• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice SS band - Classy

    • Written by Dennis P from Palm Harbor

    I bought my First generation watch with this SS link band. Like others have mentioned, it will scratch when contacting a hard surface but all SS bands do that. The scratching is no worse than my 10-year old TAG Heuer watch.

    Just ordered a watch 3 with the Milanese loop band and will use the link band on that as well. I also have several sport bands for rougher wear and save the SS bands for more dressier occasions.

    I like the band very much - pricy but it is one of best SS link bands I have ever owned. Easy to adjust and easy to keep clean (I use an ultra sonic jewelry cleaner and hydrogen peroxide to remove the detritus that collects in the links).

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    After 2 years, it's still my favorite

    • Written by Bert L from Carlsbad

    Purchased my original Apple Watch with a Link Bracelet the day it first became available. I wore both every day for the first 18 months or so, then began swapping back-and-forth with a couple different sport bands for more casual times. For me, the Link Bracelet is the most elegant of the lot. It looks professional and is what I prefer when I get dressed-up to go out on the town.

    I've worn watches with all sort of band types every day for nearly 50 years. I personally treat most of my watches with a bit of care like any fine jewelry. I also don't wear my most expensive jewelry, including my Apple Watch with Link Bracelet, when I'm doing more involved yard work, home painting/repair or another activity where I may put it at risk -- If I didn't take the watch off, I'd go with a sport band if I were in those situations very often. Metal bands are not what I wear if I'm going to the beach or be too sweaty, as the watch will tend to slip from it's normal position an inch or more above my wrist. Like other stainless bands I've owned, no matter how careful you are, the Link Bracelet will scratch over time. I suggest for lite scratches, a little polish designed for stainless jewlery, and use of a Dremel Tool with an appropriate felt pad will remove all but the deepest scratches that develop over time, and make the band sparkle again like new. After 2 years, this week I spent 40 minutes doing that to my original Link Bracelet, and it is almost as good as new awaiting it's home with my new Series 3 arriving later today.

    My net: If you don't have the cash, sweat a lot, want to wear your watch while swimming, or are perhaps not as careful taking care of your finer things as others may be, skip the Link Bracket. OTOH, if you want something that looks more elegant and not as casual as the many sport bands that are available, with perhaps a bit more of a masculine overtone, give the Link Bracelet a look. If I could only have one band for my stainless Apple Watch, it would be the Link Bracelet.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Still a great band

    • Written by Richard U from Irvine

    I've had this band for over a year and it still looks good. It does has "personality" scuff marks on it, but it's what you'd expect from any other stainless steel band.

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