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    not impressed

    A lot of trouble shooting and buying of new cables led me to this insight. I have two of of these cables and they both have this intermittent failure. The Apple hub cable with the HDMI and power connections seems to work fine however. Very frustrating.

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    It broke my cable. Not impressed.

    The adaptor USB port is ever so slightly smaller than the one on my old MacBook. When I tried to unplug something, half of it got left behind in the adapter. So now I can't use my wireless mouse, or my brand new USB C adapter. I'm very disappointed, and will be taking the adapter into the Apple store in the hope of a full refund.

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    Essential but at an unfair cost

    The product itself is good, it works as it should. However, as if purchasing the latest Macbook wasn't expensive enough, you now have no choice but to buy this as an added extra if you want to sync your phone to iTunes, download software or connect to digital camera etc. I agree with the majority when i say this should be included with the Mac or at least offered for discounted price at the time of purchasing the Mac. Just goes to show that the move to USB-C is just a way for apple to make their products more exclusive and give users no choice but to buy their add-ons at an unfair extra cost.

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    Slightly annoying

    It will work when I have to buy it, but totally agree with the additional charge needed on top of buying the product, which shouldn't be necessary. Should be in the box ,as came home, tried to load some software and couldn't.
    Is anyone listening?

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    Another accessory to carry around

    Today if you buy the latest Apple Iphone and latest Macbook, you can't have them charged together because the ports are different, to connect the iphone to the macbook. It goes this way Lighting port -> usb -> Usb C

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    not impressed

    not impressed after spending £1300 on a macbook you then have to spend another £15 just to get a usb port if your lucky and can get one and to top it all you buy the all new full metal macbook and you have to plug a white lead in to it that dangles down to then plug your usb device into think apple need to think about what they are doing the cable should be free in the box when you buy a new macbook

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