your computer all the time, sometimes multiple times per day and usually when you're in the middle of something.

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    Works for less than a year

    I need this. My cardreader quit working with this and I had to use an older computer with a standard USB port....terrible! Got a message that the device attached used too much power....Now I have to start all over again.

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    Utter robbery. Macbook single usbc port means this item is a requirement

    I use my macbook 2017 for design. I also hotdesk at work. I almost always use an extra screen. My macbook has one usbc port. This means I must own one of these adapters in order to use my machine.

    This item slows down the refresh rate of the external screen and leaves my design apps lagging my mouse movements. Works fine if I connect the screen direct to my laptop with a usbc and hdmi cable but then I can't charge the macbook at the same time. Stupid stupid stupid design. Previous 11" macbook air had separate power, display and two usb ports. This is what is actually needed. Instead you sell a product missing basic ports and then charge extra for a totally sub optimal solution of adding them back on later.

    This dongle solution is a mess and way more junk to carry around. It is a constant frustration. Please at the very least provide two usbc ports for the macbook. Preferable would be to bin these stupid dongles and have required ports on the actual machine.

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    Support of 4K Screens only at 30Hz

    30Hz is not good for a 4K Display.
    Even the latest Chinese adaptors supports 60Hz.

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    What a terrible product.. Apple is taking a backward step here

    New Work Macbook Pro has been a disaster. Biggest problem is the adaptors you have to use (thunderbolt or USB C) to connect any non thunderbolt drives crash wi fi network constantly. Have been a fan of Apple for my entire life but now am actively planning my complete exit from the Apple environment.

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    Not only is HDMI 4k limited to 30Hz, power delivery is capped at 50W. So don't expect to keep using this for very long on your MacBook Pro during demanding tasks. Use another port to charge.

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    Worked for about a year

    Always had problems getting a picture out over a complex chain (HDMI -> switch -> TOSLINK splitter -> monitor) but it worked once it figured out there was a monitor attached. Until recently. One day all I got was a green screen, and a direct connection worked sometimes and other times it would act like I was rapidly plugging in and unplugging the cable.

    Replaced with a thunderbolt dock. Now everything works again.

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    This is just garbage

    As the reviews earlier state, the connection's flaky. The USB port doesn't support passthrough ethernet adapters. The HDMI is capped to 30Hz for 4K. And it costs way more than the competitors who do a much better job

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    What is going on apple?

    I bought this yesterday and worked fine just plug and play.
    Today fired up my new Macbook Pro again and no HDMI output.
    No rebooting worked, what is going on apple, my beesy will still worked fine?

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    Low quality picture on DELL U3014

    I have a macbook pro 2017. I tried to use the adapter with an external display DELL U3014 and the picture quality was suboptimal.

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    Constant nagging for update

    Everytime I insert this adapter Mac OS X nags me to update it. So I go through the whole update process. I stop my work, go through the install, and restart. Then Mac OS X nags me again, there is an update for the adapter. Apparently it isn't possible to get Apple to stop nagging me about updates I've already installed.

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    Useless expensive junk

    Recently bought a new MacBook Pro, which I use at the side of my desk plugged in to three external monitors. At least I used to on my old MacBook. With this new one, suddenly I need MORE adapters, and this is the only option for plugging it in to my displays. Works less than half the time, usually just gives me a black screen and flashes on and off. Restarting the laptop occasionally works but usually not. Surprisingly low quality for something from Apple. Look in to third party alternatives that don't cost $80. This is just another white paperweight now.

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    does not work

    it's causing my MacBook Pro to hang on boot screen with bar just over half way when display connected. $70 down the drain. DO NOT BUY!

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