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    Very Good product

    This product is very good. (Y)

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    Save your money!

    This keyboard is absolute garbage ... Read the support forums and RECENT reviews and you'll find that Apple released an updated to iOS in late 2016 that literally made this keyboard barely useable. Mine constantly stops working and I get the "accessory not supported" error. I'm on keyboard #2 and constant issues.

    This is a major issue with this keyboard and Apple is clearly not interested in fixing the software related problems with it. I would avoiding buying until Apple solves these problems. I feel ripped off.

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    Stops working small the time!

    Proof in case - in writing this review by tapping the screen since it stops working ALL THE TIME. 5-6 times per day. Says that "This accessory isn't supported...". What?!

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    weak magnets, stiff keys

    So many have said the same thing below. I loved the idea of it as an effortless connecting device with a sturdy cover, but the keyboard just falls off my iPad Pro the second I lift it up to close the cover. It slides off when I'm carrying it, it won't stay up if I put it on my lap (you have to use the keyboard with a table), and it doesn't close tightly enough to prevent the device from turning on. The keyboard would be quiet if I didn't have to push the keys so hard (and so accurately). A colleague commented on it in a department meeting--"Are you mad at your email, or something?"--and someone else commented that they had the same problem, too. Also, I've never been keen on the fact that this thing lacks a screen typing angle, even just for reading or gaming or whatever. Since the keyboard is so flimsy, I can't use it to prop up the screen: either I hold the thing flat, or it falls off the cover. Once these issues are resolved--and they are relatively easy to fix--it will be fantastic. I think that other brands, like Logitech, were unreliable enough on my previous generation iPad that I won't replace the Apple keyboard, but it is a huge disappointment because I trust Apple to design better products. Would I buy it again? Yup, because other brands just don't connect as well, and I haven't had the software issue that others have had. If I do get those issues, though, I'll probably bail.

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    Doesn't work anymore

    Was so excited to get the actual keyboard since it wasn't released for quite awhile after the iPad Pro. Thought it was wonderful as it allowed more functions than the on screen keypad. Just after a year it no longer works and sends a screen window saying the iPad does not support the device. When I checked in the Apple Store I was told it was not under warranty and would have to buy a new one. Would expect better service or a better product.

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    iPad Pro review

    Keyboard for I pad pro magnets fall off this design was for bring Coll purpose and not for practically it falls off all the time keypad bad very bad

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    It won't last!

    The keyboard is awesome, while it works. Then just after your Warranty expires, they somehow manage to make it stop working!!

    I recommend getting Apple Care on this product.

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    Nice if it will last

    Mine died and won't work at all. I didn't use the keyboard much but it was nice when needed. Took it to the Apple Store where they confirmed it wouldn't work. It is out of the warranty period so I'd have to buy a new one. Based upon the reviews it doesn't appear this keyboard cover is built to last. Can't justify shelling out $170 for something that has a high failure rate over time.

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    OK as a keyboard, but rubbish as a case

    Pros - The actual keyboard layout is very good, the keys are nicely spaced and I think the key press feels good when typing. It hasn't broken yet, despite falling to the ground a couple of times

    Cons - The cover is held on magnetically, I have found that it falls off, if you fold or in-fold it quickly.
    - if you fold the cover back and hold the device in portrait mode then I find the whole things feels heavy AND unbalanced, I normally have to remove the device from the case altogether when using it in Portrait mode
    - no backlite keys means that I can't type without a light on
    - overs no protection to the rear or sides of the iPad

    Summary - When the case breaks (from falling off) I will not replace it with the same one! It's one of the few disappointing Apple purchases that I've made.

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    Disappointing. Causes locked screen to flicker needing constant reboot

    I'm now on my second iPad Pro 12 inch. At first I (and Apple Store) wasn't able to diagnose my problem of constant screen flickering when in locked mode. Returned my iPad and got a new one, but with the same original Apple Smart Keyboard. Now having all the same issues with my new IPad. Even after two complete resets to original settings. I'm convinced the Apple Smart Keyboard is the cause for this problem. I've isolated all the software apps I use, removing one by one, to understand this screen flickering issue. My conclusion is that this keyboard is the issue. I constantly get a pop up indicating "this device is not supported", then when the locked screen flickers uncontrollably I have to restart the iPad. Very frustrating. I use my iPad for work and travel. It's an increasingly powerful tool, but the keyboard has issues that have not been corrected by Apple. I don't recommend this product, but hope Apple fixes these issues in the next gen. Apple please help!

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    Ipad pro keyboard

    Really poor design, it constantly falls off, magnetic connection really hopeless, expensive and offers no protection to the ipad case, i have used for 2 days and i have now ordered a logitech which has a backlit keyboard unlike the Apple keyboard, do not waste your money on this inferior product, it is nothing better than junk, got to be Apples biggest failure and biggest rip off !!!!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A smart invention

    Got the iPad Pro (the real one) back in July 2016 and have to say, although sometimes it can seem like a redundant accessory, liking the Smart Keyboard. It does not dilute the iPad it adds to it. It's cool to have shortcuts like my favorite command F. While the OSK is convenient if preferred, the Smart Keyboard gives you the whole screen to work on and it got me to appreciate on screen typing. This also makes the iPad watchable from a distance and prevents any of the compromises you might get when you use the iPad by itself. $170? Would pay $100, but this is a cool product.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Much fashion/little productivity. I'm expecting an upgrade.

    I still like to use it. It looks great with the iPad.
    After a few months: magnetic connection weakens btwn cover and tablet, but only slightly. The cover scratches the tablet (these tiny magnetic sand-like things kept coming out where the keyboard and tablet meet).
    I'd like for them to fix that magnet-scratching problem, and use a material that will cause the keys to glow in the dark as a substitute for back-lighting. Maybe create a trackpad & bluetooth capability.
    But otherwise, I think I got what I paid for. 3.5 stars
    I don't think it's deserving of four or five stars, after you've had it for a few months, (it's still being perfected)
    It'll get better.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Wish I had waited...

    My biggest issue is the connection point and magnetic connection. I am on my second keyboard. Apple was great about replacing it because the keyboard connection points could not all connect. It appeared to me the middle was stuck down and wouldn't release. Thus, it was unusable.

    I am now experiences similar issues, but the magnet is just not strong enough in my opinion and with 3rd party keyboards coming out now I wish I had waited.

    P.S. In my opinion, I wish the designers of the keyboard would have included a holder for the Apple Pencil. I understand not everybody buys one, but I'm sure most use a pen or at the very least a subtle reminder for a future add on sale.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not good

    A $250 keyboard which ,malfunctions and doesn't have strong enough magnets to keep it in place - the smart keyboard cover seems to work well with my colleagues 9 inch iPad. But the scaled up version is not good. Previously described battery drain, unwanted wakeup in transit and not remaining connected to the iPad when opening, loading or trying to use as a stand make me resent paying such a large amount for it. Not sure what else is available but if you want an iPad keyboard look elsewhere first, Very disappointed.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good overall

    1) The angle of the ipad could be a little more upright
    2, It is hard to press the keys with your pinkies sometimes
    3) The keyboard itself is quite heavy

    I think it is easy to fold.

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    Ipad pro keyboard

    I loved the thought of being able to have a directly connected keyboard, but I have been dealing with what others have stated here. It seems that since the 10.x versions of software, when my keyboard is connected, it randomly flashes the battery life and the splash screen while audibly beeping rapidly. Each successive software update fails to address the issue. Randomly I receive the 'device not supported' alert which I have to dismiss. For work, the keyboard feature is very convenient, but not with these issues, I am now looking for an aftermarket product, because for some reason Apple has not made their own native product work properly. Very disappointing, I hope to hear from their techs and they can offer a solution.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great at first but failed

    This product worked very well but a year in and it malfunctions (device not supported) and will not work. DO NOT BUY ! For the price it should work longer than a year

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Stopped working

    This keyboard worked great for about 10 months, then in late 2016 it developed problems connecting with the ipad. "This device is not compatible" or "this accessory is not supported" error messages started to flash on the screen with increasing frequency to point where the keyboard became useless. I tried all the reboot, update software, etc. . . fixes, nothing worked.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Unbelievable Omission

    I find it quite astonishing that this rather expensive keyboard does not have the basic function key or any other shortcut to activate dictation. Why on earth?