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    Ipad pro keyboard

    When I was bought the iPad Pro for Christmas I was told not to open the box unless I was sure I wanted to keep it, as the store would swap it for a macbook if I would prefer a laptop. I was torn, knowing I should go into the shop after Christmas and properly weigh up which I should have.

    Curiosity got the better of me. Even though i have a mini and an air, I wanted to see the Pro, so I justified keeping the pro by ordering the smart keyboard claiming that this would be the best of both worlds. It was very annoying that there was three week wait and that no stores anywhere close by stocked them. As an impulse buyer these sort of waits really annoy me.

    I admit I was dubious, having had a cheaper keyboard for one of the other iPads and giving up on it after a few attempts. Also I sit back on the sofa and tend to rest the iPad on the arm of the chair. I doubted it would feel very stable and Id have to use the iPad on a tray.

    Despite all these concerns I am totally sold on the keyboard. It is incredibly easy to attach, you don't need to pair it, and importantly it doesn't come detached from the iPad all the time, like the smart covers tend to do on the regular iPads. It is also surprisingly stable when I am resting it on the arm of the chair. I can type away merrily on it without feeling like it might fall off any minute. For the first time, I am using an iPad for things I would usually save for when I am sat at the computer desk on the mac.

    I still can't decide if I should have gone for the mac book or not, though I think I would definitely have regretted choosing the iPad pro if I didn't have this keyboard.

    Its amazing how irritating not having a £ sign on the keyboard though. I shouldn't have to google how to bring that up and it drives me potty that I can never remember. I also think its way overpriced at £139. It would be nice if it came in different colours, though to be fair my other 2 smart covers are also grey and I did have a choice when buying them!

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    Love this keyboard...

    I love the feeling of this keyboard. It's by far the best tablet keyboard I've used, and I've used a lot of them. Love that you don't have to charge it, or fight with pairing it. Love that it's the size of a regular keyboard as well, so it doesn't feel unnatural typing on it. I do wish the Smart Cover had more ways to use it as a stand though.

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    I love my Apple products but their new iPad Pro and accessories puts my patience to the test. I use their products continuously throughout my working day and I always keep up to date with system and App updates. It is nothing for my iPad to crash or lock up in some form or another two or three time throughout the day. The smart or should I say not so smart keyboard is the worst of what I have having to close apps and restart them up to ten times per day because the keyboard just decides to stop working (i have spoken to app designers and they say it is not their app because their app app is built to the Apple specs). On top of all that Apple could not even afford to include a pocket clip for their pencil assuming that it was only going to be used by fancy arty types and not those who use it for business all day every day and need to put it in their pocket. This set of apple iPad and accessories has cost me over $2,200 and I expect a lot more for my money than what I am currently getting. Don't get me wrong I still love it when it works I just did not expect so many disappointments.

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    Beware the Update!

    Keyboard works great, but the new update will crash it. I just bought one, updated it and down it went. Fortunately, the retailer allowed me to switch it out, so I'm running it without the update and it's great. Apple needs to address the update glitch asap though. This is a major problem that completely ruins the functionality of the accessory.

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    For the "record" the feel "rocks", but "performance" gets no encore

    Boston would say that it's more than a feelin'
    Strokin', Strokin'. We're typing' tonight, just keep on strokin'. Strokin', Strokin' Keyboard feel alright, mamma I'm not jokin'! yeah! If I could get a cloth covered keyboard like this on my MacBook Pro it would be nirvana. The key throw combined with the the tactile traction feedback makes this the best keyboard I have EVER typed upon... The feel of this keyboard is spectacular. But beauty is sometimes only cloth skin deep...

    This is also the buggiest keyboard I have ever used.

    FogHat says the keyboard takes it too easy
    I'm not in the mood. The rhythm is off. Typing displays too slow, this is going to take all night. Slow Type, type it easy, Slow Type, type it easy... For some inexplicable reason, keystrokes randomly start slowing down and showing great lag to the screen. It takes almost a second for your typing to show up which dramatically increases your error rate and causes re-edit after re-edit. You can either pause when you type or you can intentionally watch your fingers and ignore the screen to avoid being distracted by the Slow Type

    Lionel Richie would find dis-chord in this keyboard
    Stuck on CAPS, I got this feeling down deep in my keys that there's no lowercase... Mighty sad you stayed!.. Stuck on CAPS.... CAPITOL LETTERS GET STUCK all the time. It is so incredibly frustrating keeping the capital letters out of my way... because of software bugs. Unless you have time to reboot your iPad all the time, you can rapidly hammer on the caps lock and shift key 5 times together to get unstuck. What fun for an overpriced keyboard.

    Oingo Boingo wouldn't take it Back To School
    It's a dead pad's party. Who could ask for more? Everybody's typing'; leave your keyboard at the door. The iPad and keyboard software is so incredibly buggy the connection dies frequently and the iPad can't talk to the keyboard. No manner of physical disconnect and reconnect will help. Rebooting the iPad is the only way to overcome.

    Hall & Oates would beg (again)
    SIRI COME BACK, any kind of fool could see! There was something in everything about you... Where is the microphone key? I have to disconnect the keyboard to get the on-screen keyboard up to use voice dictation. That's stupid.

    Paul Simon would be frettin over this...
    Slip slidin' away, slip slidin' away, You know the nearer your destination, the more my pad keeps slip slidin' away... The case is all over the place when you carry the thing. It is like carrying a pile of loose papers without a folder. Maybe I will get a manilla folder due to its more robust design as an iPad Pro case...

    Even Ted Nugent would hunt for a different case
    They gave my iPad case scratch fever, case scratch fever, I got a bad scratch fever, The case scratch fever. Seriously, don't be fooled by the bulk. This is ½ a case ... It leaves your iPad's tuchus hanging out. Imaging buying a nice car and having the trunk lid cost extra to be purchased separately from Amazon.

    And if you thought this was silly, how silly is it to pay $170 for a malfunctioning half-baked keyboard half-case?

    Maureen McGovern's recommendation is...
    There's got to be a keyboard after, If we can hold-off through the Apple store. We have a chance to find the right kind. Let's keep on looking for one that works!....

    Typo's courtesy of the iPad Pro keyboard and auto-correct.

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    i just updated my software and i can no longer type a capital "i". the keyboard will only work within a certain app, once i switch to another app, it stops working. I have to remove the keyboard and plug it back in to get the keyboard to work with the app. It's really annoying and Apple, fix it please!!!!!!!

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    Working well until I took the update

    The smart keyboard has been working well for a couple of months. I love the feel of the keys. I took the update that Apple pushed last night and now I cannot use the keyboard with iMessage.

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    My experience with Smart Keyboard

    My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. It simply works. And I think Jobs would have appreciated that. It just does the job. I don't get the need for the backlighting. The point the raised bits on the F and J is to quickly orient your index fingers. True, it allows but one angle, but that's the angle I always used with my MacBook in any case. It did take a couple hours of use before I felt completely comfortable with it, but the adjustment was quick. I like it. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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    May be a bug, but it bugs me

    So far nothing but problems with this keyboard. Doesn't register keystrokes, then time lags on keystrokes, then a key will just go on repeating itself in spite of typing other keys. This is brand new - 1 week old!

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    Overpriced garbage

    The only reason I kept this keyboard is that it doesn't require bluetooth to operate, so it works as an emergency backup on an aircraft or when an internet signal isn't available--but so can the device's own integrated keyboard. It's never my first choice. That would be the attractive $40 case/keyboard combo I found elsewhere. The keyboard's tactile feel is unpleasant and awkward. As a 'case' it's worthless because the back of the device isn't covered so it's no more protected from damage than it would be if you secured a piece of cardboard over the glass with a rubber band. It's a massive pain to even install the stupid thing on the device. Completely unintuitive and badly engineered. Finally, the color is the most unattractive grey and the texture is a cheap-feeling rubber. $184 with tax for something that feels like garbage, doesn't even protect the device, and looks terrible.

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    Keyboard works good but.......

    I got this iPad pro as a gift and I love it, let me start by saying the actual keyboard works pretty smooth BUT the case in itself just comes off so often it is so frustrating!!! Also the magnet part is not strong enough so you have to try and connect it at least 3 times before it actually works. Last but not least for the price of this cover I would have expected it to cover the entire iPad. It does not cover the back or the sides/edges at all!!!

    This case is frustrating none the less but I guess yeah the keyboard works.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than I though, but not perfect.

    Let me preface this review by saying that upon watching reviews and reading about the smart keyboard before using it I immediately wrote it off as something that I did not want to waste money on and that I would not like. However after ordering it and using it I have come around to actually liking it.

    $169 is a lot to spend on a keyboard that lacks specific functionality that other keyboards/cases come with standard. I'm talking about things like adjustable viewing angles, backlights keys, iOS function keys, and overall protection. As with most things though you can't have your cake and eat it too. Before using this case I had my iPad Pro in the Zagg slim book keyboard case. While it was nice to have a suitable laptop replacement that had all of the aforementioned things the smart keyboard does not it added considerable heft and bulk making it larger and heavier than a 15'' MacBook Pro. This felt like it defeated the purpose of having an iPad and had me contemplating getting the new MacBook instead. I returned the slim book and decided to give the smart keyboard a try, given I had heard some good things about it.

    I heard one reviewer say that the smart keyboard is something Steve Jobs would never have let off of the drawing board and I wholeheartedly agree. It's somewhat unwieldy and unintuitive and not in the usual style of Apple products I have come to expect. It is however a very good balance between the slim and light profile I was looking for in a keyboard case and giving me some of the functionality of a laptop replacement. Although it does not protect the back (I just bought a sleeve that I put this in when not using it) and lacks things like backlighting Its portability and smart connector integration more than make up for it. Typing on it is also something that is an acquired taste but actually really good once you get used to it.

    While I wish more time and thought had been put into the overall design of the keyboard and inclusion of some features like backlit keys and iOS function keys had been included I think this is the best keyboard you are going to find that really keeps the slim profile and portability that the iPad was meant to have without having to sacrifice too much in the way of functionality.

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    Horribly Inconsistent

    When I first got my iPad pro, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pen, I was most excited about the keyboard. I loved that you could use OS X keyboard shortcuts like "command + tab" to switch apps and "command + space" to pull up the search view.

    Unfortunately now I've come to realize that the keyboard shortcuts rarely work as intended and leave you frustrated and banging on a cheap feeling vinyl keyboard that isn't worth the money.

    THere are also times that the keyboard doesn't work at all. The iPad Pro knows that it is connected because it won't show a software keyboard but you can't type anything out using the smart keyboard. Overall, a big disappointment.

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    Pretty Good

    The design overall is decidedly inelegant. Really interesting concept, but it should have stayed a concept. However, it does have advantages. For one, since the keyboard is magnetically attached to the rest of the cover, it is somewhat easy to fold the keyboard back and use the iPad like it has a regular smart cover. With the keyboard deployed the iPad is pretty stable, good enough to use on a bed or in your lap. The typing experience is phenomenal, although different from my MacBook. With the keyboard and silicon case attached the iPad is no longer light, but shedding the keyboard is easy enough. As far as software compatibility, this thing was really well thought out. A+++. I think Apple could have done a heck of a lot better, but this isn't bad at all. I'd recommend trying it at least. I am keeping mine.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Keyboard

    I bought the iPad Pro the day it came out and bought it without the keyboard, I really liked the iPad and found myself using it more and more to replace my laptop when I am on the road. I don't feel it can replace my laptop for my everyday work but it sure has stopped me from taking it when I'm on the road. But what I noticed was I was not as effective without a keyboard. So I read and read on all the different keyboards and after talking to my brother who has been using the apple keyboard from the start I decided to get the apple Keyboard.

    I put the keyboard on and was able to use it fast from the start, I love the function keys and since I have been a Mac user since 1986 I have grown use to those keys.. It sure makes getting around the iPad much better.

    There are only a few issues I have with the apple keyboard.
    1. Why don't they make a full cover and in leather I have had the leather cover that apple made for everyone of my iPad's since they started making covers and I have had all the full size iPads accpet the iPad 2.
    2. I think the price of there rubber back cover is crazy and found a nice one on Amazon for 10 dollars and it works great with the keyboard.
    3. I think the magnet is 4 weak on the bottom and the keyboard falls off to much..

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to switch between laptop and tablet

    The iPad Pro Smart Cover has two big advantages over the Logitech CREATE. Both do a good job of converting the iPad Pro into a laptop, but the Smart Keyboard functions like the Smart Cover, making it easy to use the iPad as a tablet. The CREATE offers no easy way to do this. Secondly, the CREATE ads a lot of bulk, thickness, and weight. I also have a Smart Cover, and the Smart Keyboard feels much the same, thin and light weight.

    The iPad Pro Smart Keyboard looks a little clumsy in videos, but folding it into its type, watch, and cover configurations quickly becomes second nature.

    I get it that backlighting is very important to some, but if you can touch-type, it’s not a big deal.

    The top row of function keys were designed for OS X and are not really necessary in iOS. Each program has a row of relevant buttons onscreen. The lack of a dictate key is troublesome though. There is a cumbersome workaround that involves bringing up the onscreen keyboard so you can access its dictate key. A nice solution would be to provide a Shortcut for it. (Please Apple.)

    With its large screen, Split View, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro is the complete package.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Disapointed in this product

    I just bought and return this keyboard today on Valentine's Day. First off the key stoke is good and that's about it. It comes in a one color and it doesn't even cover the back of the iPad pro. For the price I think it should have at least cover the whole iPad. While I was in the Apple Store one of the associates showed me another keyboard by Logitech which I exchange the apple keyboard for that one. I love it! First product by Apple that I was disappointed in.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    The move to a different smart keyboard

    I initially purchased the iPad Pro with the Logitech keyboard. The Apple customer representative demonstrated both keyboards to me in the Apple Store and said that they were both equal sellers. The Logitech was slightly cheaper in price, but I viewed it as a one-stop purchase for both keyboard and protection. The keyboard and its case provided a complete wrap around protection for the iPad, whereas, the Apple keyboard came in two parts if you wished for a total wrap around. I liked the Logitech at first. It provided a sturdy feel of a true keyboard. It was solid, it had some nice additional function keys along the top row, and the feature I enjoyed most was the backlit keyboard. That certainly helped in low lit environments. However, with all that said, within my two week period to return a product, I realized that it added a lot of extra weight to the iPad Pro. I also realized that although the extra row of features were a nice touch, I didn't personally use them often. Reviewing online again about the keyboards, there are mixed feelings about both of them. The reviews on the Logitech was similar to mine about the weight, and also that it had lag issues with the iPad (I didn't experience this) and that there was a firmware fix with the next iOS. Before my two weeks ended, I exchanged the Logitech for the Apple keyboard. Sure, there are some oversights, such as the backlit keys, the additional function keys, and that it doesn't lay flat because the iPad Pro pulls backwards on it because of its size, but I don't feel that I lost functionality. Sure, in the long run I had to buy both the keyboard and the back case for full protection and paying slightly more, but as always, I ended up with a total Apple solution.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice keyboard, but software bugs

    Keys are nice and it is a high quality product. But there are some software bugs.
    Sometimes it's not possible to enter my Passcode with it. After i unlocked my iPad, some shortcuts didn't work (cmd+tab, cmd+h).
    I would say the chance after the ipad is locked is 30% that the input failed on code enter.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good quality, but flawed

    I use mine to type all the time as it ois way faster than a touchscreen keyboard for me and the setup is just more confortable for me. The build quality is on par with Apple usual products and the keys feel nice to the touch and the keyboard is responsive until you try the keyboard shortcuts. I have bought this in the first place for the typing, but secondly for the shortcuts availables that would in theory make you fly thru apps and increase multitasking and productivity like never before, but honeslty i am not impressed with the shortcuts. More often than not they don't work and I simply stopped trying to use them wich is a big issue. I would not recommend this keyboard to anybody and the only reason I gave three stars is because of the build quality.

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