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    These new Beats rock!

    • Written by Joseph O from Litchfield

    Ok, let's get one or two things straight. For some reason Beats have had the undeserving reputation as not sounding good just because the original concept came about from a famous Rapper by the name of Dr Dre. Funny thing about that is Dr. Dre honestly has some of the best sounding Rap albums of all time, even if that genre is not my usual forte.. I can still get down on some Dre and his albums stand out for their sound quality. Another thing is most audiophile snobs.. who have to upgrade everything they get in two months time that costs just another 100 dollars.. just another 200 dollars.. until they have a setup that they could have put towards a brand new car, and they are still not happy. I was one of them. I was up to Ultrasones that retailed for $1700 with a very expensive headphone amp and very expensive cables. I had to buffer my cds with liquid treatment before I played them. I wanted to upgrade everything all the time, and looking back wow that was dreadful. It never ended.

    Do you know what these Beats have that they don't have? You don't have to have the absolute best recording on the planet to make these headphones shine. The Beats line, including the Eps are very warm and polite in tone, while still being very exciting and energetic to listen to and very engaging with all kinds of music.

    Though I am still a big fan of the Solo 2's and have only auditioned the Beats Eps. Here are a few tips for new people into the Beats scene. First off the comfort. When I first got my Solo 2's I thought the comfort was very bad. Until I learned to figure out how to wear them. You want the entire pads to fully circle ON your ears and center them. This will feel a bit awkward at first, especially if used to over-ear headphones, but in doing so and leaving them that way, they will eventually adapt to your ears and the pads will sink in on your ears and adapt to your own ears.. and wow they are the most comfortable pair of headphones that I own now. I have since sold my Ultrasones and whatever upper end clarity and detail I am missing now is worth it ten-fold now that I am enjoying ALL of my recordings on a music streaming service, I am using Apple Music, as an example, it just works great on a Mac.

    The Beats Solo 2's and my Friends Ep's with a music streaming service to me represent an ultimate solution to having a never ending music library with very pleasing audio quality and comfort. I cannot fully explain why the Beats line usually gets trashed in the Audiophile community, but that they were aimed to "the youth of inexperienced audiophile wannabes", or something along those lines, but this is simply not true, even if there really were such a thing. It's overwhelmingly great to say this. I have not been happier with my audio setup, without a headphone amp and playing music straight from my computers headphone plugin jack. No fancy cables, and I have not one time in these three months of owning my Beats thought that I have to just get the Beats Studios right now. Don't let people fool you. Give the Beats a bit of time and get the comfort right. And you will be in Audio Nirvana before you know it.

    Oh and if I may add, I know I did not talk about the Eps very much, but I might as well say, they sound at least as good as the Solo 2's. I just prefer the Solo 2's for now being foldable, more portable and I can get a longer cable plugged into them if I so choose. It's nice to keep your options opened and is far more important to have your options open than spending hundreds of dollars on upgrades every time you just have to scratch that upgrade itch. Thank you Dr. Dre for creating them and thank you Apple for continuing the awesome Beats tradition alive!

    - Joseph O.

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    Great, but NOT outstanding.

    • Written by Mark G from Moscow

    I am giving these headphones 4 stars because of their design, sound quality (which is rare for Beats) and overall the experience! I have had the Beats EP for a 3 months so I know that I shouldn’t come to conclusions... But here is my review!
    1. The Design
    The Beats EP look very polished and clean. Basically it has been “Johnny Ived”! The only thing I would have liked, is an exchangeable cable and a foldable design. I know this would make the Beats Solo 2 irrelevant... but Beats don’t even sell the Solo 2s anymore!
    2. The Sound Quality
    It’s great! The headphones have a lot of bass (which I like) and clear enough vocals. It’s pretty good!
    3. Isolation and Features
    The isolation is good. It doesn’t have ANC but because of the ear cups it isolates sound pretty well. But with features, I would have preferred a carrying case like the Solo line has!

    In conclusion these are great headphones! I wouldn’t be afraid to call them the Beats MIXR 2!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Jacob N from terre haute

    I love these headphones they make the music sound like it has great power it is the best pair of headphones I'm planning on buying the upbeats 3 because i want earbud beats i love beats and i would recommend them to any music lover by the way the sound better than beats did when Dr. Dre owned them the way they were in the past was they only sounded good with rap or hip hop and the bass overpowered everything but the thing now is with beats ever since apple bought them they sound actually good and these beats are actually affordable :D

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    love them

    • Written by ALEXIS G from Bronx

    I love these headphones , they are a great option for your first pair of beats its comfortable its sounds great but i wish that it had a detachable cable so if it was damage you could easily get a new one

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing headphones. Great build and amazing sound!

    • Written by Brandon N from Auckland

    Before I purchased a pair of Studio Wireless for school, I purchased these headphones for home and online-gaming. Now because of Online-Gaming, I obviously use the mic a lot. Now overall, the quality of the mic is very good, and the other players on the other side can hear me just as good as I can hear them. Sound quality wise, these are the best sounding Beats (for the price) ever. I actually compared them to the Solo 2's, and these sounded a bit more dynamic and overall better, but I guess that expected since these headphones are still very newly manufactured. Design wise, it's also amazing. I have had these headphones for around 4 months now: No problems so far with the durability or design. I constantly throw these in my bag a lot, and I have never come across something breaking or snapping on the headphones themselves. They also feel and look amazing. I constantly get compliments of them in public, which is a great thing, I guess! If your on a small budget for a new pair of Beats headphones, then you will not be disappointed with these. Guaranteed.

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    • Written by Ryan B

    These headphones are incredibly comfortable, sound amazing and are priced perfectly!! A great purchase "!!

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    • Written by Tyler D from Glastonbury


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    Much too Tight!

    • Written by Chelsea T from Santa barbara

    The sound is great and the look is beautiful, but after only a day of use I have to return these headphones and they are so tight! I can wear them for about a 1/2 hour before my ears start feeling numb and my earrings are digging into my head. This is definitely a deal-breaker flaw on these headphones. Please fix this!

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