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    Great keyboard, but where's the forward delete?

    I'm not sure why Apple made a keyboard without forward delete capability. Macs can forward delete using FN + delete, but there is no FN key. After researching, sadly I discovered there is NO option to forward delete. Come on Apple!!!!!!!

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    Fantastic integrated addon

    Having owned all previous 9.7 inch iPad's I have always had to make do with heavy, awkward keyboard cases that added a lot of bulk.

    The Smart Keyboard is lighter, has no need for any Bluetooth function to be on and is easy to type on. It folds very neatly whether in keyboard mode or just folding back like a normal Smart Cover. Only downsides are the ease to which the case often comes off and the fact you still need a separate case to cover the back of the iPad. That said this has made the iPad feel for the first time like a proper little mini MacBook!

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    Smart Keyboard

    There are lots of different iPad keyboards and most of them don't work so I didn't have high expectations for the Smart Keyboard. The iPad Pro is built for the smart keyboard (and vice versa) so decided to give it a go. It is incredible. It's small but not cramped and the keys have a really nice feel and grip to them. The outside case does have a hump but I mean there is a keyboard in there. The Smart Keyboard is amazing and for me is a must have. The two different positions are really good and perfect angle. I really can't say how good this is, if you do have an iPad Pro, get the keyboard, it's a must have. I hope this information has been of use to you, thank you.

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    Outstanding product

    Cannot believe how fast typing is with this keyboard. Great accessory.

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    The keyboard types well but the magnetic connection is fairly weak and pops off a lot during routine use.

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    I love this keyboard ! It is just perfect for my new iPad I love the feeling and everything about it. I even like it better than my 13' MacBook Pro !!

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    Love this keyboard!

    I expected this keyboard cover to be something I would use in a pinch when I'm out and about. It's nice to not have to carry around an extra bluetooth keyboard and remember to make sure it's charged before I leave the house. With this product, that is no longer a concern. The benefit I did not expect was that the keyboard is actually really nice to type on! I will be using the iPad Pro as my main computer from now on, and this keyboard makes it just that much easier to accomplish.

    The one drawback is that it does add a little bit of bulk to the iPad, but I think that's a small price to pay for such a convenient accessory.

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    Nice Keyboard, but what's with the hump?

    I was a little scared to buy this. I used (and loved) my Logitech keyboard with my iPad 3, but I liked the idea of the Smart Connector for the iPad Pro.

    It's actually a nice little keyboard. I like the feel of the keys and it's light and doesn't add much bulk. I have two complaints. First, when the keyboard is folded and being used as a cover, about 2/3 of the cover is a fat "hump" with the remaining third (the part without the keyboard) is much thinner. It doesn't impact the functionality, but it looks goofy and is a very "un-Apple" design.

    Second, they could have easily added a loop or pocket to this case to hold the Apple Pencil, but didn't. The pencil is very nice, but it's smooth and round with no clip (or way to add one), so I haven't figured out how to keep it "connected" to the iPad.

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    Perfect accessory for the new 9.7 iPad Pro

    My new 9.7 iPad Pro was delivered today. I quickly realized that while the dimensions are the same as the iPad Air 2, I forgot about the 4 speakers! So, my old keyboard case would not work. So, off I went to the Apple Store to get the Pro Smart Keyboard. I love this keyboard.

    PROS: no pairing required, keys have a good tactile feel and very receptive, size of the keyboard allows for easy typing, love that it has the directional arrow keys and wake/sleep feature

    CONS: I wish it was flat when closed but it is less bothersome than I thought it would be; and I wish it came in more colors

    Review written with the Smart Keyboard and my iPad Pro 9.7

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    Exceeds all of my expectations

    I've never been compelled to write a review for an Apple Product before, despite being a loyal consumer since the first iPod Touch. However, I was seriously on the fence about this keyboard. I really loved the idea of the bigger iPad Pro when it came out last year because of the keyboard and the pencil, but the size was just too much for me so I passed it up. Now when this smaller iPad Pro was announced, I jumped at the chance to pre-order but I have been very skeptical about the keyboard. I used the larger version in the store and thought it was great, but upon receiving this one a few days ago ahead of the iPad Pro 9.7 launch, I was very hesitant.

    Handling it on it's own you can tell it's a quality product. It looks and feels great. The laser ablated fabric covering is fantastic and you will have no worries about ever getting any kind of gunk or grime under your keys. In theory, this keyboard should last a very long time. Though it was the size I was concerned about. I'm a writer and I can type over 90 WPM with very high accuracy, so I am extremely picky about keyboards. Bluetooth keyboards in the past have always left me disappointed, usually because of dumb pairing issues, keys being too close together, bulkiness, etc. But this.. this keyboard is totally different.

    I received my iPad Pro 9.7 today on launch day and I immediately popped on my Smart Keyboard. Within two minutes at BEST, I was typing full speed. Looking at it, I thought I would have to give it a little bit of force for the keys to respond accurately, but I was very pleasantly surprised that a natural, gentle touch is all you need. The keys are extremely responsive and feel great under my fingers. The keys "look" like they are too small or too tightly spaced, but I have zero issues typing on it. I am typing this review on it right now and it's amazing. For something so thin and compact, it performs just as well as a much larger (and just as expensive) desktop keyboard. It adds very little bulk and weight to the iPad Pro, certainly much less than any other competitor keyboards out there right now, and likely to remain so. With the Apple Silicone Case and the Smart Keyboard, I can still easily fit the iPad Pro in my purse, just as I did with my "old" iPad Air. As a writer who travels often, I can't say enough for how important this is to me. I no longer have to carry around a laptop bag or backpack with my MacBook Pro in it. For my needs as a writer, the new iPad Pro 9.7 with this Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil fulfill all my needs and will replace my MacBook, no question about it.

    I've seen and heard the gripes about it being awkward to fold, and I just want to say, it's not. It takes 30 seconds to figure out how to use it as a keyboard and as a stand, and then you're good to go. I had the same very brief learning curve the first time I got a Smart Cover for one of my iPads years ago. It's not hard and it works perfectly. Others have complained about the viewing angle. I've been using a Smart Case on my iPad Air for two years which has the same standard viewing angle and I've never had any want for more, so I don't expect it to be an issue here either. It's perfect for typing and watching videos, and if I'm playing games, the keyboard is off and the iPad Pro is in my hands anyway. The only thing I will say is that if you plan to use the Apple Pencil (which is also wonderful and the best stylus I've ever used) you may want to pick up a Smart Cover or some other option as writing on the iPad Pro upright is awkward at best, but that is neither here nor there when it comes to the Smart Keyboard.

    I hope this helped some of you who may be in a similar dilemma regarding the size of the Smart Keyboard. If in doubt, try it at the Apple Store. As a writer, I love it and my fingers have graced many keyboards over the years. This is hands down the best tablet keyboard I've ever used. Nothing else even comes close.

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