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    White Smart Cover for iPad Pro

    I bought the white Smart Cover for my 12.9 iPad Pro. It fits the device perfectly. I have used it as a stand and it is very stable. It is very easy to remove and the magnets are very strong. For me it was worth spending the money to help protect my iPad. In my opinion it enhances the professional look of the iPad. I also purchased the white case to protect the back side of my iPad. You might find other options in the marketplace but many times you are sacrificing quality for price. I also bought the Apple Smart Keyboard and it is easy to switch between the two depending on my needs are at the time.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very happy with this cover

    I love this cover, it works as advertised.

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    Wonderful cover

    Just bought a new iPad pro in white and a white Smart Cover to protect it. After checking other smart covers/cases on Amazon I decided to purchase an authentic Apple product. I have not been disappointed at all. In fact I find this Smart Cover a fantastic buy! It's sturdy ( stands just fine, does not collapse and lets me watch movies), it's well made, and it looks absolutely stunning! I've read some reviews where people complained that this Smart Cover does not support the weight of the new iPad. Well, if you put it correctly ( check their pictures)) it will work. White color may not be the best choice for Smart Cover as it will get dirty sooner rather than later. Unfortunately Apple doesn't have very many options for their ipad pro. Smart Covers and Silicone Cases ( to protect the back ) come only in two colors: charcoal gray and white. Maybe down the road more colors will become available. But the product itself is great. It's fits an iPad like a glove ( actually both covers are terrific), offers good protection, folds comfortably to make a stand and has a nice clean design that complements iPad Pro.

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