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    Why, oh why?

    Just acquired the magic keyboard along with a brand new iMac 27" with Retina display. Love the iMac, absolutely hate the keyboard. Why, Apple, after so many iterations of keyboards that we've all got used to with iMacs and MacBooks over the years, have you now decided to change the key layout? Yes, it's a small thing but it has big impact, and I can't get used to it, especially as I still have other Apple products that deploy the original layout.

    I'm referring to the shrinkage in size of the left shift key, which is now much smaller than the caps lock key above it and less than half the size it used to be. Why mess with this? The old layout was perfectly fine. You've taken this space to insert the ` key which I now keep hitting by accident every time I need an upper case character. I hate it so much that I'm going back to my old keyboard. If this is magic, you can keep it.

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    What’s not to like?

    I have an ipad pro 12.9. I bought the smart keyboard cover and found it difficult to use - the keys have virtually no travel, and the keyboard butts up too close to the screen. In any event, the thing died shortly after it went out of warranty (as it seems they all do) and I was not in the mood to spend a ton of money on another one. It’s a great concept, but really not very useful. The various aftermarket keyboard covers all seem heavy and clunky, so I decided to try using the Magic Keyboard and a Canopy keyboard sleeve/ipad easel, and replaced the smart keyboard/cover with the much lighter, plain vanilla smart cover.

    Contrary to the numerous negative, one star reviews here, I find this little keyboard to be a wonderful device. It’s very light, and together with the ipad it doesn’t weigh any more than the smart keyboard and ipad combo. The keys are precise and easy to use - admittedly, I’m not a true touch typist but I can type like the wind using two or three fingers, always have.

    The Magic Keyboard pairs with the ipad in a matter of seconds, no problemo. I haven’t used it long enough to find the limits of battery life, but it charges up with a lightning cable and an outboard battery in no time flat. If I can get a few weeks between charges, I’ll be more than satisfied. One quibble - there really ought to be backlighting for the keys. I don’t often use a keyboard without adequate ambient lighting, but it still would be a nice feature and for the price, it ought to be there.

    I’d suggest you ignore the naysayers here. This is a really useful tool and well worth the $99 investment. If you’ve got a grand tied up in an ipad pro, I don’t see cutting corners.

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    This keyboard makes my Retina MBP 15" 2012 keyboard feel obsolete.

    I was amazed to see how low this product was rated, which is unusual for an Apple product. I decided to give it a try and I honestly can't understand why a single person is complaining about this marvel. It takes a day or two to get used to the shorter travel of pressed key, but once you are used to it, you simply can't get back. After 2 weeks, I now hate my rMBP original keyboard. As a bonus, this keyboard now accepts 6 simultaneous pressed keys as the MBP keyboard (the old model of the bluetooth keyboard did accept only 4 and it was annoying when you type really fast).

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    2017 iMac magic keyboard — no magic at all

    I agree with most of the other postings here. The magic keyboard is just insanely small, which makes it impossible to use for an adult who was taught how to touch type. Disgraceful, just disgraceful. Only a 12-year-old has hands tiny enough to fit this keyboard. And to compound the problem, apparently Apple no longer makes a full-size iMac keyboard.

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    Very disappointed

    My iMac wireless keyboard went nuts sporadically typing forward slashes for no apparent reason. I read blogs and it was recommended to get a new keyboard. I opted for Apple's Magic Keyboard. I can't tell you how bad and cheap this keyboard is. It is not comfortable, completely flat, the keys feel like cheap plastic wobbling in the base. If I had to work with this keyboard all day my hands would ache. I don't recommend this keyboard at all.

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    Good, But Bundled Cable Not Compatible With Latest MacBook Pros

    Nice design and I personally like the feel and responsiveness of the keyboard. However...

    The keyboard comes bundled with a Lightning to USB cable but unfortunately the latest MacBook Pros only ship with USB-C sockets! Given that I've just spent £99 on the keyboard, slightly aggrieved that I have to pay an additional £25 for a cable so that I can charge the thing!

    Buyers beware.

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    Not great but the only option

    I am on my 3rd of these keyboards. They are very much prone to stop functioning with no indication as to why.
    Though, they are a must to fully utilises your mac. When it works it is brilliant like most MAC products, feel great and very easy to use. Type a dozen of reports, 2 dissertations with this - no complains there. Probably will not buy again though as the quality (in terms of longevity) does not validate the price tag

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    Useless piece of equipment. just awful

    This keyboard in the most awful thing I have ever owned, I want to smash it against a wall. How do they let this junk past production??!!!!

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    Painful to use

    I really hate this keyboard.
    I have never been picky about keyboards.
    It is not the size. I replaced it with a small Logitech keyboard.
    I wrote three novels on my 11 inch Air, but the first time I tried to work with the keyboard that came with my 27in iMac, my fingertips were hurting after less than an hour of work. I am a touch typist and do not pound my keyboard.
    I even prefer to work on my iPad using a Logitech case keyboard. I even wrote one whole novel on in while traveling.
    I reverted to working on my iPad while waiting for my new Logitech wireless keyboard to arrive.

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    good in parts

    I quite like the compact dimensions as it takes up less space on the desk - but mot everyone will, I am sure.

    I like the light touch keys. But the letters have rubbed off some of the keys after just a few months, which is poor. Happily I mostly touch type.

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    9/10 good keyboard

    good, reliable keyboard.
    also good battery life

    I have two suggestions for the next gen magic keyboard:
    -Backlight Display
    -Little heavier

    some might not like the weightlessness, can be unsteady in certain situations ex: typing on your lap

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    Mine lasted less than a year and then kaput. I wish they would bring back the corded version. It lasted for ten years. I mean, wtf?

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    Magic Keyboard going back to store

    Why do I need a tiny little 11 inch wide keyboard to go with my 27 inch screen? I hate this keyboard with a passion and am bringing it back to the store today in hopes that I can trade it in on the full size keyboard. Otherwise I'll just use the wired keyboard from my prior i-Mac. I like the wireless mouse, but don' see the need for a wireless keyboard anyway.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect Purchase!

    I’m a writer, so I need a keyboard that feels comfortable and perfect for me. Before making this purchase, I checked out heaps of different keyboards, from third party ones to the Smart Keyboard that Apple itself makes. I needed something that was solid, quality, could withstand my barrage of keystrokes, and was also extremely portable.

    The Magic Keyboard fit that bill. I’m using it in conjunction with my iPad Pro and I see no reason why I should ever have to use a laptop again (for my line of work). And that’s exactly what I was hoping would happen. Sure, it doesn’t have backlit keys, but I have never been one who is fond of typing in the dark, anyway. All I wanted was a keyboard that was an excellent substitute for a normal laptop keyboard and the Magic Keyboard is just that.

    Very happy with my purchase! :)

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    Very very poor compared to last version

    I own a lot of Apple Products and this is by far the worst thing they currently make. In Apple's quest to make everything thin and tiny, they have completely ditched sturdiness and reliability. The new key design is awful, it provides little to no feedback compared to the prior "chiclet" design and quite frankly, is not sturdy at all. I have both a 2017 iMac and 2017 MBP and both keyboards for those devices are having issues after only 4 months!! The left shift key on the MBP and the number pad on the keyboard. I still prefer Apple products but the new keyboards are an absolute engineering failure. I know they will more than likely never go back to the thicker chiclet keys but if they do, I'll be there, day 1. If you can find the last model keyboard, I would suggest going with that over this.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Before upgrading my 8-year old iMac to a new one I read the reviews for the latest Magic Keyboard. (I had thought of buying it as a portable keyboard to take along with my iPad.) Many of the reviews were quite negative, plus I do not like working on laptops. So, it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I fired up my new iMac and prepared to use the keyboard.

    To my surprise, I really like this keyboard. It's easier to use than the old Magic Keyboard: I don't have to keep a supply of batteries on hand and I can type faster on it. Did it take a little time to adjust to the different feel? Yes, but that's not unusual. (And, when I play the odd game like pinball, the board doesn't move around. I assume that, in part, is due to the lower elevation angle.) In addition, it doesn't weigh much and is ideal for toting around to use with my iPad.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It's my cup of tea

    Brought it yesterday, did a lot of research and in store testing ahead. It's feeling very similar to the New MacBook keyboard, key travel a bit longer than the New MacBook Pro though. Loved it, feels like I want to type with it. It's "clicky" a bit noisy, but really good feeling. it's a notebook size keyboard but it's still very decent, connectivity is good, easy to pair, nice looking. It's pricy, but in NewZealand there aren't many choices, keyboard designed for Apple are rare, and even more expensive than this one. Many complained that the angle and flatness of the keyboard, and it really depends on personal preferences. I recommend buyers try it out at any store that has a iMac displayed, try to type a bit and then decided whether to buy or not.

    Please bare in mind, that apple's stuff are sealed and un-repackable, in NZ, you open it, you own it. So try it out first.

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    Total waste of money

    I have owned my magic keyboad just over a year and I have to say it was a total waste of money. The keys keep falling off on a regular basis. The last time this happended on the ( N Key) and when I went to clip it back on the plastic clip broke. I have now superglued it on along with the other keys that keep falling off. I will sell it on to a pawn broker and I will use my old windows XP keyboard, these last forever. Take my advice and don't buy one like I did ( in my opinion these keyboards are poorly made and a waste of money).

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    Magic Keyboard? Where´s the magic?

    How does a $99 "magic" keyboard does NOT have backlit keys??????????? How am I supposed to use this in the dark of my room while my wife sleeps and I can´t turn on a light to avoid bothering her...how am I supposed to code in the darK? What´s the magic ah? the bluethooth thing? A technology that was initiated in 1989 called short link radio technology, so am I paying $99 for a keyboard that uses a tech of 1989 and has no backlit keys? This should be sold for FREE!

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    Arrow keys are different than all other mac keyboards, sorry power-users

    The short travel and sturdy nature of this keyboard is great, but then I find myself switching back over and over to my older apple keyboards because the arrow keys are different shaped than my macbook pro, macbook air, and all other mac keyboards.

    This is probably only an issue for developers or Excel wizards who rely on the keyboard's arrow keys. When you go to change cells in Excel or move 3 lines left in excel... do you look at the keyboard to find that key and then press it? Or, do you move your right hand down to the shift key and then your fingers find the dead space before the left/right arrows so you know where the arrow keys are, then you press the right now?

    On this keyboard, the left and right arrow keys are large, not like the small ones on the macbook pro, macbook air, or other mac keyboards. It means that you have a hard time telling (without looking) that your fingers are on the up or the down key, since there is no dead space between them.

    Shame, since it's an expensive keyboard that has so much right, then they FOR SOME REASON I DON'T UNDERSTAND, HAVE MOVED KEYS THAT ARE CRITICAL TO POWER USERS. :(

    Otherwise, this is a 6-star keyboard and is my favorite at everything else (rechargable battery, better power switch instead of button, lower travel, firmer support since it's flat on the desk, lower to desk so less wrist strain, quieter, etc.).

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