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    Best One Yet

    This case is classic Apple. It's beautiful in every way, and best of all, feels amazing to hold. Don't hesitate over this case. Everything about it is amazing. Best apple case around!!!!!!!!!

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    Saddle Brown is closer to rust color

    Got my Saddle Brown case in the mail yesterday. I was a bit shocked by how orange it was. I was expecting a more brownish tone. The craftsmanship is perfect, per usual. I had the brown leather case for my 6 for about 9 months and it has gotten darker over time hoping that this one will do the same.

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    Finally, a saddle-tan colored leather case for the iPhone 6

    Ever since the first 6 launched Ive had the Black leather case on it. It its a marvel of leather work, with super thin construction and great durability. It still looks as good today as when I bought it, a year ago, but with a few scratches. Anyway, when I bought the black case, it was because what Apple released in the brown/tan category was a weird mushroom-taupe color that was totally ugly, flat and wore terribly with use. What I wanted was a nice, classic, saddle/tan color- and now its out, and I jumped on it - received it today.

    Bottom line, it looks amazing, feels great, and fits the 6 as well as the first case. Not even a slight amount of play in the case (since the 6s is slightly bigger, and this case is designed 'for' it). It looks a little thicker than the original (about .5mm at most) but this can also be attributed to the variability of the leather thickness and to revised construction methods after a year of usage and wear data for the factory. As far as feel and operation, it seems thicker, tighter, cleaner, and overall better made than the first, which was already nearly perfect. The button coverings are stiff and feel tight, in a confident way. I recommend this case highly to anyone who loved the color of the saddle (tan) case for the iPhone 5s, but was disappointed to not have one in stock for the iPhone 6. Ive looked far and wide for better cases, and I have not found them, just wasted money because I kept coming back to the Apple leather case.

    **one note - I work in the leather accessories industry- at the design level- so my interest in cases, and opinion about the craftsmanship and quality is keener than your average user.

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