• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    As Good As Expected

    I had been waiting for these since they were announced at last year's iPhone 7 reveal as I was planning ok getting an iPhone 7 and knew there wouldn't be a headphone socket and didn't fancy the Air Pods as they wouldn't have for my ears. Now I must say connecting was a breeze, just as easy as demonstrated and the battery life is as advertised. In my opinion these are a perfect accessory for the iPhone 7 and have a deep balanced sound. Take time to use correct sized ear buds and push them in properly and you'll be immersed in Beats trademark sound.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great while it lasted

    First time going with a wireless headphone and these did not disappoint. Great bass and lasted long enough for my commute going to and from work. Loved them until they had the white light blink of death that everyone gets. There is a long thread in the apple support forums with countless people with the same issue ranging from being 1 month old to 4. I had mine for 3 months and used only for my train ride to and from work before they died. Apple needs to recall these because at this price they should last way longer than 3 months.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Go with something else

    One star is the lowest. It would be zero if I had that choice.
    They worked extremely well for the first 60 days. After the first tw months, they only hold a 10 minute charge. Apple Support is painful and very limited in they ability to do anything constructive.
    I would recommend going with a different bluetooth headset and any phone besides the iPhone 7.
    The new W1 chip has made most non-Apple bluetooth headsets almost unusable.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Expected better

    I read all the reviews before purchasing and decided to make the purchase, unfortunately I'll be returning them. Here's the pros and cons:
    Pros: They fit well in my ears, the wire is not uncomfortable, TV and Movie sound is great, voices are clear and loud.
    Cons: Music sound is not so good, sound is tinny and airy, lacks bass and most songs end up sounding very similar. Really disappointed with the sound quality. I'm not an audiophile but the wired EarPods that come free are far superior in sound quality than these.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Kinda okay...most of the time. I guess.

    I like the sound. The cords, though, are too long. They're okay if you're exercising while standing, but if you do exercises laying on your back or on a bench, the cords flop around, and sometimes the control pod gets caught between my shoulder and the bench and it starts turning the volume down. Have to keep rearranging them. And sometimes my arms rub up on the cords, making weird contact noises. But they're way better than the dorky seventies style ear phones that came with my iPhone 7 Plus, that's for sure. I have a feeling they won't last very long, though. And they come with the charging cord but no USB plug-in thing? C'mon. That's pretty chintzy. Oh, and as far as using them on cell phone calls? No, just no. It's like talking to yourself. They're overpriced, in my opinion.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Seriously Apple?

    These have been a chore since purchase. These headphones have been in my possession for under a month, and not a day has passed where their use hasn't been messy. The stutter is endless, cracking in and out when two feet away in the pocket of my running shorts. The sound is good, as long as you get the earbuds in perfectly, but now the sound is almost completely missing in the left earpiece. Having to power Bluetooth on and off, having to constantly restart the headphones and hoping they re-pair appropriately with the M1 (the M it seems stands for "marketing") and hoping with fingers crossed that I can walk from the parking garage to my classroom with a consistent music experience--knowing I will not--are not issues one should have to deal with in a pair of earphones that cost $150. As each day passes, it seems Apple the company is less about "it just works" and more about "Its just makes us $$." I have a Genius appointment on Monday and am hoping to reman civil.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Could have been a 10... charge falls short and connection is wonky

    So much promise to this item... perhaps I expected too much? The good is quite good, the sound and the general comfort of the fit-- the price would be reasonable (assume Apple tax of course) if not for bad Apple first gen-itis. As seems to be the case more times than not since SJ went to that big Apple tree in the sky ... along with other slippage in management, the first generation of any new product falls short from what the marketing claims...

    In the case of BeatsX (I have 2 pairs and so notice varience one to the other, as well) the battery life definitely doesn't live up to promise. Real world it comes closer to 6 rather than 8 hours at moderate to low volume levels (less obviously if you like it loud) The connection is not smooth or uniform. It may take 1 or may take 5 cues via the connect button... it may or it may not simply connect and it may or may not ask for permission the 40th time you have used with the very SAME iPhone (as opposed to simply connecting as it is supposed to).

    The connection issue is mostly a question of the sloppy to market bs that is usual in the post Jobs era and otherwise might be forgiven if everything else were flawless, but the battery issue is very close to misleading/deceptive IMO.

    In brief, from someone deep, deep, deep in the Apple eco-system... a mediocre totality that could have been much more!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    They last 3 days.

    Good quality sound but they are not durable at all I've changed mines around 4 times I just got tired of dealing with this. Buying another product this is not worth it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good Sound & Fit

    The good: great sound, lots of options for proper fit, great battery life, lite weight, great build quality, great connection even at great distance from source.
    The bad: tethered to PC for firmware updates, may need to reconnect to device if unit is turned off for a while, phone audio will revert through phone if you answer call via phone swipes/taps even when audio is currently routed through BeatsX.

    Overall: worth it, but can use another firmware update to fix the bad and would very much prefer the firmware be able to be updated over-the-air/through the iPhone like AirPods. Folks aren't tethered to PCs these days, and if one replaces their PC with an iPad, you won't be able to receive firmware updates. Very bad oversight here.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Okay for music, not good for phone calls

    Not bad when listening to music but have stopped using them for phone calls. During phone calls they frequently drop and calls revert to the phone. if you use another bluetooth use, like unlocking a door that has a bluetooth lock, phone calls reverts to the phone.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not worth the effort of replacing them every month...

    They worked beautifully for two months until they went completely dead.

    Took them into the Apple Store who said they needed to be replaced with a new pair. I was told this would take 3-5 working days. It was nearly a month before they arrived.

    I've had the new pair for less than two weeks and the same issue has happened again.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poot sound

    This earphones are too expensive and sound very low. Apple should sell better accesories. Its a shame.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great headphones . . . when they work.

    I would like to start off by saying these headphones do sound great. However, I am going on my third pair. I was forced to send my first pair back to Apple because the battery life was far below the advertised 8 hours. Apple sent me a replacement pair, which worked well for about two months before the right ear bud shorted out and no longer produced sound. Hopefully this third pair will be free of defects.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Super comfortable general-purpose headphones!

    I own a pair of headphones for every activity throughout my day. The Beats X are great general purpose headphones when I'm just hanging out and not doing anything strenuous. They stray from the iconic "Beats sound profile" with punchy bass as opposed to deep booming bass, but that's not a bad thing! I would put these on par with a pair of Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones in every category except for activity.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound got worse over time

    The Beats X started out working great. My main use is for working out and using the Beats X. Not sure if the sweat has caused them to take a dump or what. The sound in the right ear is weak. It now is basically seems like both buds have little to no volume. I tried to have Apple repair but they were not cooperative in doing so. These ear buds maybe better suited for just taking calls and not to be used with heavy exercise use.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Loved my BeatsX

    I loved my earphones, easy to connect to my Iphone bluetooth, very clear and high sound and block outside noise. I use my earphone to run indoor and never fall from my ear. Very smooth silicon to plug in my ear which never hurt.
    Loved and I recommend!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Battery life claims are debatable

    I purchased these headphones to use primarily for on-the-go business calls. I was surprised to see that, our of the box, they were only averaging 3.5 hours of talk time with no additional standby. Apple was great to ship out a replacement citing a possible defective battery; however, the replacement exhibited the exact same talk time. There was also a separate issue with the replacement whereby I was getting feedback in my left ear whenever the cord would brush up again my neck- probably a noise cancellation software issue. Seeing the other issues in these reviews leads me to believe that the early production units may have some pretty serious quality control issues.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Stopped working in less than a month!

    The anticipation for these was huge, and upon purchase I couldn't have been happier. Sound quality was great and the W1 Chip made for seamless integration with my iPhone and iPad.

    Never wore them outside and was always careful to make sure they were neatly tucked away in the included carrying case when not in use.

    Suddenly 2 weeks ago they would not turn on. Indicator was dead and there was no response when connecting them to a charger. My disappointment is heavy. Something as hyped as a Beats product should never run in to these issues when being so new.

    Yet to be serviced but based on previous reviews, I will be s**t out of luck getting a refund or replacement.

    Not happy at all.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad product - No bass

    I received these in February and have been through two repairs due to poor sound quality but turns out this is just a poor product. The bass in nonexistent which makes listening to music completely uneventful and uninjoyable. I would return these without question if Apple didn't have a 14 day return policy. I'm going to attempt a 3rd repair request and really hope I can get approval for a refund or exchange because I would like to get a pair of earphones or headphones with proper quality. For now my free apple headphones will be used over the $150 BeatsX. So disappointed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome Wireless Earphone Experience!!

    I've used wired audiophile headphones for a long time and didn't believe these could be good on the go alternatives to my wired headphones, BUT I WAS WRONG! THESE ARE FANTASTIC. The sound profile is more balanced than previous-generation Beats. They fit well for my ear shape - also, once snug in my ear, the sound mellows into nice even tones without any noticeable distortions. Plus fit offers passive noise cancellations, nice perk!

    Battery life is as advertised, even when the volume is consistently set at 80%.

    Design, build quality and materials DO NOT feel cheap compared to other headphones in the same price range. I recommend these headphones to anyone on the go, who is looking for balanced sound and ease of use.

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