• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Not sure about the 8 hours battery!

    I've been listening music for 2 hours and I already have 49%.
    I don't know what they mean by 8 hours of battery life.
    Other than that, I love them, very light, you can't even feel that its around your neck. Sound quality its as usual GOOD. Depends what size eartips you wear you will notice a difference on sound and bass.
    They are very steady in my ears, perfect for jogging or gym work outs.
    Easy to pair it with your Apple devices.

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    Early days yet but...

    I've been waiting for these for months but well worth the wait... easy set up with all my apple devices but more importantly the sound is amazing and really comfortable. I was looking for a go between of casual all round day-to-day use and also good for the gym (even with out the wing tips for stability) these as suspected are perfect. Stoked.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the features

    I had been waiting for these headphones for a long time. I liked the concept that these would easily connect to all my apple products without any effort on my part. What really got me going was the 5 minute fast charge, which saves me from having to remember to charge these before I go to the gym (I can wait 5 minutes for a 2 hr charge). Even better, they charge using a lightning connector, so once less cord to carry with me when I travel.

    I also like the heavy duty cord holding the headphones together. It feels like they will last a long time and will not get tangled when I shove them in my pocket.

    In terms of sound quality, these are an improvement over the headphones that come with iPhone, but I would not call it an earth shattering difference. Obviously the noise isolation nature of these helps improve the sound and I think they've compensated for any loss of quality over the bluetooth connection. I'm happy so far and would recommend them.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    Very comfy,but sound just like my earpods,I don't understand what's different with them and I have perfect hearing,I had rha 750i which sounded not much different than earpods which are free,and these two costs 150$ ,but the difference is hardly noticable!
    Wtf guys,maybe they should like play for a day or two to be better?But anyway.

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    Coming this autumn?

    Winter is here and it's already December! I really want to these under my Xmas tree...