• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty ok

    • Written by Jared V from NORTH SHORE CITY

    I have just picked up the Smart Keyboard today. As typical with Apple products, its beautifully packaged and presented. It attached to my iPad pro easily and works beautifully straight away, prompting a software update immediately. Im using my iPad pro to type presentations and assignments away from my iMac and most of the word processing I do will still be done on my iMac, but while I'm at work and have downtime I really wanted a product that was lightweight and would be easier to type with rather than using the onscreen keyboard the iPad pro offers. The feel of the smart keyboard is like a thick sturdy nylon and the keys are very responsive. It works best on a table top but I was able to have it on my lap and it worked fine as well, although I was afraid it might topple over... might take a bit of getting used to in this respect. Have read many reviews and not sure what the negative ones were about. I only wish that there was more colour selection and that they offered this as an all in one case instead of me having to purchase a seperate silicon case to protect the back.

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    Not what I expected

    • Written by sam F from Booval

    Bought this case for my pro with the intention of using it for uni, once I opened the box I was surprised there is room for improvement on this product but with out a doubt a ground changing product for Apple themselves, such improvements could be a pen holder and a light up function. But this doesn't change the fact that it is easy and fun to use love it Apple good work :)

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Enhances the iPad Pro experience

    • Written by Paul R from Embleton

    I'll admit it, I was very sceptical at first. Why on earth would I need a physical keyboard on my iPad Pro? At the time I purchased my new iPad Pro, I had a play with the Smart Keyboard at the Apple Store. Sure, it was easier to type, but it felt strange not having a trackpad below the keyboard like on my MacBook Pro, and $269 is a high price to pay for an accessory. I ended up purchasing a Smart Cover instead.

    Well, after a couple of weeks of using my new iPad I had become frustrated at my constant mistyping using the on screen keyboard, so I decided to take the splash and buy the Smart Keyboard. I really wish I'd done this from the start! A few points for those of you considering the Smart Keyboard:

    - Keyboard shortcuts are GREAT. Being able to quickly switch between apps, cut/copy and paste, etc. using the keyboard is fantastic.
    - It's really nice to type on, more so when you try it at home on a coffee table or your lap instead of the high tables at the Apple Store.
    - It looks great (paired with a white/gold iPad Pro).
    - You save screen real estate as the on-screen keyboard is no longer visible. This makes a huge difference if you're using any app that involves a fair bit of typing. For example Google hangouts now takes up the full screen rather than just the top half, so it makes the iPad Pro screen seem a lot bigger.
    - It transforms the iPad Pro experience. I'm considering selling my 15.4" MacBook Pro and replacing it with a retina iMac and then just relying on the iPad whenever I need something portable. It can't do everything a laptop can do (yet) but with the Smart Keyboard (and Apple Pencil) the iPad Pro becomes a compelling and useful enough device to make me question the mix of devices I use day to day.

    I've given the Smart Keyboard four stars. Why not five? The price. I would feel a lot better about buying one if they were about $80 cheaper.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Like it, but....

    • Written by Sandra P from Tucson

    My only gripe with the keyboard is the fact that I have to put a wedge under it (towel, iPhone ha ha, etc) in order for it to lay flat when I'm typing on a flat surface..the iPad is top heavy and lifts the keyboard ever so slightly, I'm probably OCD but I like things to work well without modification. Other than this little and very easily solvable glitch, I like the keyboard. Price is a little steep because I just had to have the pencil also but I'm happy so far. Hope mine doesn't just quit working as was reported in an earlier post.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Official 1st Gen Apple iPad Keyboard

    • Written by Pico M from Rowland Heights

    IPad Pro keyboard cover notes

    The high price aside, I do enjoy this keyboard a lot which doubles as an ideal stand for the iPad Pro and prevents your screen from getting scratched. Since it is apple's first official iPad keyboard the following make this a 4 start product instead of 5 stars.

    1) No backlight illumination.
    2) No Home Button or shortcuts mentioned in the instructions , you have to press Command + H for home screen, Command + Tab to switch apps etc.
    3) Not leather
    4) High Price
    5) iOS needs some better keyboard optimization, I.E. Scrolling on web pages is sluggish
    6) no Apple Pencil storage
    7) needs a third position for incline viewing, drawing and touch typing when placed flat on a table
    8) Additional Colour options

    Other than that, this keyboard is thin and light and easy to type on. I prefer it over other chiclet keyboards found on some laptops like the MacBook Air.

    Since the iPad Pro doesn't have a built in stand this is ideal compared to a Smart Cover and perfect for hammering out emails and freeing up screen space.

    If you can spare the extra cash for this keyboard cover, it is light, versatile and adds to the iPad Pro experience in several ways. It doesn't need to be charged, require Bluetooth and is pleasant to type on once you get the hang of it you either will love it or hate it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Much better than expected...

    • Written by William W from Westfield

    The cost hurt a lot, but that aside I tried two other cases and this is the best (with the back cover). Quality is excellent. To address the the lack of a place for the pen (which is why it loses a start) I found a stick on pen loop on Amazon. I put a slit in top of back cover (the top when holding iPad sideways) and put pen loop through there. I than took a scripto pen clip off an old pen and added to Apple Pencil for extra security.

    I find the keyboard case to be very versatile. It's on my lap now as I type this review. The keyboard is accurate. I can position my iPad depending on how I'm using it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    An Excellent Companion to the iPad Pro

    • Written by Jon R from Pembroke Pines

    This keyboard is very compact, has a great key "feel" and makes the iPad Pro much more useful. I've read complaints about the Smart Keyboard not having backlighting. That would be nice and looks great, but I haven't missed it for any practical reasons. The only reason I would downgrade the Smart Keyboard is because it does not cover the back of the iPad Pro. Apple sells a separate silicone back cover for a shocking $80. A back cover should be incorporated into this product, especially at its price.

    There's a lot of great technology in the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. It's a credit to Apple's design team that they got "big key" feel from a nearly flat keyboard. Considering that it is so portable, performs well and doesn't require any syncing or external batteries, this is the keyboard to buy for your iPad Pro.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Ipad pro keyboard

    • Written by Nicola M from PRESTON

    When I was bought the iPad Pro for Christmas I was told not to open the box unless I was sure I wanted to keep it, as the store would swap it for a macbook if I would prefer a laptop. I was torn, knowing I should go into the shop after Christmas and properly weigh up which I should have.

    Curiosity got the better of me. Even though i have a mini and an air, I wanted to see the Pro, so I justified keeping the pro by ordering the smart keyboard claiming that this would be the best of both worlds. It was very annoying that there was three week wait and that no stores anywhere close by stocked them. As an impulse buyer these sort of waits really annoy me.

    I admit I was dubious, having had a cheaper keyboard for one of the other iPads and giving up on it after a few attempts. Also I sit back on the sofa and tend to rest the iPad on the arm of the chair. I doubted it would feel very stable and Id have to use the iPad on a tray.

    Despite all these concerns I am totally sold on the keyboard. It is incredibly easy to attach, you don't need to pair it, and importantly it doesn't come detached from the iPad all the time, like the smart covers tend to do on the regular iPads. It is also surprisingly stable when I am resting it on the arm of the chair. I can type away merrily on it without feeling like it might fall off any minute. For the first time, I am using an iPad for things I would usually save for when I am sat at the computer desk on the mac.

    I still can't decide if I should have gone for the mac book or not, though I think I would definitely have regretted choosing the iPad pro if I didn't have this keyboard.

    Its amazing how irritating not having a £ sign on the keyboard though. I shouldn't have to google how to bring that up and it drives me potty that I can never remember. I also think its way overpriced at £139. It would be nice if it came in different colours, though to be fair my other 2 smart covers are also grey and I did have a choice when buying them!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great typing with superb portability!

    • Written by Andrew M from Pleasant Grove

    As I think several reviewers here have done so far, I am writing this with the Smart Keyboard. I love the feel, the light weight and how sleek it is when in cover mode. I truly do prefer its thinness over having backlit keys, but I wonder if Apple could make a future version with a type of glow-in-the-dark coating for the keys (just the symbols in the center of each key) so that you could get a hint of lit up keys when typing in the dark. One thing that has me very excited is, in testing iOS 9.3 public beta, I can see that Apple is adding a great deal of keyboard support to make it feel much more like navigating a Mac with the keyboard when using this with the iPad Pro. I can't wait to see the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard features down the road just by updating iOS!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Keyboard Cover - More Colors Would be Nice

    • Written by Nicholas L from Bonney Lake

    The Smart Keyboard is a fantastic product and a wonderful feat of engineering. The performace and tactile feel of the keyboard is wonderful and quite incredible considering how incredibly thin the product is. I have read comments by other reviewers saying that the iPad is awkward to use with this keyboard on the lap because the whole setup feels off-balance. As a college student, I use my iPad Pro with this keyboard in my lap quite frequently in lecture halls and in meetings, and I have never had this problem. Even when sitting at angles with the iPad Pro leaning further back than normal, I have never had the feeling that the iPad was in danger of tipping over. I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone interested in an external keyboard for his or her iPad Pro.

    My only criticism of this product is that it comes only in one color. With the iPad Air and iPad Mini covers coming in a plethora of colors, I find it incredible that Apple only offers one color of keyboard for its flagship iPad model. I don't see how it would be asking the impossible to manufacture the keyboards in at lest two or three other colors to allow iPad Pro users options to express their personalitites through their device accessories. I also believe that the silicone cases and smart covers for the iPad Pro should also be made in a wide array of colors comparable to the large selection of covers and cases for the iPad Air and iPad Mini, but I've voiced those grievences in additional reviews.

    All in all, this is a great product. I simply wish I could get it in another color, preferably navy...

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than expected

    • Written by Raymond T from New York

    From a lot of the reviews I read, I wasn't sure if I'd like this keyboard. I have to say I really like the feel of the keys, and enjoy the unexpected "clickiness" of them. I wish there was a row for function keys (brightness, search) but the way it's designed wouldn't' really allow for that. The good thing is technically there are hardware keys on the iPad itself for some of these controls (volume, Home), so that was possibly the thinking in omitting them. What's funny is I find myself using keyboard shortcuts more on the iPad than on my Mac, and finding some tasks are faster for me now. The lack of a mouse or trackpad makes me use these commands more often.

    The main negative I find is that the cover is a little cumbersome in how you have to fold it. It feels like an excercise in Origami to unfold it the way you want. It's a shame Apple didn't put a kickstand on the device, because it forces case and keyboard makers to come up with these fold designs to get everything in the right place, and they can be a bit ungainly.

    The other negative is the added weight. Compared to just the Smart Cover, you can feel the difference.

    Overall a nice solution to needing a keyboard on you at all times.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it

    • Written by Gary V from Gateshead

    Well made nice to use as has been said before a little on the expensive side but better than the Logitech version.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really like this keyboard, pity it's not backlit...

    • Written by Carl N from Sydney

    I wasn't sure about this keyboard and given it was on back order for six weeks, my expectations were high. I really wanted a keyboard that covered the back - like my Logitech Air 2 case - but found the Pro version to be too bulky and heavy. I liked the keys and feel, but not the weight.

    Anyhow, Apple keyboard arrived a week ago and typing took a little getting use to (shallow keys) but you find yourself picking it up really quickly and your speed improving. Well, I did anyway.

    Unfolding the keyboard for use could have been designed better and typing on your lap (on lounge) doesn't really work, but then, the Pro is a heavy device and if the keyboard was heavier, I would just use my MacBook. I like that you don't have to charge it (power runs from pro) and will see how this affects the battery life.

    Given a couple of improvements in the next model I.e. Better unfolding, backlit this will be a amazing keyboard, but it's still pretty good and still glad I purchased it over others given its light weight and screen protection. I purchased a apple back cover (which was very expensive) and all set now.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Can't decide between 4 and 5 stars

    • Written by James B from broadview heights

    Overall I'm very impressed. This keyboard is much better then the Logitech. I really like the fit and feel of the keys. Typing on this really is fantastic, the keys are the right size and the movement is just right. I think the best part is the size of the keys, they aren't too small. I bought the iPad pro to replace my laptop and so far I'm happy with the performance for my needs. I don't like that when closed the piece of the case on the bottom is now touching my iPad screen, I tend to take this to Starbucks and those tables are dirty thus getting dirt on my screen. I like that it's waterproof. I'm sure this will come in handy sometime in the future.

    I wish it had:
    Media Keys(volume)
    Led backlighting
    Multiple screen angles
    Less clumsy hinge design
    Apple Pencil Holder
    Home button

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple vs Logitech - Apple Keeps feel of tablet

    • Written by Bernard C from North Strathfield

    Apple Smart Keyboard vs Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

    I bought both to try for a month or so. I'll be returning the Logitech Create Keyboard and keeping the Apple Smart Keyboard

    Neither is perfect. Though the Logitech might be slightly better in terms of typing experience, the Apple Smart Keyboard is something you can definitely grow into. The Logitech Create certainly isn't Logitech's best keyboard in terms of typing comfort and is still a compromise compared with a laptop with a good keyboard.

    The main reason I've kept the Apple Smart Keyboard is because it keeps the iPad Pro as a tablet. The Logitech turns the iPad Pro into a laptop. Despite other reports, it is actually fairly easy to rip the iPad Pro out of the Logitech Keyboard Case but having to do so repeatedly to turn it back into a tablet or to more easily take a photo (documents etc) is quite annoying and galling. It is relatively easy and effortless to tear the iPad Pro away from the Apple Keyboard and instantly turn it back into a tablet.

    The Logitech is also much heavier.

    The combination of iPad Pro and Logitech Keyboard case comes in at 1.45kg vs 1.05kg for the iPad Pro Apple Smart Keyboard combination. You certainly feel the difference. One feels like you can carry it everywhere in the workplace and the other feels like a laptop.

    If you pick up the combination by the end of the keyboard, the Logitech often disconnects from the keyboard portion leaving the iPad Pro flailing solely attached to the back cover. The iPad Pro + Apple Smart combination is surprisingly much sturdier if you just pick up the keyboard almost certainly due to the rolled triangular back support.

    Yes there are cons to the Apple device, no backlighting or shortcut keyys and it only comes in one bland grey colour.

    So there you have it, if you want to turn your iPad Pro into a laptop, then the Logitech is the way to go with the slightly better typing experience, backlighting and shortcut keys. The Logitech Create shares its DNA with Logitech Type + for iPad.

    I would have preferred a device modelled on the Logitech Ultrathin for iPad.

    However, if you want to keep the tablet feel of the device, if you want to be able to walk around with the device in the open position and readily be able to turn the thing back into a tablet readily and easily, if you want to be able to hold the thing up with one hand and type with the other, then you'll be able to adjust to the slightly different feel of the Apple Smart Keyboard.

    Yes the Logitech offers better protection so get a sleeve if you're going to get the Apple Keyboard.

    Apple Smart Keyboard 4/5
    Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 3.5/5

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