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    Love this Phone case

    I fell in love with this Apple phone case. I liked how the apple logo stood out on the white phone case. Also is an amazing phone case its protected my phone and found it has kept my phone clean.

    with it being white l kept thinking it would get very dirty. But when l it does go dirty l just clean with a damp cloth and its clean again. The phone is snug inside the case. Is very well protected.
    Its easy to put on and take of again.
    its bin perfect and it does the job.

    I also ordered the pink apple case - which loved it coz its pink. But the white case with the Black apple logo is my normal everyday case.
    Thinking bout ordering another white apple case so l got a spare just in case. its bin worth every penny. so l have no bad words to say bout this product. I am really impressed.
    Apple your cases just keep getting better & better.

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    A great case

    This is my first silicone case. In the past, I used the leather case on my iPhone 6. However, I wanted a lighter colored case for my silver iPhone 6s Plus, I opted for the Stone silicone case. I love how it feels in the hand and the way it fits the phone. The Apple logo on the back is shaded slightly darker. I've only had the phone/case for a few days but have already received compliments on how it looks.

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    So fresh and so clean!

    Super white! Like hollywood teeth white! Feels great in the hand. Perfect for any occasion. Pretty rigid design that should hold up well over time. Wasn't sure if I was going to like the black logo on the newer version, but, you know what, I like it - I. like. it. a. lot. I wish they were about $10 less expensive, but I don't regret getting this one even though I already have the PRODUCT(RED) silicone 6s Plus case, as well as the Saddle Brown leather case! Actually, let me put it this way, I want to return one of them because I really don't need three cases, but I can't decide, so I'm keeping all of them! Haha. This white case will definitely be in the regular rotation.

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    *New* Silicone Cases

    I emphasize NEW because these cases are definately different from the style that was released last year with the iPhone 6. I just bought the white version of the new silicone case for my 6 Plus and it is noticible that the case is thicker (about 1/4 thicker than original) and even more ridged. The lip around the bezel of the case is higher so that the screen is even further off the surface when laying facedown. Yes, the Apple logos on these new cases is darkened instead of just cut deeper like on the last ones. The black Apple logo on the white case looks much better by breaking up the large plain white back of the case. These new cases also feel slightly different to the touch (in a good way).

    The changes made to this case makes it a more reasonable buy.

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