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    Unless you use the back cover the front cover doesnt fit right. If you think it does fit then you probably never had another iPad front cover only or this is your forest iPad. The cover is too loose and doesn't last flat behind behind the iPad when opened

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    Great design but very expensive

    There are many reviews whining about the fit and finish of this item. I have had the old version and was happy with it and when I upgraded to the new pro I ordered the cover. When combined with the back cover it is arguably a better design and better fit than the older version. The problem is they effectively doubled the price since you have to buy separately. I am extremely happy with the product but am disgusted I paid as much as I did.

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    Very disappointed.....

    With the amount of money spent on Apple products I'm now having to resort to buying a new Smart Cover for the iPad Pro 9.7 because my iPad Air cover is not compatible any more...... This was a bad move forcing customers to have to change due upgrading from a previous iPad same size screen etc not happy with the expense of this iPad now having to upgrade the assesories as well each time is starting to get stupid

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    IPad Pro Smart Cover

    Perfect fit when used in conjunction with the Smart Case. Well done Apple!

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    Good cover

    If you buy the case and cover together they fit perfectly and are better than the reviews make them out to be. However, the cover leaves a residue on the screen along the vertical fold tracks. Yes it wipes off with microfiber. But it is annoying, especially at this price point.

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    Terrible design decision, evidently driven by bean counters

    Nothing that hasn't been said before... The overhang is truly terrible, totally noticeable and makes the iPad/cover combo look unfinished, unprofessional and just plain janky. I keep thinking it's slipped out of place when I notice it, which is every single time I look at my iPad. What a stupid design decision to make in search of (presumably) saving a few pennies by only having to stock one cover. I will be returning it as soon as I have time to get to an Apple Store.

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    Does not fit properly

    does not fit! why????

    twice as heavy from previous, why???

    I am truly disappointed!

    Apple, get this basics right!

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    Not sure what all the fuss is about - Great Product

    Just received my Stone Smart Cover for my iPad Pro 9.7" Rose Gold. People have left reviews talking about how "big" it is, the lip on the right-hand side just extends maybe 2mm over the glass covering? The iPad Air 2 Smart Cover did the same. This is obviously meant to be flush with the smart case but works perfectly fine and snug by itself.

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    Yes, It's Actually Disappointing & Detracts from Overall Feel & Quality

    Coming from an iPad Air 2 to the iPad Pro 9.7, I have the same setup as before - I simple apple smart cover on the device. The extended edge (and possibly the new magnet locations) make this cover shift and slide like my previous one never did.

    [ This seems to be a change to allow the edge to extend to account for the girth of new silicone backings Apple has introduced. At $70, I tried one of these backings, but it made the iPad feel very heavy and cheap. I bought the pretty device to look at it, obviously! And unlike my iPhone 6 Plus, which I prefer this case on, I have no need for one on my iPads, as I'm never mishandling them to a risk of dropping.]

    The end result makes me really want to revert to the Air 2, and I would have returned the Pro had it not been for the Apple Pencil support. (I really would forego the extra power, everything else, just to get that quality precision feel back) It's a shame.

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    Not designed for the 9.7 inch iPad Pro

    This cover isn't designed for the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Read the description very carefully as this cover is designed to fit the 9.7 inch iPad Pro only if you also buy the silicone back cover. Without the silicone back cover this Smart Cover hangs over the edge and the left side is very loose and harder to hold compared to previous Smart Covers that were design for iPad.

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    It's an iPad Air Cover!

    The Smart Cover for the iPad Pro 9.7 is the same size as the iPad Air Smart Cover. The magnets have simply been reversed. If you like the perfection of Apple products you will hate this Smart Cover! I'll be returning it as I do not like adding any other cover or back to my iPad. What a sneaky thing to do! Very un-Apple!

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    Perfect cover and case

    I wasn't sure about buying an over priced cover and case, especially after reading the number of negative reviews. Yes, the cover on its own will overlap the edge of the iPad, but is not a big deal. However it fits perfectly with the case in place. Unlike what some said about the magnetic strip on the cover that off comes easily, I don't seem to have that problem. Quality is also exemplar with good quality plastic, fit and finish. The only quibble I've is the price.

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    Doesn't fit and comes off!!!

    My husband bought the iPad Pro 9.7 inch and the Smart Cover as a gift, I am very disappointed with the cover. It is flimsy and easily comes away from the iPad. I'm appalled that Apple don't offer a smart case as they have done previously... And in order to replicate the same protection as the smart case, the back and front need to be purchased separately - costing almost £90!!! If we had known that this product was so poor I would have gone with a third party case. You just assume that because it's an Apple product, it will do as it says on the packaging. Very disappointed!!

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    It's Too Big!

    Previous iPad smart covers fit perfectly, aligning neatly with the edge of the bare iPad. This one is too big and flops around when you try to fold it back. The excuse I've heard is, well, it is meant to pair with the back cover. But I don't want the back cover, I'm trying to keep this thing thin and light and the back cover makes it bulkier and heavier.

    Okay, you might say. Just use the iPad Air cover, right? Wrong. In their quest to maximize profits, they've reversed the polarity of the magnets in the new iPad so that older covers won't work.

    From a company that prides itself on attention to detail, this is just embarrassing. If I could give this zero stars, I would.

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    Gets dirty fast...no way to clean

    Unlike the silicon back cover this front cover gets dirty easily. And nothing I have tried will clean it. Poor design Apple.

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    Remember the elegance of the original leather smart cover...

    Dear Apple, I'm not sure what you've done, but this new cover is horrible. It doesn't fit "like a glove" like previous covers. As everyone has reported, it "hangs" over the edge, and is quite annoying. Please bring back the fit and the elegance of the original leather Smart Cover. It was a beautiful product that perfectly complimented the design of the iPad.

    Or just fix the size of this one.

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    Did anyone ever hear of clear??

    I never review anything but I wanted to say a few things. I don't understand while they never use clear. The iPad, iPhone are beautiful, I have the rose gold, I want to be able to see that and the engraving. I too bought it because I didn't want to use it unprotected. I also bought the back. I will get a clear one when available, Probably spigen. I had the ipad with retina, I had bought a case from apple that was the same idea but it was one piece, for 50. I loved it. Now with both pieces the cover comes off and it does not prop up the iPad well like the other one did. As others said flimsy and I am always knocking off the cover, Mostly I am so disappointed how it does not support well when trying to prop. I like to read and prop, always collapsing. I have to agree with a lot of others that the quality of Apple is not what it used to be, I have everything apple so hard to change now, but I am very unhappy with their products as of lately.

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    Worst smart cover ever

    Seriously it's the worst smart cover ever. Doesn't fit iPad Pro... I had iPad Air 2 with smart cover and it was perfect... This... THING is one big piece of disappointment... Great job Tim!

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    Poor fit without silicone case

    The smart cover is designed to be used in conjunction with the silicone bottom case so be aware if you plan on using the smart case on its own, the cover itself is larger than the screen and overhangs the iPad by around 2-3mm.
    Apple should have designed the cover and case as separate items like before. Very disappointed.

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    Horrible cover will be returning it...

    Cover doesn't fit the iPad Pro 9.7 and is very awkward to hold, hope apple fixes this cover and offers something better for what is a great device otherwise. Other negative reviews are spot on with the same issues I've experienced as well!

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