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    this mouse is horrible

    this is the most temperamental piece of technology i've used in a long time. first it doesn't work on certain mousepads. then i find a mousepad it will actually work on, and suddenly one day ... it doesn't. i am literally needing to use my macbook pro as a mousepad, because the reflective surface is the only thing that works with this stupid mouse. sort of. because it's still relatively ineffective and frustrating to use on that surface. apple really needs to get this mouse situation together.

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    Bad mouse

    Paid $72.00 for my Apple Mouse 2. It would not mate to my new MacBook Pro. The mouse obviously is broken. I tried to charge it and see if it would work. Still would not mate for more than one second. Here's my point. For $72.00 the quality control should be much better. This is unacceptable at any level. Now I have to return the mouse and take more time out of my busy day. I like apple but I cannot recommend their mouse. It is disappointing for an Apple product. I have just switched over to using Apple. Maybe their marketing is better than actual quality.

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    Magic Mouse 2

    This product excludes more Mac users than it includes: the new Apple policy? Just think of putting the recharging port on the underside of the mouse.

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    I like it.

    I really like this mouse actually. They really should rethink the way it plugs in to charge.. that bit is cr*p.

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    Getting Better

    First I will rubbish all those who say it needs a 2015 iMac. My mouse paired perfectly with my 2012 27" iMac and has worked perfectly ever since.

    I don't find the feel of it much different to the earlier version and cannot understand why a reviewer complained it can't be used with big hands. I have huge hands that need XXXL gloves and have never noticed any problem.

    My main reason for buying it was I was fed up with forever putting new batteries in my old mouse and then continually having to move them to keep contact and, in turn, Bluetooth connection. Now it's great, it NEVER loses contact.

    My only minor criticism is charging. Charging off the computer is only possible if the computer is turned on and it cannot be used while charging, partly as connecting the cable turns it off and partly as the charging port is on the base. I have other Bluetooth kit that functions while charging there does not seem a technical reason why it can't be done and I am sure the power socket could have been positioned on the side. Fortunately I can use my iPhone charger but this problem it loses it one star

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    Fantastic, but one complaint...

    The mouse is very fluent and works well. However, the gestures such as the swipes only work on El Capitan, or so I am aware of. But, overall it's a very reliable piece of technology at a very good price.

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    Love it!

    The mouse works really great and is awesome! It also survived a 3 story fall so I'm pretty sure it's built to last.

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    Mouse is great, no issues. But WHY is the charging port on the bottom of the mouse so it can't be used whilst charging..... Something every other mouse producer in the world is doing..

    Then, you have to lay your mouse on its side to charge it, it's stupid.

    C'mon. This is not Apple, you can do so much better. I might go back to my v1 with third party wireless recharging!!

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    Love or hate

    I really believe Apple should admit to the fact that they just can't make a decent mouse. My major problem with this mouse is ergonomics. It just doesn't fit my hand.

    When I bought my new iMac I had a choice the MM2 or the wired mouse. I bought this one because I new it wouldn't have dirt issues (as the wired version does).

    My major gripe as I said are ergonomics. The mouse gives me wrist pain and that is a "no-no" for an item like this. I also find it a bit heavy but you can say that about all bluetooth mice.

    Also it is not as accurate as wired mice and that includes Apple's wired mouse as well (when it worked).

    Did it exceed my expectations? No it met my expectations. It looks great but the functionality leaves a lot to be desired. That is, this mouse is an example of form over function.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    It's a great mouse compared to Magic Mouse 1. It's lighter and last longer. More accurate and lower lag. It just feels right.
    Nothing changed much in terms of appearance, but it's a totally different mouse.

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    Terrible mouse!

    The central function of a mouse should be that it is ergonomically designed to function flawlessly. Unfortunately the mighty mouse 2 is far from that. It feels awkward, small and is a nuisance to use. As much as I admire the aesthetic design coupled by superior functionality of most Apple products, they missed the point on this mouse. I find it hard to comprehend how it even made it to market. Did this mouse not get tested for functionality?

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    Ok Lets See

    This Looks This Was The Second Mouse You Have Made I Got It With My iMac And It Was AWESOME So I Made This Comment Because I Love iMac's So yeah Thats It

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    Who are these people?

    Is someone paying irrational, cantankerous antagonists to write one-star reviews? Anything they don't love is automatically "the worst thing ever!" All of these extremely low reviews are incredible... as in "not even remotely credible."

    This mouse looks and feels like the last one - only a little lighter. Ergonomics, weight, appearance, functionality... all great things, and all much better than your average third-party product. The mouse plugs in to charge... and this is somehow horrible? Upside-down is a bit weird and you don't use it while it is charging. How does that make this a one-star product? Don't you ever sleep? Can't you remember to plug your mouse in overnight once a month? This is way better than having to change the batteries every two weeks. Do you gripe about your phone because you have to put it down once in a while to charge it? So it doesn't work with some of the older system software? Well in most cases, neither should you. How does that make this product abysmal? Your wrist hurts? That is not the mouse's fault. Operator error does not make a product atrocious any more than a drunk driver makes a a particular brand of car a hazard to drive.

    This mouse is a great product. An improvement over the already-good last version. Would I prefer a third party mouse over this one? No thanks. I'll give my five stars right here without apology.

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    Utterly terrible, 0 stars.

    Like so many of the reviews here, I can't get over how bad every single aspect of this mouse is. If it weren't for it literally being 'free' as the mouse I use at work then I'd be asking for a refund.

    - Cost? Expensive
    - Functionality? Can't use it while it charges - and this is so apparent that it's designed into the mouse.
    - Design? Ergonomically poor.
    - Features? Scroll, gestures, etc work with Yosemite.

    The last point is the kicker. This makes every single other mouse ever made 'as good' or even better than it. All I can do is click.

    Useless, pathetic, embarrassing for Apple. There's aren't enough words to sum it up.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Handy and neat!

    I recently owned the first Magic Mouse and returned it to BestBuy literally 1 day before Apple released this Magic Mouse 2.

    When I had the first Magic Mouse, having batteries for it wasn't really a con since the battery lasted a pretty long time. But now that I have the Magic Mouse 2, I am SO glad it has a built in rechargeable battery. And an added on bonus about this Magic Mouse 2 is that I can use my iPhone's lightning connector to charge up the mouse, or use the lighting connector provided in the box. Apple says the charge on this mouse is suppose to last for about a month or more, and so far I can say that it's living up to Apple's words.

    As far as design goes, I love it! This mouse's sleek design makes it look really good! I am a male and I have medium sized hands, and I will say that it did take me a while to get used to holding this mouse since it doesn't fit in the curve of your hand like most other mouses do. The gestures that you can do with this mouse are super cool and it feels very natural, especially if you are fond of the Macbook's Trackpad or the Wireless Trackpad.

    The only downside I had with this mouse (1st and 2nd version) was the price...and the bluetooth connection issues. Every now and then my mouse tends to not want to connect to my Macbook Pro's bluetooth. But it could be an issue with the Mac's bluetooth or the Magic Mouse...or maybe the Magic Mouse has a sleep mode that activates after so long that I don't know about. Who knows?

    Other than that, this is a very nice accessory to have with your Mac. I already had it planned in my mind to return it back to BestBuy before my 14-day return trial is up, but now I've decided to keep it. I am very glad I bought this Magic Mouse.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Tiny Tiny Tine

    Can this mouse be any smaller? At least with the other mouses at office depot or office max there's a bigger mouse to hold onto so it doesn't feel like a Tic-Tac box. Apple you disappointed me with the tiny mouse. Can't wait to see if you come out next year with the mouse the size of a wafer cookie.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Lithium-Ion batteries dont belong in low power devices

    I loved the original magic mouse. The ergonomics weren't very good but I used it as a reminder to step away from the computer. This mouse is no better. Instead of going at my leisure, I need to walk away in order to charge the mouse upside down.

    I have long understood the value of quality Eneloop batteries. I have a large collection for my camera flashes, flashlights, and older electronics. Lithium-ion batteries became a good choice for frequent use, high drain devices like laptops and phones. The other benefit was the extra freedom it gave industrial designers to make the batteries fit in noncylindrical shapes. - The catch? Physics. An Eneloop battery will last. I'm not talking about Duracell's or what you find at the drug store. Any battery that can be bought in bulk is mediocre at best.
    Eneloop batteries are designed specifically to hold a charge when not in use, and maintain sustainable output even when the charge is low. Eneloop batteries can be charged thousands of times while still maintaining full capacity. In comparison, lithium batteries loose a significant amount of their charge capacity after just a few hundred charges. An example is when a smartphone will no longer hold a charge.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good enough

    I had the first magic mouse long long time ago and just few days ago I bought the Magic Mouse 2 because there's no other mouse out there that is a perfect partner for a Mac.

    - It is a perfect love affair for Macs OS X - not all os x versions though as I have heard. The ones I'm using is the latest os x and it's perfect.
    - gestures and swipes really works well. Faster than using a conventional mouse in a mac where you have to keep looking for the horizontal scroll bars.

    - this mouse is quite expensive
    - they should have made a mouse that you can use while charging. How hard can it be if Apple have many well paid and brilliant engineers? charging is quick but what if you need the mouse at the moment while charging. Oh well good ol Steve Jobs would say to keep track of the battery and charge before you use it lol
    - Ergonomics of Mighty Mouse is not very good for people with large hands. I have small hand and it doesn't bother me much. I do have friends with large hands said it's awkward to use.

    I keep calling it Mighty Mouse instead of Magic Mouse LOL

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    Don't buy it

    Worst mouse I ever used, so un-precise, ergonomics is not good, my hand is hurting me. Is over priced too. Is not work mouse that is for sure. Is making me less productive.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    My old magic mouse is still going but the battery cover has broken so I bought a "2" to replace it. Excellent mouse. Lighter and smoother than the original. Highly recommended.

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