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    My Apple purchased Lighting to SD reader not working

    I have been using this unit to read the SD cards I’m pulling out of my trail cameras all of a sudden I can not get my pictures to import just a blank screen that say import, then all of a sudden my phone or iPad switches to the collection folder. Can we please FIX this error that came with 11.1.at least this is when I have started to have this issue since 11/13/17 I use this reader almost daily with my work photos assignments. Thanks for your time in advance. I will not rate this properly until the System has it working again

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    Very Satisfied.

    I purchased this after reading the reviews and realizing that most people, for what ever reason are having issues. I have at the time of this post copied and edited over 100 RAW photos with zero issues. I’m using a 5th Generation iPad that is on the current iOS (11.1.2).

    I’m not quite sure why people have been having so many issues but based off of my experience there are none. It is a simple peripheral that is doing as specified.

    It deserves a higher rating than it has received.

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    What is this wasted device in my pocket?

    I have this lightning to SD Card adapter for half a year and has been using it frequently with my Ipad PRO 12.9 64GB model. I love it so much, because I can show a high resolution image to my clients on site. But after I updated to this new version of OS it’s no longer working not even detected the device. I was panicking if things was broken down or something, but when I do some searching and reading it seem a lot of apple device have this problem after the updated.

    I’ve try every way possible to fix this problem even reset my ipad setting once but still no hope. So I hope apple will look at this seriously and fixing this soon, I mean it has been working just fine on my Iphone 6 running 11.0.3 i even test import on it and it work just fine!

    here is my set up for those who want to know
    Camera : Nikon D810 shoot in RAW, JPG, TIFF, uncompress raw( none of it work it must be the OS rather than the camera)
    APPLE DEVICE : Ipad pro 12.9 wifi 64GB

    I give this 1 star since IT IS YOUR OFFICIAL PRODUCT AND IT DIDN’T WORK!

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    Fix this issue already

    This was working fine last night on my 8+, suddenly today it isn’t reading any of my cards. Is there going to be a fix for this? Clearly I’m not the only one experiencing issues with the reader.

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    Received today and was excited to try it out with my trail cam pictures. Video pictures will not play and the still pictures will show some, but not all. Wasted my money and disappointed in Apple. Tried in my ipad mini and iphone7plus

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    Works with 5th gen iPad and iOS11

    I was a little anxious before buying this as I had seen a lot of reports that it had stopped working after the upgrade to iOS10.3.2. After an online chat with Emmet at Apple Support, I was reassured and purchased the reader. It worked first time. Mind you, I have not tried anything complicated, just reading pictures, and video clips, from the SD cards of a pair of Nikon cameras into the Photos app.
    My iPad is a Model A1822 running iOS 11.03

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    Totally garbage

    Anyone need to be attended that when you using it to your iPhone, it will auto resized my raw file from 1.2MP to 1920x1280, it's ridiculous! if I deleted it after imported, i will lose all my original photos!

    -LUMIX-LX100 / 64GB SD card
    -iPhone 6ps

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    Nikon to iPad photo upload

    When I upgraded to an iPhone 5s and iPad Air I purchased the lightening to 3 in 1 Card Reader so that I could download photos from my Nikon 3100 whilst travelling. It worked perfectly at first but since I updated my iOS from 10. something to 11.1 it will no longer recognise the device and states “this device is unacceptable”. I have tried connecting my Nikon direct and also plugging the memory card into the device without success. I am at a loss as to what to do next as I travel regularly and need a means to download my photos and email them home.
    Is Apple aware of this problem and are they planning to fix it soon?

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    Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

    I have the solution for getting this to work now on IOS 11. I shoot Fuji and this product initially did NOT work for me, the images imported easily, but never appeared (other than a gray box). After much patient persistence with first tier support at Apple, they finally transferred me to a higher level expert who did some research and found the following need to be in place in the camera menu - Image Quality Setting section - RAW recording must be set to UNCOMPRESSED. Once I changed it to uncompressed the images showed up.

    So the product DOES work with IOS 11, just need to be sure the camera menu settings are right. Doesn't matter if you shoot in RAW or JPEG. Also, on your MAC, the High Sierra update brings in more cameras that are supported. So, update your MAC to High Sierra OS

    The tech support contact was amazing but did admit - this was a needle in a haystack to find.

    Giving this product a 4 star rating because it works great, it just took Apple time to find out everything that needed to be in place.

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    I work in IT and dam its hard to get this thing to work properly. Very flaky and inconsistent. I have the latest iPad Pro 12.9 with a 64GB premium grade SD card. Tried copying from my Mavic Pro, its really temperamental.

    Apple you guys at smart, come on, this is just file transfer protocols, please address this

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    OS update has killed it (again)

    I'd give it a zero star. We buy Apple products because they are supposed to be compatible with Apple products. This sd reader worked fine for about a year but several updates ago it quit reading any of the various sd cards I've used for years. I could buy another brand but if Apple can't get their own reader to work with OS 11.1 then I really doubt they can/will fix it for other manufacturers. I'm disappointed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works as perfect as it should! Stop complaining!!

    Not sure why people are having issues with this product..
    I purchased this SD reader today..
    I took about 50 pictures with my Nikon camera with SD card. All photos were in JPG large fine.
    I simply plugged the adapter in my 12.9 iPad Pro with IOS 11.1 update.. The display immediately showed all my images and it gave me the option of selecting one at a time or all images to upload.
    I chose to upload all and the process was smooth and very quick.
    I also tried on iPad 9.7 Pro and iPhone 7s Plus.
    All perfect.
    I highly recommend this adapter for a good excuse to take my digital SLR camera for a stroll for easy upload to iPad to review and editing.

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    SD Card reader no longer working

    This SD card reader used to be my photo importing assistant.
    Ever since i upgraded to IOS 11, all screwed up and it no longer working on all of my apple product.
    Iphones, Ipad....... i feel very dissapointed and cheated with this.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works Like a Dream

    I needed this accessory for my up and coming holiday, reading all the one-star reviews I thought twice, but couldn't think of another option. I'm pleased to say it works like a dream.

    I'm running ios 11.0.3 on, and iPhone 7 Plus and I've had no problems.

    Imports all types of files (pictures, panoramic, HD video) within seconds.

    Plug in the device, your pictures pop up, and you can manually select each picture or tap "Import All" in the top left.

    The device recognises already imported pictures and videos when you plug it in again. Works as expected

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    Really Slow!!!

    I received this item yesterday (19/10/2017) and connected it with my iPhone 8 Plus it works well and the device recognizes it, but it is so slow to pick when showing pictures. It states its USB 3 however it runs like USB 1 :( disappointed in this product

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    Why do they advertise this as working on ipad pro?

    I bought it from Apple and it wasn't cheap. So I would expect it to work. But this SD card reader doesn't work on the new iPad Pro 10.5 and it doesn't work on the iphone 6s Plus. Both running the latest iOS 11. Pure garbage from a decaying company? Is really Apple getting that bad at customer service that they ignore this details on accessories that don't work?

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    Does not import all images

    For some reason that escapes me the card reader "misses" 1-3% of the images in any given import. I've tested this with various cards (all formatted in camera), various sets of images and two different readers. Typically if I attempt to import 300 raw images anywhere from 3-6 images are skipped even though all images are in the same folder on the card and named by the camera in the same way. I've spent hours identifying and examining the skipped images and there is nothing unique about them in terms of the way they are named, their size or their exif data to suggest why they would not be imported like the rest. Three out of 300 images might not sound like much but this is meant as a backup solution and even if they aren't "keepers" I want to be the one to decide that not Apple's messed up card reader!

    I got the reader with the idea of getting an ipad pro to use for mobile photo backup and editing but if it can't work on an iphone 7 plus or the ipad Air that I've used for testing then there's no point.

    Again, it might seem trivial to base such a decision on a simple dongle but it's the weak link in the chain and for me, with that chain broken I'm leaving the Apple ecosystem entirely. I'll likely go with a surface pro for my mobile backup needs and if I'm going that route I don't see much point in replacing my aging iMac with a new Apple machine. The ipad pro could be a fabulous tool for photography but not if you can't reliably get images in to it. and don't even get me started on the torture that is getting images back out. Goodbye Apple.

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    Does not work on iOS 11

    Does not work on iOS 11.
    Even after last update.
    Am sick of apple and this poxy expensive bit of junk.
    Sort it out or I'm off apple products for good.

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    Can't believe Apple put out a product like this - STAY AWAY,,,

    I cannot believe Apple put out a product like this. It's complete garbage. It will not work with my iPad Pro, or my iPhone 8, or my iPhone 6 Plus. It is definitely a genuine Apple product so don't buy that excuse from Apple when they try to make that claim. I still have the box and it definitely came from Apple.

    Apple this product like this is beneath you. STOP DOING A MICROSOFT IMITATION AND FIX YOUR ISSUE!!!!!

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    Doesn't work with new ipad

    Spent a huge amount of cash on new ipad pro with the express intention of using the SD card for work - but guess what - it doesn't work!
    It works on my iPhone SE but it would seem the ios on the new ipad pro is not compatible. Deep joy :-(
    Does anyone know if apple are going to remedy this or do I need to return it??

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