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    Magic Mouse 2 is not charging

    despite several attempts, the magic mouse 2 is not charging, though it is being detected by the system.

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    Love this mouse

    I wanted the bluetooth mouse since I have limited usb ports on my mini mac. When I first saw that there was no roller on the top and it wasn't split for right click left click I was concerned. Then I read the instructions and learned that you can program for right/left click in the settings. Also the material the mouse is made of recognizes when I slide my finger as though there was a roller and scrolls the page. Works like a dream. Very happy I bought it!

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    Magic Mouse 2 IS AWESOME.

    Magic Mouse 2 IS BY far the best mouse that I have ever used.

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    I like it. Works just like the old one.

    I like that it recharges. Just remember to plug it in when you go home for the day / leave for work in the morning / go to bed at night. I have no idea why people are confused by this workflow. It's not like a daily thing, the charge lasts for weeks. I don't think it's too much to plug the thing in when you walk away once a month.

    This mouse works great, I like the touch gestures. It's an improvement over the last version with recharging and as some have noted, it is a little lighter if that's important to you.

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    Poor excuse for a mouse

    I bought this mouse to go along with my Macbook pro. The mouse bearly even connects, and when it does, it won't move the curser or click on anything! Plus... why put the port for the charger on the bottom of the mouse! That's just simple bad design. Taking it back and looking for a wired mouse.

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    Crazy bad mouse

    1. It accidentally scrolls everything but especially maps.
    2. Right click sometimes doesn't work.
    3. It loose connection once per week.
    4. You must use Terminal to set correct speed because it's still too slow on the maximum available setting.
    5. You can't use it while charging. (For example, you can use Apple Trackpad while charging.)
    6. It covers by scratches in few days of use.

    I changed mouse but it didn't help to resolve any of the described issues. I'm sure that nobody at Apple use it because it's almost impossible to use it.

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    Poor ergonomics

    I can live with the design that the charging port is at the bottom and that you cannot use the mouse while charging. We could solve this simple problem by charging it before calling it a day. It does charge quickly, though. So even if you get caught in the middle of something, you can plug it in, get a coffee, and get enough juice to get the job done.

    As I have aged however, I cannot tolerate the very poor ergonomics in this mouse. First, it is way too flat which forces your hand to lay flat on the desk in an uncomfortable and unnatural position — our hand naturally curves when relaxed. It is very very unnatural to do the right click as it forces your index (or middle) finger to stretch to the right. This may not sound much if you have to do it once or twice a day, but after 30 years or so using a computer, it adds up. Esthetics aside, most of the comfortable mice on the market are shaped like a rock so our hand rests naturally and comfortably on it. These mice have a hump in the middle to separate your index finger from the middle finger to allow the latter to right click without you making any effort (mentally or physically). The MM-2 is no doubt pretty and smart in using the entire surface as a track pad, which eliminates moving parts to track. But it is uncomfortable to use so I ended up using a Logitech mouse instead. What a shame and there is still no replacement for this after all these days ...

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    Best mouse I have ever owned

    I absolutely loved the original Magic Mouse, but the Magic Mouse 2 makes something great even greater. The fit, feel, and functionality of the Magic Mouse 2 makes it the best mouse I have ever owned. I have read numerous reviews of people complaining that you can't charge while using it at the same time. Either these individuals don't realize how much it would mess up the shape by having a port at the top, or these individuals have the worst time management skills known to man that they can't charge a mouse overnight or when not using their desktop.

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    Apple! Can't you see it is nowhere near good enough?

    Lots of customers have politely mentioned the inconvenience of having a mouse that is unusable while it is recharged.
    This is not just poor design it is unforgivably bad design. It is rediculous. It is bad enough that they have to be recharged. I have had Macs since 1987 and never given the mice, or their leads, a second thought. They all outlasted the Macs they came with and worked perfectly throughout. Now in 2017 I have to wait while this waste of expensive materials charges itself up. On it's back with the lightning lead sticking up stupidly. Really, really stupidly. Apple has started making toys. Not even good ones, just pretty ones. I am sitting here looking at it now, unable to use my very expensive Mac and feeling unbelievably angry and frustrated. It is pretentious and unnecessary overdesign, masquerading as simplicity and ending up beyond inadequacy.

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    Great Product

    I'm coming off a PC-based system to a Mac and I love it all, including my Magic Mouse. What's not to love? Scrolling between programs or apps and scrolling within a page without all that annoying clicking. It's comfortable in my hand and has a substantial feel. It moves easily on a standard mouse pad. Great product.

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    Magic Mouse 2

    I've had two of the magic mouse and each one has failed after several months of use. I have tried reinstalling the software but this hasn't worked. It's a great idea but extremely unreliable and frustrating as you need to ensure you have a plug in mouse at the ready for when this one ultimately fails.

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    A bit pricy but a nice product

    Purchased this as a replacement for my original Magic Mouse just because. Typical Apple build quality. Can't specifically say why, but the mouse "feels" smoother and more responsive. Not having to change batteries will be nice. Setup is a no brainer. Plug it into your computer and it pairs automatically. If you had a previous Magic Mouse, all your settings are carried over. Regarding the charging port being on the bottom of the mouse, yes, not a great design (misguided form over function). But, the mouse fits quite nicely on an Apple iPhone dock (mouse facing forward towards the cable) so at the end of the day, place it on the dock and there won't be an issue with battery level. And yes, you'd have to buy one of those too. So far, very pleased.

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    Simply Impressive

    This is the true beauty of technology. You will never regret buying this. Battery lasts months before it needs charging. Scrolling, clicking etc is smooth as silk.

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    Don't buy this

    I love the interface with the Magic Mouse, most of all being able to swipe sideways (no wheel or button). But honestly this thing was wonky almost right out of the box -- within one or two days, left click wouldn't work, mouse wouldn't connect with my computer. Who has time to futz around with this all morning? Not me. Please come up with a corded Magic Mouse that actually works day in, day out. Very disappointed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Ignore the misleading reviews, people are idiots, this thing is awesome!

    For goodness sake, do you charge your phone overnight? Then do the same this this you knuckleheads!! You can't tell me you don't sleep so let's be honest, many of you forget to charge this, then it dies and then you complain that the port should be in the front to compensate of your idiocy. Just take a break if you must allow it to charge while working, then create better habits, it's not difficult.

    I switched from the first version to this one and it was seamless! Works exactly as it always has (perfectly), have had zero issues and the best part? It charges super fast and no more batteries ever!!!!

    Buy it, and use it as its intended, charge it overnight, unlike the masses minus the M, ha ha

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Meh, just meh.

    It basically does what you expect a mouse to do with a couple of programmable features such as a traditional right click (windows) as well as some zoom/magnification abilities. Nothing really game changing here. Understanding anything from Apple is 4x the cost of what it should be, this is beyond excessively priced. It doesn't travel smoothly on a desk/mousepad and it requires far more physical movement than a traditional wireless mouse. Even when dialing up sensitivity, the pointer doesn't move far. I do enjoy the look of the mouse, but beyond that, theres nothing overly compelling that would allow me to recommend it. I feel i'm being generous in my 2-star rating. Oh, and who had the bright idea to put the charging port on the BOTTOM of the mouse? There's no good way to charge the thing other than to let it dangle awkwardly off the side of your desk. Horribly stupid design there.

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    Don't bother with this mouse. In fact don't bother with Apple

    I've spent thousands with Apple over the years. But honestly, there products make to sense to me now. Don't buy this mouse. If it runs out of power the only way to charge it is via a port on the bottom, making in unusable, which means you have to stop work, or use another mouse.
    Genius!! Apple is so terrible right now. My company have already started moving to PC.
    See ya!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I just love the magic mouse 2. It's so beautiful, it doesen't need a scrool whee, it does need some time to charg but it last's for a month. The lightning connecter is on the bottom so it's unuseable for iMac users but it's fine for MacBook users. Hope apple puts the connecter on the side or front.

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    Sleek Design

    I just bought my Magic Mouse 2 yesterday for my MacBook Pro w/ retina laptop. It works fine. It glides smoothly and very operational. I found nothing wrong with it. Moreover,I like that it is rechargeable and wireless. It will help me to preserve my laptop's trackpad from always using it. The constant usage of the trackpad and the force touch is not good. I mean it will damage in the long run so it's better that I have an option - the Magic Mouse 2.

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    Stupid Design

    The mouse is unusable while charging and there is very little warning when it's about go dead. Supposedly it will get a day's charge in 2 minutes and this is flatly not true. Basically you have to have a back-up mouse and use while it's charging. Remember when apple designed things well?

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