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    The lightning port is placed at a horrible position. I want to be able to charge and use the mouse at the same time. That's really impossible with the magic mouse 2. And I also don't want to use batteries.

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    Apple Magic Mouse 2 is Great!

    I bought the Apple Magic Mouse 2 a few weeks ago for my iMac. Previously just used a track pad, but decided I needed a mouse for more delicate photo editing chores. It is everything a great piece of equipment should be and it works very well. I was concerned about the negative reviews on the poor design of the charging system. The folks who wrote these reviews need to get a reality check about their abilities to evaluate good design. Simply put, there is no issue with the charging system that any normal person could find fault with. Yes, you can't use the mouse while charging it, but who cares. Are there really people out there who are using their mouse 24 hours per day? I have had the mouse in the on position for the better than two weeks that I've used it, and it is still at 90% charge. This is a great product that I would highly recommend.

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    Stupid AND great

    This mouse is brilliant but designed by an idiot (or team of idiots). The feel of the mouse, the functionality, the build quality are all class-leading... but who in the world thought that sticking the charging port on the base of the mouse was a good idea?! And not allowing the mouse to be used whilst being charged? Seriously?! WHY? What a stupid thing to do Apple. What does someone do when they're working and their mouse runs out? Am I expected to buy two of these things??? Aargh.

    Here's a solution, Apple... what if the mouse could become a wired mouse whilst charging? Stick the port in the front-end of the mouse and have it work whilst charging so I don't have to use my laptops trackpad for intricate design work.

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    An AMAZING Mouse!!

    I absolutely love the Magic Mouse 2!! Being new to Apple products and getting used to all the gestures, the Magic Mouse 2 is an excellent addition. I'm able to swipe between windows, navigate emails and do all other tasks with such ease and efficiency!! I love this Magic Mouse. Like anything else Apple, the design is so perfect, so clean and so elegant!! I would highly recommend the Magic Mouse 2 to anyone!!

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    Poor connectivity

    The mouse still has the problems that the previous version had i.e randomly disconnecting and reconnecting which can be very inconvenient and frustrating. This happened on the first day I owned my new iMac. I am having to use my old USB mouse - this should not happen with a brand NEW computer :(

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    Charging and Using this Mouse Proves to be Problematic

    An average user would assume that charging while in use would be capable with this mouse. Not only does the industrial design itself prevent this, the actual software within the mouse prevents itself from being useful while charging.

    The design is not useful, and the software has very painful UX realizations. I do not recommend.

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    great idea! not!!!

    Charge port on bottom. C'mon! Just fire the people who thought that would impress anyone. If charging was a ounce in a while kind of thing maybe, but this is all the time and irritating. The "B" team must have been in charge of this one.

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    Great Mouse!

    I got this mouse for my birthday and it has been amazing!

    It worked straight from the box, I just opened it and connected the mouse for the first time and after that the mouse has worked perfectly from then. When reading the reviews I saw that biggest complaint was that the charging port was on the bottom of the mouse. I don't see why it is such a big deal when the mouse doesn't have to be charged that often, it doesn't take that long and you shouldn't be using it while it charges anyway.

    Overall, I believe this mouse is amazing and deserves the five stars. The complaints made seem very thin to me.

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    Absolute waste of money

    Buying apple mac and then the mouse 2 - were the biggest mistakes of my life. Comparing a regular mouse to apple mouse - this is 10 times less smooth. The scroll isn't working already, and other users on the forum seem to have the same issue.

    I swear I wouldn't have as bad if I just lost $129 AUD from my pocket.

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    Love it! Excellent mouse.

    I absolutely love the elegance of this mouse. It is very easy to use and super comfortable. People reviewing are saying the edges are sharp and cut your fingers... are they intentionally trying to do that? Scrolling is like butter. As for the charge port being on the bottom, I don't believe it presents a huge issue being that the mouse needs to be charged for a short period of time every few weeks if not months.

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    Not recommended

    This mouse is so below my expectation. With 65 pounds you would expect it to perform excellently and especially given it's from Apple. The precision is terrible, which I sense could be partly due to its heavy weight. Another pain is the scrolling effect, nothing to be compared with what you feel like at the track pad. The scrolling speed is too unpredictable. These two facts highly influences its effectiveness. Using this mouse is not saving me any time! I wish they can allow more adjustments about the speed and precision. I'd rather go back to my razor.

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    Great Mouse - Don't Understand the Negative Reviews

    I've been using the Magic Mouse 2 for about 2 weeks and I'm very happy with the performance. I'm switched over from a logitech mouse with a scrolling roller, so I did need to get used to the feel. It took a day at most. Like other reviewers, I was perplexed by the choice to put the charging port on the bottom. After using the mouse without needing to charge it for two week, I must say these complaints are a bit overblown. The charge lasts a very long time and it doesn't take very long to get a sustainable charge. As someone whose had to run out to the store to get batteries for a mouse because they died, I have to say having a rechargeable battery is a big upgrade.

    I find the mouse comfortable and easy to use. It does take a little time to get used to how it functions and my guess is that it won't be right for everyone, but I'm quite satisfied and the biggest complaints are overblowm imho.

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    Really feels like magic!

    I have been using a wired mouse for 13 years and was reluctant to change!
    3 days ago I decided it was time for a change!

    This mouse is easy to install, feels great, and looks fab!
    There are instructions to make the most of the mouse if you click mouse in System Prefs.

    The mouse powers down if you dont use it, not sure how long, maybe an hour? So you dont need to turn it off overnight, though Apple say its best to turn it off if you plan not to use it for a while, maybe week or more?

    I have used it a few hours each day for 3 days, its down by 12%, so I guess it will last 3 weeks or so without charging. It comes with a USB cable which you need to use for recharging, to the computer or iphone recharger.

    You cant use the mouse while recharging, the only bad point, as the cable port is under the mouse, crazy! Best to recharge overnight anyway, when it gets down to 3-5% I reckon.

    So, at the moment, after 3 days, I love it!

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    Works Great!

    I love this mouse so far, I find it fairly comfortable in the hand, dinging this mouse for not being ergonomically comfortable is kind of a farce, comfort is one of those things that is relative and personal preference. I myself find it to be comfortable, the high build quality and glass of the surface makes scrolling and the built in gestures of OS X a breeze and a joy to use, the battery lasts forever and charges quickly, I understand some people find the lighting port on the bottom to be a bit of a strange choice, but it's not used that often so, doesn't bother me any, and I can understand the choice, couldn't really put on the front because of the shape of the mouse, and it seems like it would be dumb to change the entire design just to put it there, also putting it on the side seems very odd as well. This mouse has worked very well for me, my suggestion, if you've got an Apple Retail store by you head into the store and try it out in person.

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    Stupid Charging Port

    Who the "genius" that put the charging port under a mouse?
    Why don't you put the charging port under laptop as well? sound genius too right?
    Because you only care about taking our money!
    I'm so regret and disappointed with this so called "Magic Mouse".

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    Works Good, pretty light

    The mouse is good and I'm happy that I can charge it. The comments about the edge being too sharp is BS and the mouse does not double click when you want a single click. It's all lies. it is lighter than the older version because there are no batteries.

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    Needs to be redesigned

    Am I the only one getting almost cut from the edge of the mouse? Apple, please make round edges on next design so it doesn't cut the finger after a while of use. Also, whenever I work on photoshop the canvas is always moving all over the place because of the sensitivity... annoying. I've tried taking that off but can't seem to be able.

    But the rounded edges is a must for next design.

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    Do it again, do it right!

    The entire top is loose, which makes it two clicks when pressed down. When pushing down, the top of the mouse hits the bottom part of the mouse, causing an annoying can-like sound. The entire mouse is unsteady on flat ground, which adds another annoying sound!

    How do I supose to work during the charging?

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    Awful, save your money for some other Apple product

    I really like Apple products - my iPhone, my iPad Air 2, my MacBook 12... they are all well-designed and work beautifully.

    Take the trackpad on the MacBook 12. It can be 'clicked' anywhere (the trackpad surface doesn't move) with the same soft pulse feedback. It is easy to scroll or drag by using one finger. It even has Force Touch for a secondary function.

    Now consider this 'Magic Mouse':
    - Hand cannot rest on the flat, low surface
    - Uncomfortably sharp sides
    - Entire top surface moves when clicked
    - Too much force required to click, too loud as well
    - Can't scroll sideways when used with Windows/Bootcamp. Can't zoom either. Can only scroll up and down, usually by accident
    - Does not track movement reliably

    What a dud!
    Better off with a Logitech MX Anywhere 2 - better in every respect, except perhaps for the sci-fi design.

    Sorry Apple, I've tried to be fair... and I hope this helps someone, even someone to design a better mouse - take that minimalist style which I like, and blend it with functionality, please.

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    Much better than Magic Mouse 1

    My Magic Mouse 1 was good, and I only replaced it because it died.
    I read these reviews and found that the main complaint was that the charging port was underneath it and this made it impossible to use like a mouse with a tail while charging. IMHO the charging port is in the right place - underneath where it is less likely to get filled with dirt. Complaining that the mouse is not available to use while charging is not realistic when a full charge lasts for about a month. Even if one had forgotten to put it on charge, putting it on charge for the time it would take to get and install a new set of batteries on Magic Mouse 1, there should give enough charge to continue using for the rest of the day.
    I like using a mouse that is not tied to the USB port - for those who really want to use a mouse with a tail, Apple have a very good one that is cheaper than the Magic Mouse 2

    It is simple to check the level of charge: Select the Bluetooth icon on the toolbar. Hover the pointer over the 'mouse name' and the level of charge will appear in a window.

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