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    Great headphones! Battery life is awesome, slick case make it easy to carry in pocket, sound is as to be expected from the typical apple headphones.

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    Not Seamless :(

    I was so excited to get these. I have all the latest Apple gear: iPhone7, MacBook Pro with Touchbar and iPad Pro. Imagine my disappointment when connecting these headphones was harder than 3rd party bluetooth headphones. I have been waiting for the headphones Apple advertised for years. What they actually delivered left me feeling very disappointed.

    Struggled for a couple hours to get the headphones connected to all my devices (even tho it is supposed to auto connect through iCloud after pairing with one iCloud enabled device). I actually couldn't accomplish a connection between all 3 of my devices without it not showing up in one of the devices.

    The actually switching between devices is disappointing. It takes 5+ seconds to complete the switch. Double tap to play and pause only works on Apple Software for the Mac.

    For $220 (Canadian) I don't think it was too much to ask of Apple to deliver what they advertised. But straight out of the box these headphones were frustrating/impossible to connect. If you are planning to use these only on a single iOS device you shouldn't have any problems.,..but then I wouldn't spend this much money. But if you are hoping for 'seamless' connectivity between multiple Apple products prepare to be disappointed. Just give it a Google before you purchase them.

    Positives are that they are a great fit. Tried shaking them out and they didn't budge.

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    Serves its purpose

    I got my AirPods recently and they hurt my ears at first. After about a week of wearing them an average of 3-4 hours per day, my ears got used to them and they don't hurt anymore. Now I absolutely love them! The charging case is super convenient for keeping them topped up when I'm not using them. Sound quality is slightly below that of the Beats X, but definitely not bad by any means! My only real issue with them is how quickly they drain during phone call usage as opposed to just one way audio. Still, I've never been left with dead AirPods or charging case.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love them.

    So I got these with the expectation that I was going to like the convenience of them and settle with the sound being as is. But it turns out that for its size these things actually sound great! I am very pleased. As I have been using them my only gripe is that they don't have the easiest control, the double tap thing, it's cool if you get just the right spot every time, I use it play/pause mode cause I still find it weird talking to Siri in public. If they made like swipe up and down for volume that would be pretty cool. But over all I really like them. Maybe a future update to iOS and watchOS will make them better!

    Oh, and they actually fit and stay in my ears! I was presently surprised by this. The wired ones don't stay in. They literally fall out as soon as I put them in, I don't even have to move. But the AirPods fit great and when I shook my head they stayed in. Going to try them running soon. If anything I will just try those sleeve things with the hook on amazon.

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    Amazing product

    This new airpods have a little more sound than the regular EarPods, but. It has an amazing bass and they are more louder

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    Best of the Best

    Best wireless headphones on the market. Apple did a good job

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    Find my AirPods unusable

    I don't know about anyone else but Find My AirPods seems like it was designed backwards. I bought my AirPods the first day they were available and now as of last week they are lost. Now more than likely I threw them away but that's beside the point. I carry them around in their case. You would think the majority of people who are wearing them would realize when one feel around negating the need to find just one on its own. Since Apple doesn't think that people will every lose the whole package I'm now spending 170$ and waiting 6 weeks for a new pair. Now I love Apple and these headphones but the fact they can't make the most crucial of needs work has forced me to wait for a new set. As much as I love them I will never be recommending them to any friends until this simple requirement is met.

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    Not Good for multiple devices

    They sound alright but have tons of issues connecting to my many apple devices. I have an iPhone 7, iPad Pro, new Mac Mini and Surface Pro 4. Apple advertises these switch between devices well but I have an opposite experience. I have had to turn my iPhone's Bluetooth off and back on to get them to play sound, meaning Apple Music was playing, the pods were connected but I heard nothing. Often times I have to put the pods back into the case and take them back out before my device realizes I'm trying to use them. I thought the issue might be having them linked to my Microsoft Surface so I unpaired them and still have many issues. I am bummed as I was looking forward to finally having smart headphones. I went back to using my Beats.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Trying to love them

    Got mine yesterday from Verizon Wireless online; 1st impressions were very favorable; albeit, because they were indoors in my apartment. Sound quality was impressive; (I'm used to Etymotic research ER 4PT's), which are the Gold standard of wired earbuds. Bass & treble were quite good; dynamic range was slightly inferior; probably due to blue tooth limitations. Once I ventured out to the streets of NYC, & the Subway, the results were not as favorable. Because the ER 4PT's, are like Volkswagen Beetles; (airtight, & soundproof), the noise from the train overtook the sound from the AirPods. Anyway, I'm going to give them a 10-14 day try, because that's when I'll have to return them. The convenience, & comfort of no cords, hopefully will outweigh my feelings toward sharing sounds with my ears. BTW: Amazon Music seems to work best, with AirPods; better overall dynamics; also the Studio Music Player Pro App, actually "syncs" the Airpods, or other devices you may be using; check it out!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really Great, but still a little room to improve

    Love these. They are comfortable, and they sound great. The automatic pairing is simple and pleasing. Battery life is very good and the case-as-charger thing is handy.

    Couple improvements. They need to be louder - not sure if this is the fault of iOS or the earpods, but on a plane I could not hear movies - not from the iphone or ipad. Music did come through, though it too could have been louder. Seems to me that a firmware update could fix this. Please do! This is pretty important.

    The other improvement is in regard to controls. Tap to skip and/or raise/lower volume, on the pods, would be great. Not as important as the loudness issue, but still needs some attention.

    Would I buy these again? Yes!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Needs volume control with a tap

    It's amazing

    But it need volume control on the AirPods. Not thru Siri which stops music playing.

    If it has the ability to doble tap to access Siri, you would think it would have one pat for volume up on the right and one tap on the left for volume down. For this reason I have to go to my phone and manually lower or higher the volume.
    You would think the genius at Apple would think about this, for me it's a headset and it's the most important feature.

    For this reason I give 4 stars.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I know some folks out there said it wasn't good,this and that but I don't know of I'm agree.All I can say is I bought one although it is not cheap,you get what you paid for.I went to run and sport,not fall out easily if compare with old EarPods it got tangle with the cord.I felt "lost" nothing is in my ear,still can heat superior sounds and music.Plus,it doesn't drains battery like other products do.Last word,try it,experience it yourself rather than listen to "rumors and rumors".Truly,simplicity are at it very best when it simply disappear l.Magical.Extra.Ordinary.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Would be great if they were reliable!

    As a dedicated Apple user - both at my home and for my business I was really looking forward to bluetooth earbuds that were comfortable and worked. I was surprised at how they stayed in my ears and were so comfortable I really wasn't aware they were there. I've had these for about a month now and the reliability has steadily declined. At first the sound would just transfer from the airpods to the phone with no notice - the only way to get it back was to remove the device from bluetooth then reconnect. That has happened numerous times but seemed to get better as I was about to head to the Apple store. Recently however my calls are now dropping - only when I use the Airpods. Given that i am never sure when they will drop sound or drop calls I can't rely on them for business calls which is why I bought them. Off to the Apple store later to see if they can resolve but very disappointed in them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Truly exceptional !

    These literally are magical! I guess it's the best apple product ever. Never been so amazed. And once you put them on, you would forget that they are still in your ears. They are that comfortable. They are Apple-sleek! And the connection is instant!
    And for the record, they DO NOT fall off. They don't even fall off even if I sprint or head bang. But it depends on yours ears too. There is a 20% chance that they may not fit. But if your ears fall under the 80% for which they fit perfectly, then the AirPods will blow your mind with all the futuristic technologies packed into them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Engineering and industrial design tour de force

    As many others have noted, AirPods feature a delightful, almost magical, pairing experience. From the shiny white color to the intentional "fiddle factor" that Jony Ive & Apple's IDG designed into the case, these ear buds are an example of Apple doing what it does best - iterating on a product to make it far more functional and compelling than anything else on the market.

    With regard to sound quality, I haven't used EarPods in years, as I find them to offer below average sound quality. They would also constantly fall out of my ears while running or working out. If you prefer the fuller sound and deep bass of Powerbeats 3, you may find these to be lacking in the sound department. If you're fine with EarPods, you'll like these, as they feature markedly better sound than EarPods. For example, notice the much larger port on the back of each AirPod vs. the same - much smaller - port of an EarPod. Sound clarity is excellent.

    AirPods have never fallen out of my ears while running or working out. In addition to housing a battery, microphone, and antenna, the stem of each AirPod also aids in establishing/maintaining a proper fit. That said, because of the one size fits all approach, these will not work for everyone.

    Due to their open air design, AirPods work best in quiet environments. If you're often in areas with moderate to loud ambient noise, there are far better options on the market.

    It's amazing that Apple was able to pack so much technology into something that only weighs 4 grams. This shows that they've learned so much from designing and manufacturing Apple Watch. Overall, I highly recommend them and think AirPods are an engineering and industrial design tour de force.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best wireless ear buds

    They are easy to put in your ears but do not fall out under normal exercise, running, biking ect. Bluetooth is power enough to walk away from your phone up to 50 ft and around corners. Instantly loved these and buying a set for my girlfriend. The charge is awesome and the design is so elegant

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    These are terrible. I've gone running with them, and they will stop working. I've tried using them with Apple TV, Apple Watch, and other bluetooth devices. They don't automatically connect requiring me to manually connect, and often times they stop working. They just don't work. Very frustrating to say the least. I don't like them and regret the purchase.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Close but no real cigar

    My partner bought me these as a surprise (I would never have paid the price). Verdict. I LOVE ❤️ THEM. But....background noise is terrible. Why???? So disappointed with this aspect. In a quiet room they are bliss. Go to the gym and you can barely hear them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Second best thing Apple ever made

    I have had really expensive headphones and cheap headphones. AirPods are by far the easiest to set up with the best battery life and the most comfortable. I couldn't believe Apple took this long to make them.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    the real deal

    these headphones are called airpods for a reason ... when you wear these things u cant even tell they are in your ear light as air and extremely comfortable. the sound is next level for wireless headphones and the battery life truly is the best on the market after trying various pairs of headphones in this marketplace i can guarantee u no competitor even comes close to packing the same punch these headphones have


    you will get your moneys worth with these