• 2.0 out of 5 stars


    The keyboard itself is really good - nice touch, once you get used to keeping your knuckles away from the touch sensitive screen.

    However the way the keyboard folds out is really awful! I can't imagine Jonny Ives designed this. It flops all over the place and getting it set up is like making origami.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Pretty ok

    I have just picked up the Smart Keyboard today. As typical with Apple products, its beautifully packaged and presented. It attached to my iPad pro easily and works beautifully straight away, prompting a software update immediately. Im using my iPad pro to type presentations and assignments away from my iMac and most of the word processing I do will still be done on my iMac, but while I'm at work and have downtime I really wanted a product that was lightweight and would be easier to type with rather than using the onscreen keyboard the iPad pro offers. The feel of the smart keyboard is like a thick sturdy nylon and the keys are very responsive. It works best on a table top but I was able to have it on my lap and it worked fine as well, although I was afraid it might topple over... might take a bit of getting used to in this respect. Have read many reviews and not sure what the negative ones were about. I only wish that there was more colour selection and that they offered this as an all in one case instead of me having to purchase a seperate silicon case to protect the back.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointed, cheap toy feel

    What a disappointment. Feels very flimsy. Keys are horrible, reminds me of a cheap calculator. I paid £139 for this toy. Having used it for a week now I would not purchase this again even if it was £1.39.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    These new iPad Pro covers and keyboard covers aren't much for durability. They pick up deep nicks and scratches all too easily. Combine that with their slippery surfaces, and you get a lot of unnecessary damage to the case and potentially to the iPad itself. Very disappointing.

    I do like the keyboard itself. I just wish the rest of it was as nice.

    I hope they reinvent these for the iPad Pro 2.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Brilliant Keyboard. £. sign help

    Just to point out as not in shortcut keys help,to get the £ sign hold down Shift and Caps lock together then press 3 while holding them down, press caps lock again on its own after ,or all your typing will be in uppercase. Hope this helps someone.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    weak magnet - now my iPad pro is smashed

    the iPad fell our of my hands (I was left holding the keyboard) and I watched my $1000 iPad fall down a flight of stairs and smash into pieces.
    Not happy

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Buy the pencil, NOT keyboard:

    The typing experience isn't that bad and yes the keyboard is soft and i like it too,
    However, for the money it's insane that apple did not include the iOS system specific keys...home key, volume controls, brightness controls...play pause for music etc.
    And whats up with rhe CAPS button not working? Thats annoying and my THIRD KEYBOARD MY COMPANY PAID FOR, RETURNED. Just to be disappointed with the same exact problems that I am now writing a review on and I am not a review person I don't read them I don't like them I don't care about them
    I wish

    YES, The typing experience is great...But for the money, "I'll rephrase my sentence to the typing experience isn't that bad."

    However, Apple conveniently forgot 2 not include the iOS system specific keys...home key, volume controls, number buttons, brightness controls...play pause for music etc. Function keys and I won't even talk about what in the world is wrong with the caps button.
    They could have moved the base back half an inch and made room for an extra row of iOS specific keys at the top. I can't believe they choose not to do that.
    Returning 3 bad keyboards isn't a coincidence I finally bought one off amazon.com and I was done with it!

    UNLESS this keyboard isnt a problem for u specifically to pay for out of your pocket, i wouldnt buy it.
    I promise u will be followed by dissapointment.
    Wait for Apple to come out with another one they will soon enough they will fix all the problems that whatever quack need this one over there working for Apple I promise

    These positive reviews are written by Apple, or and by, computer illiterate people, who have no idea what a good keyboard is from a bad one.
    these positive reciews have said NOTHING ABOUT MISSING KEYS U normally find and need on a REGULAR, no ANY OTHER KEYBOARD EVERY MADE!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not what I expected

    Bought this case for my pro with the intention of using it for uni, once I opened the box I was surprised there is room for improvement on this product but with out a doubt a ground changing product for Apple themselves, such improvements could be a pen holder and a light up function. But this doesn't change the fact that it is easy and fun to use love it Apple good work :)

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Smart Keyboard and Apple Pen

    I have not much to say about the Smart Keyboard as I currently can do without it for most of the time. However, when I do need the keyboard it has proven itself incredibly useful and adequate. Apple engineered it so well when you set it up to use the on screen keyboard no longer pops up. The one draw back I have found turning up the volume for the iPad pro on the keyboard is not available as far as a I can tell. My biggest complaint is the Apple Pen for the Smart Keyboard. Apple did not provide a clip or a slot on the Smart Keyboard to put the Apple Pen. As a result I am not using the Apple Pen to jot notes as I hoped. it seems an incredible oversight or mistake by Apple that Steve Jobs said that Apple does not ignore. At $99 one does not want to lose this for want of method to hold it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    There is no key to activate dictation.

    This keyboard lacks a key to activate dictation. This is a major omission because it makes it very difficult to dictate when using the keyboard. I cannot understand how they left out such an obvious feature.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    OK, I have to say it...

    This is a great keyboard. I read all the reviews I could find on the iPad Pro, Keyboard, and Pencil. Only the Pencil got consistently all positive reviews. I got the keyboard because the Logitech keyboard was too big and too heavy even though it was backlit and had function keys. I have a MacBook Pro Retina. I really did not need to make my iPad Pro the same size as my laptop. What is the point? I may was well not buy it.

    I was pleasantly surprised that the keyboard DOES feel good and is easy to type on. I type on my deck a lot. I have had iPads since the original. My last iPad Air (latest) I just passed to my wife, but I never used it as much as I use the pro. I have owned many type of keyboards for my IPad Air... Most made it less portable. Many did not feel like a Apple keyboard to me.

    The keyboard design was well thought out. Small footrprint. Doubles as a cover. Can be washed clean. iPad are used around food a lot. Being able to wash this thing is awesome. With the pen, this is really worth it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard

    This is actually a really good keyboard. I don't understand all the negative reviews it's receiving. From the minute it left the box, it's nearly doubled the productivity I am able to achieve. It is well sized and well engineered. It functions identically to a laptop except for function keys, but once your hands learn that there are none, it in some ways surpasses a laptop. Also, the placement of the keys and their tactile response is truly a joy to use. As a bonus there is a grouping of small arrow buttons in the lower right section allows scrolling and cursor movement (which surpasses the native on screen method of doing this) without touching the screen. Overall, the construction of the keyboard is genius. It has a material that covers the entire pad (including the keys) and makes liquid, dirt, etc falling through the cracks impossible. I've read a few reviews that criticize the lack of back light or CAPS LOCK indicator and acts as if this is the unforgivable sin. This may have been a nice addition, but in Apple's defense, adding lights would increase the burden on the battery. Not having back lit keys is a small price to pay for an extended battery life. Also, the keyboard is close enough to the display for the display itself to illuminate the keys. The placement of the magnets in the keyboard were a surprise for me. In the folded configuration for keyboard use, they lock the entire system into place and as of typing this, they have held firmly; so firmly, in fact, when I turn the keyboard/iPad assembly 90 degrees to the side or 90 degrees leaned back, they continued to hold. As for function keys...while there aren't any dedicated keys for shortcuts, who knows what software integration may allow in the future.

    The ONLY thing I miss having on this keyboard is the number pad. I loath using the number keys at the top of a keyboard, but I can see why this feature wasn't feasible due to size. Not having the keypad, though, in no way reduces the usefulness or the joy in using this. I highly recommend anyone with an iPad Pro (who hasn't done so already) to go out tomorrow and shell out the $180. I guarantee you will NOT regret it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Typing Experiene

    I recently purchased this Smart Keyboard after reading the countless reviews of I satisfied customers. I bought this keyboard because I was using my iPad Pro to write the majority of a proposal I was putting together for a business class I'm taking. I have got say, after writing that's proposal with this keyboard I am happy that I made this purchase. The keys are flatter which I like and they are also not noisy but provide a nice subtle "click" feeling when pressed. I also like the layout and spacing of they keys, I feel that it is similar to their MacBook keyboard. Another thing I was worried about was how the keyboard would lay when using it as a cover. To my surprise Apple did a great job with having the keyboard fold into the Smart Cover so that they back of the keyboard is touching the screen rather than the keys themselves. I find the complaints of this Smart Keyboard adding too much weight to the iPad Pro as being too critical. Sure the Smart Keyboard does add some weight but I wouldn't say it adds a significant amount. Overall I am happy with this purchase and I am happy that I can now type out full documents on my iPad without the need to pull out my MacBook.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Some right, a lot wrong.

    While the actual keys are well spaced this remains a clearly last minute underengineered keyboard designed by obvious Apple freshmen. slapped on without much forethought and executed with no skill; at first blush the missing backlight and caps indicator seem terrible, but when you realize the keyboard doesn't stand properly in any of the three designed methods, and that it doesn't contain any real function keys, and that it fatigues the hands - and that there are options for a full case and keyboard for 30$ - well, it's insulting that Apple charges what they do for an absolutely poor piece of hardware which will very clearly be succeeded shortly by a revision which at the very least brings back the backlight Apple fought to engrain as important// at $50 this would maybe get 2.5 stars, at this price, if I could give it under one I would.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    iPad Pro Keyboard is Phenomenal!

    I too read a few negative reviews about this keyboard, but boy am I tickled to have actually bought it. The feel of it is even better than the new apple keyboard for the iMac. In terms of convenience, the automatic connection just couldn't be more pleasing. No charging, no Bluetooth needed. It's expensive but honestly better than any keyboard I've used, for PC or tablets.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    The typing experience isn't that bad...But for the money it's insane that apple did not include the iOS system specific keys...home key, volume controls, brightness controls...play pause for music etc.

    They could have moved the base back half an inch and made room for an extra row of iOS specific keys at the top. I can't believe they choose not to do that. Cutting cost was the only reason they chose not to include them.

    I never even thought to look for them before I ordered one. I am returning mine and will be looking for an aftermarket solution. Very disappointed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best Keyboard out there for an iPad

    The fact that you never have to charge the keyboard is great. It is well built and easy to type. I do wish that it came with the a full case but it functions nicely with any case that covers the back of the iPad. It is a good alternative to having to carry a laptop everywhere.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    An amazing addition that makes it a true pro machine

    I bought the iPad Pro in December and was skeptical when I thought that it could replace my Mac for school work , but now that I got the keyboard the iPad has replaced my Mac. This is such a great accessory; and also the fact that it doesn't require Bluetooth or charging makes it a deal-maker for me.

    It's just really convenient for people who actually want to get something done on their iPad Pros.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Too expensive poor design

    I was so excited when I purchased my keyboard only 3 weeks ago, that excitement lasted only a week and it has become such a pain that today I decided that I am done with it and just purchased a regular Smart Cover. I wish I could return the keyboard was such a big investment and instead of making my iPad better it really made it impossible to work with.
    The magnets are not strong enough to keep the keyboard in place , it keeps coming off and when travelling with it, it flaps open inside the backpack and the iPad battery drains. The idea is good but the design is poor. I came to the point of preferring typing straight into The iPad screen instead of carrying it around.
    Sometimes the connection fails and the iPad and keyboard stop communicating properly, the only way to fix this was detaching the keyboard and attach it again.
    The issue about how it keeps unattached came to a point where I had to use an elastic to create a good permanent closure before putting it inside my bag.
    Usually love apple products, but this one is a fail.... And such a big investment!! Don't buy it not worth it at all.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Enhances the iPad Pro experience

    I'll admit it, I was very sceptical at first. Why on earth would I need a physical keyboard on my iPad Pro? At the time I purchased my new iPad Pro, I had a play with the Smart Keyboard at the Apple Store. Sure, it was easier to type, but it felt strange not having a trackpad below the keyboard like on my MacBook Pro, and $269 is a high price to pay for an accessory. I ended up purchasing a Smart Cover instead.

    Well, after a couple of weeks of using my new iPad I had become frustrated at my constant mistyping using the on screen keyboard, so I decided to take the splash and buy the Smart Keyboard. I really wish I'd done this from the start! A few points for those of you considering the Smart Keyboard:

    - Keyboard shortcuts are GREAT. Being able to quickly switch between apps, cut/copy and paste, etc. using the keyboard is fantastic.
    - It's really nice to type on, more so when you try it at home on a coffee table or your lap instead of the high tables at the Apple Store.
    - It looks great (paired with a white/gold iPad Pro).
    - You save screen real estate as the on-screen keyboard is no longer visible. This makes a huge difference if you're using any app that involves a fair bit of typing. For example Google hangouts now takes up the full screen rather than just the top half, so it makes the iPad Pro screen seem a lot bigger.
    - It transforms the iPad Pro experience. I'm considering selling my 15.4" MacBook Pro and replacing it with a retina iMac and then just relying on the iPad whenever I need something portable. It can't do everything a laptop can do (yet) but with the Smart Keyboard (and Apple Pencil) the iPad Pro becomes a compelling and useful enough device to make me question the mix of devices I use day to day.

    I've given the Smart Keyboard four stars. Why not five? The price. I would feel a lot better about buying one if they were about $80 cheaper.