• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Ipad pro keyboard

    • Written by Nicola M from PRESTON

    When I was bought the iPad Pro for Christmas I was told not to open the box unless I was sure I wanted to keep it, as the store would swap it for a macbook if I would prefer a laptop. I was torn, knowing I should go into the shop after Christmas and properly weigh up which I should have.

    Curiosity got the better of me. Even though i have a mini and an air, I wanted to see the Pro, so I justified keeping the pro by ordering the smart keyboard claiming that this would be the best of both worlds. It was very annoying that there was three week wait and that no stores anywhere close by stocked them. As an impulse buyer these sort of waits really annoy me.

    I admit I was dubious, having had a cheaper keyboard for one of the other iPads and giving up on it after a few attempts. Also I sit back on the sofa and tend to rest the iPad on the arm of the chair. I doubted it would feel very stable and Id have to use the iPad on a tray.

    Despite all these concerns I am totally sold on the keyboard. It is incredibly easy to attach, you don't need to pair it, and importantly it doesn't come detached from the iPad all the time, like the smart covers tend to do on the regular iPads. It is also surprisingly stable when I am resting it on the arm of the chair. I can type away merrily on it without feeling like it might fall off any minute. For the first time, I am using an iPad for things I would usually save for when I am sat at the computer desk on the mac.

    I still can't decide if I should have gone for the mac book or not, though I think I would definitely have regretted choosing the iPad pro if I didn't have this keyboard.

    Its amazing how irritating not having a £ sign on the keyboard though. I shouldn't have to google how to bring that up and it drives me potty that I can never remember. I also think its way overpriced at £139. It would be nice if it came in different colours, though to be fair my other 2 smart covers are also grey and I did have a choice when buying them!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Can't decide between 4 and 5 stars

    • Written by James B from broadview heights

    Overall I'm very impressed. This keyboard is much better then the Logitech. I really like the fit and feel of the keys. Typing on this really is fantastic, the keys are the right size and the movement is just right. I think the best part is the size of the keys, they aren't too small. I bought the iPad pro to replace my laptop and so far I'm happy with the performance for my needs. I don't like that when closed the piece of the case on the bottom is now touching my iPad screen, I tend to take this to Starbucks and those tables are dirty thus getting dirt on my screen. I like that it's waterproof. I'm sure this will come in handy sometime in the future.

    I wish it had:
    Media Keys(volume)
    Led backlighting
    Multiple screen angles
    Less clumsy hinge design
    Apple Pencil Holder
    Home button

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A flexible and imperfect product

    • Written by Thomas W from Los Angeles

    After waiting 5 weeks for delivery, the Smart Keyboard arrived a few days ago. After using it for a couple days, I have found it to be easy to use overall, adding little weight to the iPad Pro. The fact that it is also a Smart Cover is great to solve two problems with one solution. Nice work. After some getting used to, I am now able to easily manipulate the cover to be in keyboard mode or flip it back over to be the cover or to stand up to view videos. So, for positives, it is light, flexible and easy to use.

    On a negative front, the lack of mobile friendly keys on the keyboard is a huge miss. We have Control and Option but no Home or Spotlight Search keys. While I am up to speed on the keyboard shortcuts from Mac and the ones for Home and Find on this device, I cannot understand why Apple would include Mac OS keys on a keyboard that is used on iOS. The keys, like on the Logitech keyboard, should all be focused on the mobile user and not just a copy of the standard Mac keyboard. I am hoping that Apple fixes this with a software update in the future as it is hugely frustrating - I previously had the iPad Air with Logitech keyboard and got very used to those keys so bit of an adjustment getting used to not having it on this one.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Official 1st Gen Apple iPad Keyboard

    • Written by Pico M from Rowland Heights

    IPad Pro keyboard cover notes

    The high price aside, I do enjoy this keyboard a lot which doubles as an ideal stand for the iPad Pro and prevents your screen from getting scratched. Since it is apple's first official iPad keyboard the following make this a 4 start product instead of 5 stars.

    1) No backlight illumination.
    2) No Home Button or shortcuts mentioned in the instructions , you have to press Command + H for home screen, Command + Tab to switch apps etc.
    3) Not leather
    4) High Price
    5) iOS needs some better keyboard optimization, I.E. Scrolling on web pages is sluggish
    6) no Apple Pencil storage
    7) needs a third position for incline viewing, drawing and touch typing when placed flat on a table
    8) Additional Colour options

    Other than that, this keyboard is thin and light and easy to type on. I prefer it over other chiclet keyboards found on some laptops like the MacBook Air.

    Since the iPad Pro doesn't have a built in stand this is ideal compared to a Smart Cover and perfect for hammering out emails and freeing up screen space.

    If you can spare the extra cash for this keyboard cover, it is light, versatile and adds to the iPad Pro experience in several ways. It doesn't need to be charged, require Bluetooth and is pleasant to type on once you get the hang of it you either will love it or hate it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Working well until I took the update

    • Written by Leone C from Grapevine

    The smart keyboard has been working well for a couple of months. I love the feel of the keys. I took the update that Apple pushed last night and now I cannot use the keyboard with iMessage.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best iPad keyboard I've used, but compromises

    • Written by FAISON G from Ann Arbor

    Where this keyboard wins and wins big is in a combination of portability and usability. It's not as light as the neoprene Smart Cover, but it's close, and it's way less heavy and clunky than any Logitech or other brand keyboard I've tried. Further, since the connection to the iPad is physical, there is none of the flakiness you experience with blue tooth. You can just fold the Smart Keyboard out and go. When you don't have the keyboard in typing position, the onscreen keyboard appears which is exactly what I want in that mode. Finally, the actual physical keys are a nice size and make touch typing MUCH easier than the onscreen keyboard. So the overall design greatly facilitates on the go quick typing as well as more in depth typing.

    However, there are drawbacks. The most critical to me is the fact that when you use the keyboard on your lap, it tends to bounce around a bit leading to less accurate typing. The bounce is a direct result of the hinging that makes the keyboard so portable and convenient, so the source of my praise in the first paragraph is also the source of my greatest disappointment. Another drawback is the single angle available for the iPad with this keyboard. For really extended typing sessions it can lead to poor posture and fatigue. Key travel is limited, but I have no real issue with that. In fact, I find it makes typing faster.

    Overall, I strongly recommend the accessory. It's a pretty usable keyboard that you'll be able to easily carry with you as a default option. You just need to keep in mind that what makes it so good as a super portable keyboard also has its compromises.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great in theory; Inconsistent in practice

    • Written by Stephen T from Brookline

    I've had this product for almost two years now and in theory it's perfect: the always on functionality is great and I love only having to charge my iPad. I had a Logitech keyboard for my old iPad, which worked great but I never remembered to charge it. The Smart Keyboard eliminates my own human error, which is really convenient given my hectic work schedule.

    After about a year and a half it became almost completely unusable—my model fell under the extended replacement program, so I got a replacement. Weirdly, however, I was still having issues with the replacement. My iPad still has AppleCare+, so I got my iPad swapped out after some testing at the Genius Bar showed that the continued issues might instead be resulting from the iPad and not the new keyboard. This, unfortunately, didn't solve the issue and I now have a second replacement Smart Keyboard in the course of two weeks. Don't get me wrong, Apple Support nailed it—I'm now working with a brand new keyboard and iPad (well... remanufactured, but same difference), but it's been a needlessly convoluted and frustrating couple of weeks.

    Hopefully my new (third!) Smart Keyboard works more consistently than my last two. I really want to love this product, but my spotty experience has me thinking that I might just have to live with a 10-20% failure rate that requires me to disconnect and reconnect my keyboard a few times to get it working.

    First world problems, am I right?

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    An Excellent Companion to the iPad Pro

    • Written by Jon R from Pembroke Pines

    This keyboard is very compact, has a great key "feel" and makes the iPad Pro much more useful. I've read complaints about the Smart Keyboard not having backlighting. That would be nice and looks great, but I haven't missed it for any practical reasons. The only reason I would downgrade the Smart Keyboard is because it does not cover the back of the iPad Pro. Apple sells a separate silicone back cover for a shocking $80. A back cover should be incorporated into this product, especially at its price.

    There's a lot of great technology in the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. It's a credit to Apple's design team that they got "big key" feel from a nearly flat keyboard. Considering that it is so portable, performs well and doesn't require any syncing or external batteries, this is the keyboard to buy for your iPad Pro.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty good, but the price is a bit much.

    • Written by Moises S from EULESS

    I’ll hand it to this cover/keyboard. It’s simple, it works like it’s supposed to. Handy and lightweight. Folds easy and feels good to type on. Heck, I’m using it to write this review. It’s very good at doing what it’s supposed to do, and the shortcut keys are super handy.

    Only downside is the price. You could probably find a 3 party keyboard for a lot cheaper with better protection. That’s my only gripe. But I wanted to indulge when I picked up the 12.9 iPad Pro 2017 edition, so I bought this with it.

    Besides the price, I highly recommend.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Review from someone who used Logitech Create for about a year

    • Written by CORY L from Brooklyn

    This review of the Smart Keyboard 12.9 by way of using the fan favorite Logitech Create Keyboard. The Logitech is a great keyboard, but a horrendous device. Let me start by saying that the Logitech has the classic chicklet style keys similar to the macbook air. It feels really familiary if you are used to using mac keyboards. The horrendous part is that there are two bevels on the keyboard the run along the horizontal space above and below the keys. This bevel will leave permanent linear scratches about 1-1.5 cm thick. Two distinct bands. My wife and I both bought brand new iPad Pros with Logitech cases and they were an unequivocal disaster leaving two identically placed scratches across both of our screens. A little googling and I found out that I was not alone. In fact, the case had scratched many people's screens identically. But how about all the good reviews? Most of them come from people who just bought them and were using them for a month. In truth, I didn't notice them because your screen has to be off to see them. I just thought they were linear smudge marks, and it was only brought to my attention when a waiter noticed my keyboard case and asked about my thoughts. He mentioned that he had heard it scratches the screen.

    Ok, so how about the Apple Smart Keyboard. (1). The keyboard is good. I really like the typing action, however it is not as good a s Logitech's. Would I use it everyday? I am, and I really love the keyboard placement near the screen! (2). I miss the backlighting and the hot keys; but not enough to warrant the permanent damage on my screen. (3). The keyboard is light, portable, and perfect.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Keyboard Cover - More Colors Would be Nice

    • Written by Nicholas L from Bonney Lake

    The Smart Keyboard is a fantastic product and a wonderful feat of engineering. The performace and tactile feel of the keyboard is wonderful and quite incredible considering how incredibly thin the product is. I have read comments by other reviewers saying that the iPad is awkward to use with this keyboard on the lap because the whole setup feels off-balance. As a college student, I use my iPad Pro with this keyboard in my lap quite frequently in lecture halls and in meetings, and I have never had this problem. Even when sitting at angles with the iPad Pro leaning further back than normal, I have never had the feeling that the iPad was in danger of tipping over. I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone interested in an external keyboard for his or her iPad Pro.

    My only criticism of this product is that it comes only in one color. With the iPad Air and iPad Mini covers coming in a plethora of colors, I find it incredible that Apple only offers one color of keyboard for its flagship iPad model. I don't see how it would be asking the impossible to manufacture the keyboards in at lest two or three other colors to allow iPad Pro users options to express their personalitites through their device accessories. I also believe that the silicone cases and smart covers for the iPad Pro should also be made in a wide array of colors comparable to the large selection of covers and cases for the iPad Air and iPad Mini, but I've voiced those grievences in additional reviews.

    All in all, this is a great product. I simply wish I could get it in another color, preferably navy...

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A smart invention

    • Written by Alex H from Corte Madera

    Got the iPad Pro (the real one) back in July 2016 and have to say, although sometimes it can seem like a redundant accessory, liking the Smart Keyboard. It does not dilute the iPad it adds to it. It's cool to have shortcuts like my favorite command F. While the OSK is convenient if preferred, the Smart Keyboard gives you the whole screen to work on and it got me to appreciate on screen typing. This also makes the iPad watchable from a distance and prevents any of the compromises you might get when you use the iPad by itself. $170? Would pay $100, but this is a cool product.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Much better than expected...

    • Written by William W from Westfield

    The cost hurt a lot, but that aside I tried two other cases and this is the best (with the back cover). Quality is excellent. To address the the lack of a place for the pen (which is why it loses a start) I found a stick on pen loop on Amazon. I put a slit in top of back cover (the top when holding iPad sideways) and put pen loop through there. I than took a scripto pen clip off an old pen and added to Apple Pencil for extra security.

    I find the keyboard case to be very versatile. It's on my lap now as I type this review. The keyboard is accurate. I can position my iPad depending on how I'm using it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A good, not great keyboard

    • Written by Isaac C from Amery

    After a long enough wait, the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard finally arrived and completed the trifecta of the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard. My iPad Pro finally feels complete!

    The Smart Keyboard sits at a premium price, though I don't feel like the price is totally justified. You can get an Apple TV for less than this case. Price aside, this case does what is was advertised to do. It covers the screen when you are not using it and it props the iPad Pro up at one set angle when you are using it. The keyboard has good feedback for being so thin and the keyboard does not feel cramped like some mobile keyboards.

    There are some things I would like to see improved in the future. I wish it was backlit so you can type better in the dark. Squinting at the keys with the light from the screen is difficult. Also, the absence of a dedicated home button seems strange. You can do a keyboard shortcut with Cmd + Shift + H, but it is far from ideal. It also feels strange that there are not brightness, volume, or other shortcut keys. Also, the globe key on the bottom right is pointless to me. Couldn't the button be implemented on the bottom of the screen to pull up emojis or change the keyboard language? It seems weird that this key exists, especially since the copy/paste button lives on the bottom of the screen when you type.

    Overall, this is a good product even though it is expensive. It is my main case since I have it paired with the silicon case and I am happy with it. There are just some improvements I'd like to see for future iterations of this product.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Ron L from Balmain

    Good design, but stops there, error messages such as “this device not supported” and the keypad simply stopping, or not working, requiring a reboot is frustrating. I expect more of Apple. I have spent over 20,000 $ in thre last few years on various computers, phones etc for business. Support and service has been great except on this device. I have just purchased 4 iPad Pros (big ones) for my students to use, but cannot afford to be troubleshooting malfunctioning keyboards during class, so have gone for another option. Shame, a good product let down by likely a deliberate lack of support.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent keyboard after a couple of days...

    • Written by Jaffrey A from Falls Church

    It took me around 2 days before getting comfortable with this keyboard. Using a the regular Apple bluetooth keyboard with the iPad Pro is better, but on the go this keyboard works well.

    Holding down the command button shows various shortcuts that are useful.

    The price is a little expensive, but it's well made and works well. I am increasingly using my iPad Pro as my daily driver at work so the keyboard case means I don't need a back pack to commute to office. The battery easily lasts through the day and all the apps that I need for office are available and work well.

    Not giving it a 5 star because it lacks backlit and limits use in low light environment. Also, at this price, the keyboard should have covered the back and front.

    This is probably the best keyboard to get with the iPad Pro because it doesn't change the iPad Pro from being a thin and portable tablet that you can also type long documents on if needed. Once you get used to it, the keyboard is indeed very good.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Imperfect, Expensive, But Still Comfortable And Sturdy After 18 Months

    • Written by Michael D from Chicago

    I bought this with my original 12.9” (late 2015) iPad Pro and although I’ve bounced back and forth between missing a trackpad and wishing for a slightly more rigid keyboard—especially when on my lap—I don’t regret the purchase. It has held up very, very well for more than a year, and is much more comfortable to type on than my old Retina Macbook was (which I finally simply replaced with my iPad Pro.) It’s also much lighter and easier to attach and detach than the Logitech keyboard cases. Caveats though: it’s too expensive; it’s a dust/crumbs magnet; and the felt on the bottom of the keyboard touches whatever surface you’re using—you’ll literally come to fear dirty cafe tabletops.

    Mine also ended up with the second-year failure issue (numerous “this accessory not supported” error messages, occasional keys not working/sticking.) Apple recognized the issue in Spring 2017 and extended the original 9.7” and 12.9” Smart Keyboard warranties to three years and will replace failing keyboards for free under a Quality Care replacement program. Others here seem to have had difficulty getting a replacement but I had no trouble at all at my local Apple Store (North Michigan Avenue in Chicago), where the Genius Bar folks knew exactly what I was talking about. (I’m waiting on the replacement to ship to store now.)

    In the end, wish the keyboard were cheaper, but definitely recommend it. Especially with iOS 11, it makes your iPad Pro absolutely feel like a laptop replacement.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    The move to a different smart keyboard

    • Written by Charles R from Maybrook

    I initially purchased the iPad Pro with the Logitech keyboard. The Apple customer representative demonstrated both keyboards to me in the Apple Store and said that they were both equal sellers. The Logitech was slightly cheaper in price, but I viewed it as a one-stop purchase for both keyboard and protection. The keyboard and its case provided a complete wrap around protection for the iPad, whereas, the Apple keyboard came in two parts if you wished for a total wrap around. I liked the Logitech at first. It provided a sturdy feel of a true keyboard. It was solid, it had some nice additional function keys along the top row, and the feature I enjoyed most was the backlit keyboard. That certainly helped in low lit environments. However, with all that said, within my two week period to return a product, I realized that it added a lot of extra weight to the iPad Pro. I also realized that although the extra row of features were a nice touch, I didn't personally use them often. Reviewing online again about the keyboards, there are mixed feelings about both of them. The reviews on the Logitech was similar to mine about the weight, and also that it had lag issues with the iPad (I didn't experience this) and that there was a firmware fix with the next iOS. Before my two weeks ended, I exchanged the Logitech for the Apple keyboard. Sure, there are some oversights, such as the backlit keys, the additional function keys, and that it doesn't lay flat because the iPad Pro pulls backwards on it because of its size, but I don't feel that I lost functionality. Sure, in the long run I had to buy both the keyboard and the back case for full protection and paying slightly more, but as always, I ended up with a total Apple solution.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than expected

    • Written by Raymond T from New York

    From a lot of the reviews I read, I wasn't sure if I'd like this keyboard. I have to say I really like the feel of the keys, and enjoy the unexpected "clickiness" of them. I wish there was a row for function keys (brightness, search) but the way it's designed wouldn't' really allow for that. The good thing is technically there are hardware keys on the iPad itself for some of these controls (volume, Home), so that was possibly the thinking in omitting them. What's funny is I find myself using keyboard shortcuts more on the iPad than on my Mac, and finding some tasks are faster for me now. The lack of a mouse or trackpad makes me use these commands more often.

    The main negative I find is that the cover is a little cumbersome in how you have to fold it. It feels like an excercise in Origami to unfold it the way you want. It's a shame Apple didn't put a kickstand on the device, because it forces case and keyboard makers to come up with these fold designs to get everything in the right place, and they can be a bit ungainly.

    The other negative is the added weight. Compared to just the Smart Cover, you can feel the difference.

    Overall a nice solution to needing a keyboard on you at all times.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Like the apple key board

    • Written by louise P from las vegas

    I have used the keyboard for about 2 months now. I originally thought i would by the Logitech keyboard which Apple Store also stocked. They were out of stock the day i purchased my iPad Pro, so i went with the apple key board. I was especially glad of that decision when i started reading Logitech reviews from multiple users that stated the key board was scratching their iPad screens. Here are the pros and cons of the apple keyboard from my perspective:
    1. Light weight
    2. Always on, no need to charge
    3. Connects well. No lag period of time
    4. Good feel for the keys. Easy to type on

    1. No back light. This is the one i miss the most
    2. No funciton keys
    3. No back cover for the iPad-i purchased a sleeve that fit my iPad Pro and the keyboard
    4. No pen holder

    All in all, it is the best keyboard for the pro at this time

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