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    For the Artist; iPad Pro + Apple Pencil


    I am a hardcore professional artist, and I have been looking for an alternative to a Cintiq for a while, since I'm always on the go and I need something small. My old 4th gen iPad broke so I jumped at the idea of the Pro and Pencil. I've been using it for a bit, and so far it is very nice.

    The sensitivity and tilt functions are comparable to that of a Wacom Intuos 4, though you get less of a paper feel since it is hard plastic writing on glass. It feels like Apple's version of a mini, portable Cintiq if you use it with Procreate or related high-end drawing apps. I really enjoy it and have done quite a few lovely sketches.

    Pros: attractive simplistic design, charges quickly, portable, decently sturdy, VERY good drawing function (definitely superior to a Bamboo tablet), and you get to draw directly on the screen, so it feels very much like a miniature Cintiq.

    Cons: The pen is made of hard, smooth plastic, so unless you want it to slip out of your fingers, put a rubber gripper on it. ***The pen will NOT function correctly if the nib at the drawing end isn't screwed on tightly. I found this out the hard way. Compared to a Wacom pen it is a little heavy and non-ergonomic, since design came over functionality. So far I have not had a problem with losing pen tips or the cover to the charger, since I am incredibly neat and tidy (but it is still a problem I hear other people having).

    Final impression: If and only if you are an artist will this stylus be worth your money.

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    Apple pencil

    I bought this pencil thinking, wow what a great idea. BUT I was rudely disappointed with how much of a piece of junk this is. It is just a fancy styalis for 100 dollars. In my opinion it is worth 50 dollars at the most. Like common sense here Apple, you guys made a pencil out of plastic where the tip breaks with around 30 uses for me. Along with that there is no replacement items at all. I love your guys computers, I'm using one right now I also have an iPhone, and I love them but this is junk. All in All I through 100 dollars away on a piece of plastic that had a few wires in it and some cheap aluminum..... Thank you

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    Nothing to say

    Unbelivable. It's just like writing on a pice of paper.
    In addition, it gets fully charged really fast and has an excellent battery life.
    Undoubtedly, the best on market.

    Fully recommended

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    Love functionality, but easy to lose charger, and cap

    Love the functionality of the pencil. I have a professional artist friend who is 90 years old, and she was able to create beautiful drawings on her first try. She immediately the put the Ipad Pro and pencil on her Christmas list.

    But when I saw the charging connector and cap, my first thought was I hope I don't lose it. First day, lost the cap. Second day, lost the charging connector. Can't buy replacement parts as of now. Would like the capability of attaching the pencil to the Ipad.

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    So many problems in design, lost parts, etc..

    What happened to Apple? Oh yea, Steve Jobs Died, SADLY.

    It's clear to see the trend downward that Apple is taking in the aftermath of Jobs' having passed away.

    The design is amazingly BAD for an Apple Product.
    Magnetic Cover? Mine fell off within 2 days of purchase, and I cannot find it anywhere.
    ONE HUNDRED dollars and no clip for shirt pockets.
    The Pencil itself is WAY too long, and not easily stored anywhere, forget shirt pockets.

    Charging adapter? Another joke, another something to quickly LOSE.
    Plus, it's more likely that users would want to charge the unit with wall charger and not the iPad itself.

    On a positive note, it seems to pair easily and charges very quickly. Accuracy is great, and overall a must-have for iPad Pro.

    Like I said, it works great, costs TOO much and has too many flaws preventing one to truly love it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I barely use my apple pencil and recently just stopped working. The only thing I can think of is that I may have dropped it, but with no visible damage. VERY EXPENSIVE to be so fragile. I hate also going to the Apple Store to trouble shoot or WAIT IN A LONG LONG LINE. What a hassle!!!

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    Balance, Weight, and Tilt are drawbacks

    Look, if you have an ipad pro, you need this if you are going to sketch with it, period.

    That being said, I'd like to see the next iteration of this device at about 2/3 the weight, and 4/5 the length - this is balanced more like a paint brush than a pen or pencil and drawing with it is a real chore when you're used to a super light tipped mechanical pencil. I have pondered dremeling off the shell to reduce weight but the balance issue would still be there.

    Regarding the tilt, using procreate (the only really fully featured painting application out there, an awesome buy at $5, it seems like the curve is REALLY weighted toward the middle, either it's fully tilting or not tilting much at all. This doesn't feel much like the real thing. Great for quick shading but if you want to play with the weight of the stroke as you make it, you're going to have to use pressure instead, and that's iffy.

    This thing charges super fast, and has a few hours of drawing in it for each charge, I would happily take 2/3 battery life for a lighter pencil.

    I know this is going to sound picky, but if you're trying to draw on this thing with minute detail you'll notice the struggle in your line quality, it just doesn't feel like my stroke. I have considered doing pencil drawing and then using this to paint after doing a pic but it just... it's so close .

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    Pencil great, cap replacement infuriating

    Use my iPadPro with Apple Pencil and GoodNote app everyday! And love it! Lost magnetic cap on pencil and have spent many frustrated hours trying to get a replacement. Tip you can get, caps are impossible. No good reason way. Apple needs to address this

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    Poor design

    Poor design and dumb,

    If you had thought this, out you would have designed the charger tip as a; 'pop out', design not the flimsy cheap American style, save money, 2 cents, two pieces! They can get lost at home and very easy in travel...... Its pricey enough too considering the poor features...

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Neat, but NOT designed with southpaws in mind.

    Pros: Absolutely flawless accuracy. Works well with even a thick gel screen protector, and glides easily over the screen. The pencil itself is simple and intuitive to use and gains a useful charge in about five seconds. It would be nice to have a setting to adjust pressure sensitivity; it responds very well, it just doesn't adapt to those who may be a little heavy/light-handed. The poor neglected Chinese workers (yeah, I said it, do something, Apple) did a fantastic job constructing these things, and it feels very durable and of very high quality. With that said, it is a tad long (a little shorter than your average wooden pencil, I think), which makes it a little ungainly to put in a pocket or something. But an overall fantastic product, and well worth the money, I think.

    Cons: The pencil seems to be capable of much more than it is actually allowed to do in iOS. For instance, you'd think I'd be able to (natively) write this paragraph with my pencil: I cannot. You'd also think Notes would make writing with a pencil more natural, but you essentially have to open up an image in Notes to sketch on, and any words you type would fall before or after the image: you can't simply write over and in between your typed words while note-taking - lame. Lastly, this was obviously not designed for us lefties. All of the convenient buttons and options are still on the right side of the screen, and there's no accessibility option in the settings menu (ie, there are more accessibility settings for blind and deaf (and I mean blind AND deaf, Helen Keller-style) people than for lefties.) And iOS sometimes recognizes a lefty palm as a button-click or stroke of the pencil.

    This product is perfect for those of you, like myself, received your brand new iPad Pro and said, "Well, now what?" Adding the pencil definitely brings the iPad up to pace with its own market price, and makes it an invaluable tool for those looking to make their iPad a part of their daily work/school/home life. Solid 5 out of 7.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product with a few Caveats

    It's odd, after reading the reviews here, most people fall into two camps, either 1) they love the pencil and the incredible functionality of it overrides any other complaint and these folks like to mention you need to be careful with expensive items so its your fault if you lose pieces or 2) the folks who feel that for the price, it doesn't make sense that Apple does not include some basic controls to attach the pencil to the iPad somehow when its not in use and to prevent the cap loss.

    I am in the mixed camp. No one can argue that the pencil does not do what it is designed to do and it is an amazing tool for drawing and coloring. I am an accountant with absolutely no artistic skill, and I have really enjoyed the Pigment app. However, the pencil is an expensive option, and it does seem that Apple should have included a clip or way to attach to the iPad. Also I do find the pencil rolls off desks and tables even though it is supposed to be weighted so it does not do that. In addition, it is dumb that you have to re-pair it through Blutooth every time you use it by plugging it into the iPad. And that charging situation, my goodness, why it is so complicated without the iPad? And, its dangerous to have your pencil sticking out like that when you do use the iPad to charge. At least charging is fast.

    I bought several after market items to help me address these oversights with the pencil, a pencil case from Amazon for about 10 bucks where I can store not just the pencil but the charging items too, a pencil cozy so the cap doesn't get lost, and a wrap with a magnet through Moxiware so I can attach it to the iPad while doing other things. Everything works fine and I really do love this product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Simply the Best Tool for Casual Artists and Note Taking

    I started learning how to draw with the Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. As I progressed to using traditional media such as a real pencil, I realized just how wonderfully accurate the Apple Pencil recreates the experience of a real pencil. Pressure sensitivity works very well too. While there are certainly other companies offering drawing tablets that are as good or even slightly better than the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro combo, they are mostly niche and pricey. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combination is simply the best and most value for money option out there for those who are serious about learning how to draw while also wanting to enjoy the functions of an iPad.

    There are some things that can be improved. The tilt functions work best on the default notes app and Astropad. It does not recreate a real pencil's tilt accurately on other apps like Procreate. The charging cap is easily misplaced as the magnet just barely sticks on magnetic surfaces.

    Apart from that, I am extremely satisfied with the Apple Pencil. I highly recommend the Apple Pencil for beginner artists, as well as for note taking. If you are simply using the Apple Pencil as a stylus to navigate through your iPad, don't. There are much cheaper alternatives that serves your need without the need for battery or Bluetooth.

    Excellent battery life
    Very accurate and realistic writing and drawing experience
    Value for money option for beginner artists

    Tilt input can be improved
    Easily misplaced charging cap
    Very awkward position and vulnerable to breakage when charging directly to the iPad

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    FRAGILE Two pencils broken in only FOUR months

    I didn't think anything could ever come between me and my love for Apple and their products. Then along came the Apple Pencil. The honest truth is that these pencils are made to be looked at, not used, not touched. Put it in a glass display case and show your friends the bright white terror that has me so frustrated at this point that I cannot possibly carry on buying Apple products. $2500 worth of Apple products in this years first quarter just for leisure devices and I'm stuck with nothing in return other the gut wrenching fact that I have a third pencil to purchase. That's $300 worth of pencil, which almost translates into $100 month to use my iPad Pro. I'm so upset that I lm literally considering putting all of my Apple stuff into the dumpster because I hate being reminded of the scam I've experienced with the Apple Pencil. The pencils were damaged by 1.) a fall from desk onto my office floor. Completely wiped it out instantly. 2.) A small kitten jumped onto my couch and nibbled on the pen leaving a couple very light markings that have caused the pen to malfunctions and it will not even start to function. Since these are technically not apples fault I'm left with the most expensive fragile junk plastic I've ever bought. Finished with this company as quickly as they first earned my business.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Just OK...perhaps 2.0 will be better...

    After several months with this device and an iPad Pro it seems like this device could have been a whole lot better. It does have good battery life which is a nice perk. The biggest problem I have faced is it is very expensive for what you get and does not even have a way to fasten it to a shirt pocket or anything else for that matter. It is almost like they were planning for it to be lost quickly. The cap on the top is totally non functional and again a good item to get lost in a hurry. The components seem well designed but the overall function of it as far as day to day use seems to have escaped its engineers. I had to go to a third party to get something to attach it to my iPad Pro. Ridiculous that a almost 100 bucks there is no decent way to keep the iPad Pro and this item together. Seems like for the cost the iPad Pro should have some dock built in for charging and storage in my opinion. Perhaps 2.0 will get it right. My advice to Apple put a clip on it first of all so it does not want to roll off the desk.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing, albeit a tad expensive

    This Pencil is simply awesome. I have taken many notes for work using the Pencil, and never had a problem.

    The downsides of this pencil is, (I) it is to long, so it cannot fit into my shirt pocket, (II) lacks clip to attach it to the Smart Cover or simply shirt.

    Oh, in case there's some of you who doesn't know, if you are charging the Pencil, you can put the cap in the iPad's body, precisely above the speaker grill. The cap will simply stick there, avoiding the chances it would get lost while charging.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Ignore all the negative reviews!

    I never understood trolls!

    If you bought iPad Pro, then you MUST get Apple Pencil. It is just that good. After using Apple Pencil, I can not go back to any other stylus, and believe me, I have tried almost all of them. This is simply the best stylus ever created for iPad Pro. The feeling of overflowing ink in the precise manner when you write or draw something on the screen is way superior than any other similiar products. Apple has spoilt us with amazing engieering design.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great for drawing (not for painting)

    The Apple Pencil is perfect for drawing and illustration. Drawing with the pencil and Procreate on an iPad Pro is a beautiful experience. But the pencil is not good for painting broader brush strokes. A thicker rubber tipped stylus is still better for painting.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple Pencil

    Once I heard of the Apple Pencil I was very excited. I found out quickly that it wasn't as cool as it was made out to be. 1.) being a student I thought there was already a programmed app like "keynote" "ipages" "I tunes" but one specifically for taking notes written on the iPad that would turn the words into letters as if they were being typed. Apple has so many amazing features I thought how is it possible they don't have a main programmed build in app for this service. Writing things down in class is proven to reinforce things into your long term memory better. 2.) why is so much of the focus on drawing. Are there that many artist? That Apple had to direct the app towards them? Why not students for taking notes in class? Ipages have the ability to have an option to type the words or write them. Basically useful general functions instead of specific limited task.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Feels Like Plastic on Plastic

    I was very excited to try the Apple Pencil. Sure, it responds well to pressure, and provides a more realistic output. Sure, it has a reasonable battery life, and an excellent way to recharge on the go. Unfortunately, these are the only things Apple seemed to pay attention to. I never expected that the pencil would just feel "bad" to use. It slides across the iPad Pro screen. Slides. It feels like plastic on plastic. No tactile response, no give at all like graphite against paper or even most styli against a screen. This unpleasant sensation of using the Apple Pencil has been more than enough to keep me from preferring it over pen and paper or mouse and MacBook Pro when all things are equal.

    Other issues: The Apple Pencil is too long and too heavy. It has a smooth plastic case that feels hard and uninteresting; there are no gel grips, no color options, and no consideration of tactile enjoyment at all, it seems. There's also no clip, as many have discussed, which means this loves to roll. And there's no casing or cover for the tip, which I discovered was a huge problem the moment I stuck it in a bag with my other pens and pencils. It came out stained with graphite left behind by the pencils. Very attractive. And, of course, the charging port in the back is covered by a tiny cover that would just love to get lost.

    Overall, some of the power of this device is truly incredible: It creates output very similar to a variety of pens, pencils, etc., when paired with proper apps and the iPad Pro. So, three stars for doing these central things and doing them impressively well.

    Minus 2 stars, though, for (1) just being unpleasant and uncomfortable to use, (2) design flaws having to do with weight, length, no cap for the tip, easy-lose cap on the other end, (3) general fragility, (4) aesthetic blahness, and (5) no available replacement tips.

    Save your money until Mac makes a better Apple Pencil.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Incredibly poor design and flimsy construction for a hundred bucks

    The cap can only fit on the lightning connector. It should snap onto the point so you don't lose it while charging. The lightning adaptor is likewise losable; it could have been part of the cap, but no, we have two roll-around, easily lost vital parts. The spare tip makes three. This is, after all, a MOBILE device. Why make vital components that are guaranteed to be lost?

    The Pencil runs down even when you are not using it and it cannot be turned off, so expect it to run down every few days just for existing. But, they let you plug it into the iPad! Great/terrible idea. Yes, it charges. But if anyone picks up the iPad with the Pencil plugged in, we find out how incredibly flimsy the pen body is; about a half a millimeter in thickness. Snap! There goes the pen(cil).

    Oh, it works well enough, apart from the horrendous design.

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