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    The sound quality is great

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    Sound quality and online support poor

    I have powerbeats2 and just bought a pair of powerbeats3 earphones. The volume on the 3 is not as good as the 2's. Just not high enough when used outside while biking. Wind noise drowns them out. Tried to check level of firmware on my PC. Beats updater would not recognize them. Contacted Apple support who said the program has not been updated to support the 3's . Are you kidding me, why are you selling them? Also they just disconnected from my iPhone 7 for no reason. I wouldn't recommend purchasing this product!

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    Don't waste your money

    I am now on my third set of Powerbeats 3 headphones in 4 months. First two pairs were the black ones, and within days dealt with connectivity and charging issues. Most of the time, I would get a workout or two of use, and then days of not working or connecting to my iPhone 7. When I could get the headphones to work, the volume would go up and down by itself, songs would play for a minute or two and then skip to the next song on my playlist. My third set, white ones, seemed to be all right and worked quite well...until recently. I don't think these headphones are sweat/water resistant. I will be on a cardio machine and all of a sudden songs stop playing, Siri comes on, etc. It's incredibly frustrating. Apple should be embarrassed to be associated with and pushing this product. First time I have ever been disappointed with Apple.

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    Overrated and overpriced

    Uncomfortable to wear, doesn't work while charging which is bad for iPhone 7, battery doesn't last long, good thing it charges relatively quick... also the sound ain't that great, I kept cause it's a gift.

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    Do you sweat when you exercise? Yes? Then These aren't for you...

    When I bought these, I was so excited and couldn't wait to use them at the gym or the driving range or the tennis court. Sound is good (I'm not a sound buff but EDM music on Spotify sounds great) and it is comfortable to wear without falling off when doing moderate exercise routines. After almost more than a year into it, three weeks ago, the headphones started going crazy. Skipping songs, suddenly turning up the volume till my ears get blown out, pausing and essentially, nothing on the controller works. Did my homework and seems like the cause of it is from sweat somehow entering the controller and we all know that electrical components and water don't go hand in hand. I can safely conclude that this product is NOT SWEAT RESISTANT. Even after drying them out and using them 2 days later, the controller is already not responding to the + button. I'm sorry, you advertised clearly that these are workout headphones and have athletes dripping in sweat using them and since I am over a year, my warranty is out. Very disappointing. Now my options are to either pay for a repair or buy a new one (the repair cost quoted was more than half of a new pair).

    I give these headphones a 1 star because I bought them for the sole purpose of working out. The fact that they became damaged because of my sweat means they fail to deliver according to their advertising statements. So what I'm trying to say is, if you sweat, don't buy these misleading overpriced headphones.

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    Amazing Headphones

    First to start I purchased my apple power beats 3 about a month ago and I abolutely love them. I was very skeptical at first as I was reading so many bad reviews but upon using them I am glad to say they were definitely worth the purchase. The purpose for myself was to use them at the gym and to leave my iPhone 7+ in the locker as it is quite a big phone to be carrying around. I believe a lot of invididuals who used these headphones we either not using the right size earbuds or did not have an iPhone 7/7+. These headphones are specifically designed to work with these new phones and pairing the headphones with my Apple Watch Series 2 is the best thing ever. I'm easily able to leave my iPhone in the locker and play/control all my music from my headphones/watch everywhere in my gym. The range is amazing and the battery life is just as good! If your needs are similiar to my own I would not hesitate on making the purchase! Keep in mind I'm using the iPhone 7+/Apple Watch Series 2!!

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    Hands down, best wireless headphones

    I just bought my wireless PowerBeats3 the other day and I can't get enough of them. They are great for workouts and sitting at work listening to music. They are easily hide-able and fit perfect in my ear. I have problems with a lot of the headphones that have the small ear buds staying in but these are perfect! Great job!

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    Awesome: Powerbeats3

    Bought these for traveling/exercising/basic use. Tried an number of different headphones before. They other brands never lasted that long and always seem to break.

    These beats are great quality. They are durable and the music quality is also great.

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    So I purchased a pair of these from Verizon upgrading from the Powerbeats2 wireless. The new design is comfortable to wear but they cannot resist ANY sweat whatsoever. The 2's couldn't resist sweat either. After about 30 minutes into my workout, Siri will activate automatically. The volume will go to full blast on its own (while destroying your hearing) and the music may skip or pause automatically. After three warranty replacements, Verizon was kind enough to let me exchange it for a different brand. I went with the Bose SoundSport Wireless and they are MUCH better and $50.00 cheaper! Fit comfortablely, resist sweat, and sound great. I hope this saves a few people the time of purchasing these non sweat resistant workout headphones.

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    Disappointed- 1 star is too much for these

    Had a pair of the older Powerbrats 2 and loved them until they died in June 2016 about 6months after getting them for Christmas in 2015. Used them everyday and loved being able to leave my bulky phone on the ground by my towel while i ran or did circuit training. Swiched back to my corded cheap yurbuds when the expensive beats died and wouldnt even charge. Thankfully got a new pair of the "improved" powerbeats 3s this past xmas but i was reluctant to use them, fearing another faulty pair and wasting $200 bucks that i could use elsewhere. Finally gave in and started using them after the new year-and guess what?! Less than a month after opening the box and after maybe 15 uses, they started to turn off on their own, even after charging fully the previous night. Now they wont even turn on and the power light only flashes 3 times when i push the button in. What a joke! These headphones are not worth the price tag and wouldnt be worth any hype at all if not for the celebrity endorsements (who probably get new pairs free whenever they break) and apple name behind them (which they better honor when i walk into the store to return them tomorrow). Stay away from these, no matter how much $ they spend on their flashy advertising.

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    Very Expensive Garbage

    I bought these through Verizon on a Black Friday sale. I not really into Beats Audio stuff, but with the new M1 chip and the headphones made for working out, I thought, why not.

    Expensive mistake...these things simply do not work. My first pair would constantly drop the connection or would randomly shutdown. Despite charging them fully, they would go down to 18% after a 45min workout. The control button stoped working. Exchanged them with Verizon and now on my second pair, experiancing the same problems. My $10 generic headphones from Amazon were more reliable than this. STAY AWAY

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    $200 wasted on a name

    I recently purchased the powerbeats3 as a replacement for a broken pair of cheap mpow wireless workout headphones and was astonished that the sound quality of the beats was worse than the cheap ones. The powerbeats are built solidly and seem unlikely to break but for $200 I expected high quality sound. I tried my friend's Bose in ear wireless headphones that were half the price and was blown away by how much better they sounded. Will be selling the powerbeats and getting the Bose.

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    Cool, until pathetic

    Loved the new beats - great battery life, volume etc.

    That is until 2 weeks into my purchase that my beats won't turn on at all anymore. Not surprised to see the 100+ issues posted below that all seem to agree. This is absolutely pathetic and we deserve our money back and more -> no wonder why Apple is continuing to lose market share. You have billions of cash on hand - how about you use it????

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Earbuds for Any Application

    I got these beats for Christmas and have been using them for about a month now. They replaced my corded Apple headphones. I will never go back. They fit great, and never fall out. Have awesome sound and are easy to use. I love them.

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    Owned them less than 4 months and my second set has failed again
    Same issues cannot turn on sometimes
    Cannot turn off sometimes
    buttons don't work
    Volume does random things
    Siri activates by itself

    Very Very poor and not to the high standard that Apples normally adheres to

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    I bought these for my boyfriend. We work out every single day so they are on and off quite a bit. After the first two weeks of him wearing them he went to put them on (didn't really do anything wrong I was watching) and the ear piece broke off. He still can use them because the wires are still all attached, however I think for the price they should be more durable. It seems a bit ridiculous for them to break just from sliding them on your ear.

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    Terrible experience

    I've had to return two pairs of these in the first 6 weeks. When they're working I think they're great, however, I've had nothing but problems. Volume going up and down on its own, changing songs randomly, not being able to power up or connect, I've seen it all.

    Clearly they have some bugs that need to be fixed.

    On my second return I've waited over a week for a return label. Beyond disappointed with the product and service.

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    I upgraded from the power beats2 & I THOUGHT it was a great decision, but I was proven wrong.
    I loved the 2's till they died on me, they wouldn't hold charge & when they died it let off a loud buzzing sound that almost blew my ear drum out (slight exaggeration). The 3's were a huge improvement, the battery life was like triple & I feel like the range was further but I haven't even owned them a month before I faced the same issue, they are not holding a charge, I'm beginning to wonder if it is from all sweat.

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    Great Quality

    Good quality headphones and I really enjoy not having a wire when working out. Only downside would be that it is slightly uncomfortable in ear at first but I have gotten use to it as well as if my bluetooth isn't working, I have no headphones to use.

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