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    These come in different lengths

    These charging cables come in different lengths of .3, 1 and 2 meters (a meter is just short of 3 feet). When shopping choose "Browse all" to see all the cable sizes available.

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    Love the short cable option

    I'm very happy that Apple offers this short cable option. It perfect for travel, using it with a powerbank or a hotel nightstand USB outlet. It is also perfect for home and office use; my existing alarm clock has a USB charging port, as does my work laptop dock. The short cable drasticlly reduces clutter at my desk or in my travel bag-of-chargers-and-cables.

    For those curious: the total overall length from the far end of the disc to the tip of the USB plug is just over 12 inches. The length of the cable itself is 9 inches, not counting the strain relief bits at each end.

    I'm puzzled at the two-star review criticizing the shortest of three charger options for being too short. If that individual needed a longer charger/cable, she should have purchased the 1 meter or 2 meter cables. Personally I prefer that this did not include yet another superfluous single-port USB charger. I have a drawer full of them and another one would be a waste of materials and money.

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    Great cord length

    Someone gave this cable a 2 star review because of the short cable. She must not be aware that the cable comes in an number of different lengths. To buy a short cable instead of a long cable and then complain about the cable being too short is a bit ... odd.

    You can find these cables from  in lengths of 0.3m, 1m, and 2m. So roughly 12 inches, 3 feet and 6 feet.

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    Perfect for Travel

    This cable is exactly what I was looking for. Effectively you are looking at the same cable as the original that comes with the watch, but at a 0.3 m (11.8 inches) length. This is the ideal size for travel. Simply throw in your travel bag and easily charge your watch in your hotel room without all of the clutter.

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    Pros and cons

    Pros: basic charger for iWatch
    Cons: adapter is not included and the cord is very short. So unless your outlet is literally right beside a desk or stand area, the cord cannot reach a surface. Therefore my watch will sometimes hang unless I place books or something underneath of it in order for it to lie flat. I wish Apple had made the cord longer to accommodate a longer length of space between an outlet and flat surface.

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