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    Amazing headphones. Great build and amazing sound!

    Before I purchased a pair of Studio Wireless for school, I purchased these headphones for home and online-gaming. Now because of Online-Gaming, I obviously use the mic a lot. Now overall, the quality of the mic is very good, and the other players on the other side can hear me just as good as I can hear them. Sound quality wise, these are the best sounding Beats (for the price) ever. I actually compared them to the Solo 2's, and these sounded a bit more dynamic and overall better, but I guess that expected since these headphones are still very newly manufactured. Design wise, it's also amazing. I have had these headphones for around 4 months now: No problems so far with the durability or design. I constantly throw these in my bag a lot, and I have never come across something breaking or snapping on the headphones themselves. They also feel and look amazing. I constantly get compliments of them in public, which is a great thing, I guess! If your on a small budget for a new pair of Beats headphones, then you will not be disappointed with these. Guaranteed.

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    These headphones are incredibly comfortable, sound amazing and are priced perfectly!! A great purchase "!!

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    Much too Tight!

    The sound is great and the look is beautiful, but after only a day of use I have to return these headphones and they are so tight! I can wear them for about a 1/2 hour before my ears start feeling numb and my earrings are digging into my head. This is definitely a deal-breaker flaw on these headphones. Please fix this!

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