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    USB 2.0 is completely unacceptable

    It's literally only a charger cable. USB 2.0 data speeds means, if you have an external desktop hard drive thats USB-C (e.g. LaCie Porsche Design Desktop Hard Drive), you will not be able to use this cable to transfer data and charge your USB-C device. Apple is trying to push the future of USB-C, but embarrassingly enough, they give us old technologies. Completely unacceptable also considering the price.

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    Owned this for just one month before stopped working

    Just beggars belief that this cable can just stop working after 1 month!!! I always take car of my stuff, even gave working original MagSafe charge cable from 2010 and another from 2911... but not this cable. Perfect on the outside, just flaps on and off and no charging at all though... also confusing that this cable is only USB 2 capable...

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    storage issues

    apple got rid of the clip that holds the charging cord together so its a pain to get it wrapped up at all.

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    USB Type-C Charging Cable Data Specification


    - Charges my 15" MacBook Pro (2017) right at 80 Watts (as measured by my Pluggable USB-C VA Meter)


    - Only supports USB 2.0 data speed (included in another post AND confirmed w/ Apple today)
    - No support for USB Alternate Modes (e.g. Thunderbolt, Display Port, MHL, and HDMI)
    - Absolutely no markings on cable whatsoever
    - High potential for future confusion and incompatibilities due to lack of USB-IF standard markings

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    Far too easily broken cable

    I have had my Macbook Pro for 2 months and the cable is not working. There is no apparent break and I always look after things very carefully.

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    Zero Star if it was possible!

    Well, where do I begin?
    1/ Loss of mag-safe, basically being "unsafe". REALLY not happy about that one!
    2/ Donglife nightmare
    3/ Not directly backwards compatible... Not every USB-C cable, port, device, and power supply will be compatible!
    4/ If you’re not careful, you can neuter or even damage your devices by using the wrong cable.
    5/ Some cables with USB-C ports on both ends can only pass 5 Gbps data while others are compatible with 10 Gbps USB 3.1 gen 2. Other cables can’t be used for power delivery or are incompatible with Alternate Mode Thunderbolt.

    So yeah... thanks Apple!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    Underwhelming, expensive.

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    What's the point of a USB-C Cable that can't handle USB 3?

    As the company pushing USB-C the hardest on laptops now, it's not great for Apple to be adding to the confusion around what is supposed to be a unifying standard. The fact that they sell a cable that will charge, and handle USB 2... but stupidly will not handle USB 3 is a massive mistake. Very frustrating, what a mess they've made of this all.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Fast charges, breaks easily

    I have had my new MacBook Pro for less than two months and have had to replace this cable twice already! The cord bends and snaps so easily. Both times I'm unsure how it happened and they're not exactly cheap to replace

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    This cable is very disappointing—which is saying a lot considering that I only use it for the bare minimum (charging). No data transferring, no video, etc.

    It DOES seem durable (though I don't know how long it'll last, exactly) but it comes at the price of being very thick, so it gets tangled fairly easily. Also, after moving your MBP around, you'll also notice that the cable starts to become "twisted."

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I have a late 2016 macbook pro with 2-usbC ports or the non-touch bar mac book pro. I will have to say that the charger is perfect, it's not clunky and it detaches from the charger box. This saves me space and I can move the "charger-box" more towards the inside of my bag to protect it from the occasional knocks as I'm hurrying through the day.
    I do miss the magsafe but in a professional environment there was truly no need for it as these machines are ultra portable. I've gone through the process of adding Windows 10 to my Pro using Bootcamp and it monitors charging speeds and it takes about 30-40 minutes for the Macbook to become fully charged from a low as 25% and it last me all day.

    I think there is much to be said about the Increased efficacy and speed of charging and you can put the charger in any way and in any port on the machine. unlike the Mag-safe that had only like one way of charging and the ridiculous wearing out of the ports. The only thing I'm worried about with these chargers is that they look a bit flimsy like the Iphone lightening chargers. However the Box-parts should last a lot longer than the Magsafe as they don't have to do much but provide power.

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    Nope. This cable is terrible. It was connected to my macbook pro when I tripped on the cable. Of course my laptop landed sideways, bending the connector while inside my computer, rendering it useless and broken. Why did you get rid of the Magsafe, Apple? Why?? Please come up with a better option.

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    Not happy with the loss of Magsafe

    Magsafe was a part of what made Apple computers feel so premium. Quick on/off, reversible, and doesn't take your computer with it if you trip over it.

    Now you need a bulky magnetic USB-C aftermarket dongle to recreate the functionality of what was one of my favorite MacBook features.

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    Not your typical USB-C cable

    Transfers data slowly and doesn't support video.

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    Quality of cables not up to typical Apple quality

    I can't believe how much Apple manufacturing quality has gone down over the past few years. The USB-C to USB-A adapter sits completely flush with the deck of the MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) while this one sticks up a few mils. It catches on your hand when using the keyboard. It sounds like a very small issue, but I'm used to Apple products having very high-end fitment. For $20 for something that used to be included with the charger, and them charging extra again for the AC cable which is now an accessory, I expect it to be on par with their other USB-C ends. Probably made by a different supplier, or it's thicker because it can handle higher power delivery rates.

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    Data Transfer speed disappointment

    Crazy that this cable that comes with my new MacBook Pro 13" is very poor for transfer speeds and that if I want a higher speed transfer I have to buy yet another cable. Apple, you really should put your best foot forward and make this a Thunderbolt 3 cable!

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    I really want to love USB-C -- it's such a versatile connector, truly a technical marvel -- but it's shameful that this cable only supports USB 2.0 data speeds and that it's not included with the purchase of a USB-C charger.

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    Solid Cable

    This cable is solid. They redid the jacket of the cable so I suspect we will see a lot less pealing and fraying like old mag safe. The cable supports USB device and 100 Watt USB-C PD. This is huge for a 20 dollar cable. This cable is one of the few things apple priced lower than the value it delivers. The cable is also already the max length supported by USB-C PD.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Cable

    Got one of these cables with my 2016 MacBook Pro (13" Non-Touch Bar). The build quality is fantastic (much thicker and more durable than the Magsafe Cable). While a lot of people are upset about the loss of Magsafe, I will say it's very nice to be able to replace only the cable and not the power adapter (Magsafe required both). I do wish they offered longer cables (3, 4 meters) as Magsafe did have the extension cable.

    Overall great cable and a huge leap over Magsafe and the Lightning cables in terms of durability and build quality.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    No Rapid Charging Supported

    So right before I was on my way to the mall I had realized that my USB Type-C cable had broke. So, once I arrived to the mall I went and checked out Apple's USB Type-C cables and had noticed that they were very cheap for the length. Long story short, I got home and plugged in the cable to phone and it wasn't charging rapidly. I will say, however, that the cable is very high quality and the length is amazing (maybe because it's for the Mac's) but I must give it 2 stars for not charging my phone rapidly. You would think that a cable this thick, which is made to charge a 15 inch Macbook Pro with an 87 watt brick, would support rapid charging.

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