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    Works for while...

    I have now bought a total of six of these things, one each with each new Macbook or MacBook Pro I've been buying for staff. The results have been consistent. They work (usually for a few weeks) and then they stop working - and it's almost always the USB-C connector to the external screen that stops working. Oddly, it only stops working for that purpose- it's still works for power. I've also regularly taken the adaptor back to my local Apple store - where they replace them without fuss - only for the same thing to happen with the new ones.

    It's very frustrating as these adaptors are essential with the MacBook - which only has the one port.

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    only 30Hz refresh rate at any resolution other than 1280x720

    With no USB-C to display port option available for the macbook pro this adapter seemed like the only way to connect my external monitor. Unfortunately the only resolution that i can get 60Hz refresh rate at is the very low 1280x720 and it has some disturbing noisy lines here and there. With the previous macbook pro i could get better hdmi connectivity out of the box and when using the mini display port i could go up to 4k @ 60Hz.
    that's 70$ wasted

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    +1 on the HDMI issues

    Seriously first trying to get the monitor to appear plugging cables in and out, then this constant blanking out an in... I own almost every device in the Apple ecosystem from the shuffle to a 12-core Mac Pro (and this new "magical" POS 15" MBP) and Apple if there's one suggestion I'd make is get your **** together... I'm sure it's fine for Chinese fashionistas and Kardashians that want to show how much they can waste on gadgets, but some of us want solid gear that "Just works" (is anyone left at Apple that remembers those days?). Oh and as the richest company on Earth when you finally sort this out you should have the decency to replace these POS units you inflicted on us at a outrageous price

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    I'm extremely disappointed in and angry with Apple -- they advertise their new MacBook Pros as being about to connect with an external monitor with this Adapter, yet this adapter only worked for me for three months before I could no longer use it. Now, I get this message: "USB Accesssories Disabled. Unplug the accessory using too much power to re-enable USB devices." I get this message even when nothing is else plugged in -- and since there's only room for one other device (seriously, Apple? You couldn't have made a third port?) -- it's clear that the issue is with this USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. After less than a minute, the body of this accessory is hot to the touch.

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    Does not deliver any resolution at 60Hz even 1080 and below.

    Connecting brand new 2017 macbook pro to an external brand new 2017 43" Samsung MU6300 UHD TV no luck at running any resolution at 60 fps even 1080 and below as promised by the specification. the maximum value is 30 Hz, period! But the most frastrating part is the it has very heavy latency on the mouse pointer that make working on the external display totally impossible. Very disappointing.

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    USB-C to Lightning to iPhone connection doesn't work with this adapter

    USB-C power in to this adapter then to my MBP on any of its USB-C ports works. The HDMI and USB-A seems to work well; I don't have any of the monitor problems others are complaining about. My Lightning to USB-C cable to iPhone into my MBP works for power or communication on any of its USB-C ports. So the problem is not the Lightning to USB-C cable, the iPhone or the MBP.

    But when I put the iPhone to Lightning to USB-C to this adapter to my MBP on any of its USB-C ports the MBP doesn't communicate with or provide power to the iPhone. So I have to return it to see if it's defective.

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    Works great for me. :) Using all ports, works like a micro-docking station.

    I bought two (2) Multiport adapters: HDMI (home), and VGA (work).

    My home setup is as follows: 28" Acer HDMI monitor, 15" 2017 MBP, Seagate 2TB USB 3.0 HDD (Time Machine). My last MBP had Thunderbolt 2 which didn't do much for me outside of DVI (HDMI was on the other side, out of reach), and my Time Machine backup.

    Now, I can leave the Mac's USB-C power adapter plugged-in to the Multiport like a micro docking station with my Time Machine drive, and HDMI monitor. When I come home, I simply plug in the USB-C cable to my MBP and whala! everything pops-up almost instantaneously. The monitor takes about 1-2 seconds, the HDD comes up fast and begins backing-up.

    No complaints. I'm really enjoying the USB-C setup now.

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    Works Great

    I bought this on a warehouse deal and I am glad I did. It works great with my MB Pro w/ Touchbar. After an upgrade to the firmware, which the adapter needed, it ran my AOC 27" monitor flawlessly.

    It charges the mac, and the usb works running a usb 3.0 hub.

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    HDMI doesn't work

    I've tested across multiple monitors, and in every plug/unplug order I can come up with - HDMI on this thing does NOT work.
    Really sad to think that the 5 year old MBP I just replaced could connect to basic, practical things without a slew of expensive dongles and adapters.

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    Limited but ok for early 2015 MacBook

    Only con is limited ports. This is fine for travel and it works well for plugging into a tv and using a peripheral like a back up drive or a flash drive all while charging at the same time. at home i have an iMac keyboard plugged into the usb port (i prefer having the MacBook on a desk riser so i don't have to look down) and then use the courtesy ports on the keyboard for my logitech wireless mouse and my printer.i use the HDMI when i feel like plugging into the tv and it works fine, no flicker. I plan on getting a monitor. i'd like to have a couple extra usb ports, one for an optical drive, one for a solid state hard drive and one for my backup drive. i don't even care about not having an ethernet port (as much). My goal is to to have a set up that gives me the best of both worlds between my old iMac and my macbook. this adapter is probably the most reliable in getting me closer to that goal but i wish there was something with more ports (and more variety) that comes in a streamlined box that sits neatly on a desktop - not a floppy dongle.

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    Very strange product

    I have this and the other multi-port adaptor and could not get the USB-C port to act as a feed-through on either, so if I connected (say) my monitor to the USB-C port, it did not work. However, it works the other way around - the power supply will feed through to my MacBook Pro. So this USB-C port is one-way only, not two-way. Very strange concept and not explained anywhere.

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    Not Enough Power

    It WILL NOT charge a MacBook Pro at 85W. This is not indicated anywhere in the product description. Extremely disappointed.
    USB and HDMI work normally as expected.

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    works for 30 days

    a good concept but does not work, worked well for 30 days. Now the monitor fails to wake up, or the screen flashes, doesnt connect to some projectors. It is not fit for purpose and should be withdrawn from the market and people offered refunds. It is rubbish, save your money.BTW I have 2 of these one for home and one for work with different monitors and they both do not work in either windows or OS/X. I would love apple to get in touch and do something about this.

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    Inferior to cheaper connectors

    Getting this multi-connector to work required multiple re-starts (every time) and a careful feng-shue of cables, ever-mindful of their power requirements. I bought it but don't use it, having replaced it with much cheaper (non-brand) adapters that work without fuss.

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    Simply does not work

    Refuses to charge computer at the same time as sending data to projector. This means you run the risk of laptop shutting down in the middle of your presentation, unless you remember to fully charge the laptop beforehand. Adapter will not recognize USB-C to AC power source. Period.

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    No power being provided on the HDMI port???

    It's useless for me - returning it as it won't provide power on the HDMI port

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    HDMI fails everytime in MacOS

    Wasted money hoping to get the HDMi adapter working - Not sure if it is hardware or software issue though - because when I have windows in parallels on, it works fine.. so I believe it is software related..

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    Does the job

    I'm using this adapter with my iMac to connect to a DVI display. A little long, but I have the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter connected to an Apple HDMI to DVI Adapter and works well. The adapter even gives me an extra standard USB port for my iMac to use!
    Shame the USB-C port on the adapter is only for charging portable Macs. I would have liked the option to have another USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) accessory connected to the adapter. But at least there are two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports on my iMac.

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    Does not work.

    The HDMI does not work whatsoever with my display which is incredibly frustrating - especially when I rely on a second display for work. The apple store refused me a full refund because I was 4 days over my returns period, adding to the frustration. Do not buy this adaptor and do not buy the MacBook Pro 2016/17 if you intend on using it with multiple displays.

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    Works but bulky

    This is the only HDMI or DP adapter that I have found to actually work with the 2017 rMB. My only complaint with it is that it's rather large / bulky to carry around. Well, and the price could be better. But it's hard to argue with something that works. Note that I had to install a (firmware?) update when I first plugged in the adapter.

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