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    I have to restart my monitor every time I plug in

    When I plug my 2016 15" MBP in, it detects the monitor and extends the desktop to it. However, the monitor is never sent an actual video signal and remains in standby. Never had this problem with my old 2011 MBP with the same setup.

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    Intermittent from the start. Now dead.

    The reviews were mostly bad, but I needed to connect the new MacBook Pro to an HDMI projector, so I took a chance. The reviews were right. its shocking and concerning that Apple would put their brand on this product.

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    Poorly Made. Breaks quickly.

    After only a few short month this dongle has started to short out on the HDMI port. Power and USB seem to work fine, but I constantly drop connection to my HDMI monitor. It's annoying, as the computer will then try to gather windows to the local display, go dark, find the external display again, and then re-shuffle the windows. Really annoying. Very disappointed in the quality of this product from Apple.

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    Please fix USB-C AV multi port adapter HDMI connection

    Same problem connecting with monitors. Tried LG, Panasonic and Epsom. Unfortunately this means I cannot use new MacBook Pro to do presentations and teaching. No mirroring. Apple give me new adaptor to try. Still no luck. Chat solution was take it back to store and exchange again. No chance that would be the third go. What happened to plug it in and it works. We need a solution. Tragedy is the digital port works imediatelly on old Mac. All advice appreciated.

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    Sorry Apple MUST do better

    I have tried this as well as a number of other adaptors claiming that the HDMI works. Travel a lot so plug the box into various displays in conference rooms, hotels and other offices sometime a reboot of the MacBook works, sometimes it doesn't. Get this sorted Apple.

    Would give 0 stars if I could

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    Great product

    This product works perfectly for me. All 3 ports are occupied to charge my computer, connect to my display, and charge my iphone.

    It is very convenient to have this kind of adapter because when I take my computer to school and come back home, I only have to unplug and plug back in one cable instead of 3.

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    I regret my new laptop purchase

    Apple has lost its way. I get why they are moving to USB-C but if you're going to do this, offer a dongle / dock that actually works. Like others have said, the USB connection loses connection to connected hard drives (not good). When connecting an external monitor, sometimes it works, sometimes you have to fiddle with it.

    When you spend $3k on a laptop that is meant for professionals, you'd think they'd have this figured out. So disappointed. My 27 year exclusivity to Apple's ecosystem is hanging by a thread. Tell Mr Ive that we like beautiful but we NEED performance and function as well.

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    HDMI Failure

    I bought this adapter shortly after purchasing my brand new 12" Macbook. I liked the idea of being able to use this as a docking station whenever I was using my laptop at my desk. From the very first day, I had problems with connecting a second screen via the HDMI port. At first, the second monitor would flicker. Every five or six minutes, the screen would go blank and then turn on again. That was extremely annoying, but it was at least functional.

    The HDMI port now no longer functions. The macbook doesn't recognize that the external monitor is present. The external monitor is not receiving any information. Using other HDMI cables doesn't resolve the problem. The monitor works just fine when plugged into my desktop. The only possible answer is that the HDMI port on this product no longer works.

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    Not much better in bootcamp :(

    I'm using bootcamp a lot of the time to run windows natively on my new macbook pro.

    Sometimes it's OK, but it doesn't take a lot to get things quite upset...
    My dell monitor often doesn't come back if you turn it off and on again. Any devices that I run through the USB port on this thing sometimes work, sometimes are really laggy, and sometimes need to be unplugged and plugged back in again. And sometimes the laptop refuses to believe that the adaptor exists at all.

    So all in all, SORT IT OUT Apple!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    a must for the new MacBook Pro

    I am using it mainly to connect via HDMI-DVI cable to my Samsung syncmaster monitor. So far so good. No problems.

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    Unreliable - beware your remote hard drives!

    I purchased one of these in November to go with my brand new Macbook. The quality of the connector is very poor. Even a slight jostle of the connector or shift of the computer was sufficient to cause the display to go blank and the hard drive to disconnect. Disconnecting hard drives without ejecting them first is a very good way to end up with a corrupt hard drive.

    After switching to a 3rd party product I have much fewer troubles than with the Apple AV connector.

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    This product should be Recalled. It is Useless.

    I never in my life had so many issues with my experience of owning a MacBook until I got a USB-C MacBook Pro Touch 13". It has been nothing but a headache, and I am a tech so I understand the in's and out's of technology.

    This adapter does not work like it is supposed to, The screen goes out and comes back every couple seconds. It has been updated. I have tried so many different HDMI cables its not even funny anymore. Tried every USB-C port. SMC reset. multiple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapters thanks to Bestbuy's exchange policy, and plenty of other things. This is just unacceptable from a company who boasts there top of the line quality we have always know them to be. What happen to the days when Apple products just worked, and there was a large cultural basis that knew this and put there trust into that. Now with the so called "Top Engineers" they can't even make a adapter that works, let alone a direct cable that goes from HDMI to USB-C; the fact is they can but choose not to. It seems to all be a control thing. The Funny thing is the one display that is known to work flawlessly is no other then the Apple Display... Not everyone has $999 laying around for a monitor. Just saying.

    I love apple, but I'm disappointed. I only pray they don't make a habit of this.

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    Terrible if you connect your mouse and keyboard to the USB

    I connected my mouse and keyboard usb dongle to it. The mouse keeps jumping on the screen and keyboard misses key hits. I got one of the simple usb-c to usb converters and the it just works.
    I'm so annoyed with this new mac ugh.

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    Not compatible with Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter!

    Like many here I bought this in the hopes it would at least deliver on it's basic promise. It however does not. Apple, please make sure the USB-C port on this thing acts the same as the one on my Mac so we can expand our open slots! More specifically however, it is not compatible with the Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. Simply doesn't work. So I disconnected the Ethernet from the 3 port dongle and plugged it straight into my MacBook and presto worked fine. Apparently, the dongle USB-C expansion port is not transferring the same data as empt port on your MacBook.

    Apple, please fix this!

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    Not working

    I switched from my macbook air to the new macbook pro and had to use this adapter to connect my external monitor (ASUS), a USB hub and the charging cable. On my macbook air I was able to use everything at once and hoped to achieve the same with this adapter. Not working though, screen resolution on the external monitor completely wrong and the USB hub connects and disconnects all the time.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Corrupted Graphics w/ Dell Display

    I use this dongle with my Dell UltraSharp U2913WM 29inch display and new 2016 MacBook Pro (non-touch bar) and about 50% of the time when disconnecting or connecting to the display the graphics on the display and the macbook's display will be corrupted forcing me to do a hard reboot. Sometimes when I disconnect the display I'll just get a black screen on my macbook's display and again I'm forced to do a hard reboot. After reboot, I log into my account and get about 5min of black screen until the computer finally begins functioning normally again. Not sure if this is a dongle, MacBook, or Sierra issue (or all of the above), but overall I'm pretty disappointed with my recent purchases after shelling out close to $3000 for this new mac and the pile of dongles necessary to get it to work with the rest of the world. Fingers crossed this is addressed with future OS updates.

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    HDMI does not work

    I bought two of these when I got my new MacBook Pro this year. I just had a chance to use it with an HDMI projector. Neither one would work. Only the regular USB port worked. I bought a non-Apple product that worked great. It's too late to return it. :-(.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Completely Useless

    Not that there isn't enough bad reviews on this piece of junk already but since I paid for it too. This useless device almost never recognises any of my hard disks. If it does it keep disconnecting every few minutes. Also forget about charging your iPad with this. So basically it just blocks one of the USB-C ports for a lot of money. Considering the price price of the MacBook I would have expected it comes at least with one standard adapter.

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    It's fine

    I can't see anything wrong with it, it's doing what it's supposed to do

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    Try this....

    What I found is if I segregate the (2) ports to seperate the USB-C to HDMI adapter with charge. Then use the other port dedicated to only usb-c to (old) Usb input with a fan out of 3 and ethernet the darn thing responds better. locking and sleep to wake up seems to work. I think it might be a band width confusion in the physical bus architecture. Thats my six cents

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