• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Quality Band

    • Written by Mike R from Carleton

    I purchased this band used and have worn it for a couple of weeks now. The quality of the band is excellent and it is very comfortable for a metal band. I previously purchased a 3rd party aftermarket band, but I ended up returning it to the seller. The buckle on it was very uncomfortable and it did not fasten securely and would often accidentally come open. The buckle on the apple link bracelet fits flush to the band and is very sleek and comfortable. The apple band also closes very securely. The quality and machining of the band is very impressive and it should never rust or corrode. Stainless steel is also waterproof, which gives this band an advantage over leather bands.

    Several reviewers complained that the metal scratches too easily. The metal can scratch, but not any easier than any other metal watch band, including ones costing several times more than this. The scratches can, however, be easily rubbed out with the right tools. Because I purchased my band used, there were a couple of scratches on 3 of the links. After taping off the non-scratched links with masking tape, I carefully brushed the metal in one direction going with the grain using a scotchbrite 7447 pad. I followed up with a scotchbrite 7448 pad. After doing this, the scratches were completely gone and the brushing on the refinished links perfectly matched the original finish.

    Overall this is a great looking band and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a metal link style band for their Apple Watch.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent quality - as it should be at the price

    • Written by William F from Guelph

    I've seen some reviews knocking the quality - I have found this band to be extraordinarily durable and felt the need to share my experience. I destroy watches and watch bands, and this watch band has survived a week of being knocked around without a scratch (black version). Any marks, even metal on metal, are easily massaged away. I really can't get over it. And the build quality is superb otherwise, excellent fit and finish.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    My Go-To Band

    • Written by Derek K from Glendale

    I own several different styles of bands for my Apple Watch (owned for over 1 year, had this band for over 8 months), this is my standard go-to band for most situations. The clasp is rounded and fits well on your wrist once you take out links (or add them) to adjust the fit. It is more comfortable than any metal link band I have worn from any watch, thanks in part to the ease of adjusting the size to a perfect fit. More than any other band I own, I know this one will match almost any outfit, look professional, and have no issues with fit or security (I have never been afraid that this band will come loose).
    As some have reviewed, it does get scratched over time. I have several other metal watch bands and can tell you this one is no more delicate than any other metal watch band from a premium company (that I have owned). They all scratch eventually. If you are looking for something that won't show wear, check out the Milanese Loop, which for me only shows wear on the little magnetic tab, scratches on the chain are indiscernible.
    Overall, this is a great band, if a bit pricey.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    One surprise nobody mentioned...

    • Written by Tim A from Cypress

    I wanted to comment on what I've found relative to what I expected: First, it's lighter in weight than I expected. Metal bracelets are often too heavy for activities like bike riding because the mass of it is always pounding on you. Not this. Perfectly acceptable for that and comfortably light weight. But the big surprise that no one has mentioned is this: The clasp-side is somewhat rigid about 3-links past the clasp both directions. The net effect is that my watch never spins around my wrist at all! No matter how much fling my arm or how sweaty I am, the face of my watch is perched perfectly on top of my wrist. It's so nice. It feels like the watch was built around me.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Sweet band for apple watch for sure !!!

    • Written by Russell S from Hampton

    Band is superb in all aspects. The links are as simple as they could be to remove, the overall weight is non existent. I can't even really feel it on my wrist it has just the right amount of play.Great piece of jewelry ! Definitely would recommend !!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Premium Watch Band

    • Written by Alex B from Brisbane

    I've had this band for a while now and it is excellent. Compared to all the other stainless steel watches I've owned this product is premium. It looks and feels great - better than other 'premium' brand watches. Yes, it does scratch and it fades a little, but this is to be expected of a stainless steel watch and has happened to all my previous watches. The clasp is great, and the ability the add and remove links is brilliant. I highly recommend this band for anyone wanting a more traditional look for their Apple Watch.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Exceptional piece of engineering.

    • Written by Brandon S from Aliquippa

    The Apple Link Bracelet might come with a steep price, but with it you're getting an engineering marvel that leaves competing metal bands in the dust. The mechanism for releasing the clasp and removing links is remarkable. This band is a must buy for anyone looking to spice up their Apple Watch with an eye catching metal band. My only complaint with the quality of metal used in this band is that it scratches somewhat easily compared to tougher metal of other luxury watch brands. Being mindful when wearing it however will ensure it says in prime condition; let's face it -- nothing stays perfect forever. Ultimately, if you have the extra money by all means purchase this band, you won't be disappointed. I absolutely love mine, and am looking forward to what is in store for the future in Apple's venture into time pieces.

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