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    Ok, Apple, I was wrong...

    When Apple announced these in the fall, I laughed. I thought, "Who would wear these things?". I now have my answer...me. I wear them every single day and way more than any other headphone or earpod that I have ever had. These are comfortable, have very good sound and are ridiculously easy to use. To me, this is one of the best products that Apple has designed. That is coming from someone that was dead set that I would never buy them or wear them. Now that I have them, I don't use anything else. I grab these with my phone every morning and I use them multiple times during the day for phone calls, podcasts, books and music. I use them in the car, at work, at home, while running, lifting weights or just walking the dog.

    Love my AirPods. Highly recommend!

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    Life changing

    These headphones are a life changing experience. Less time spent untangling my wired EarPods, more time spent listening to Nav.

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    Great design but the Bluetooth connection is not stable

    I think to start on a good note, the earphones are a great design, the battery life is adequate and its great the case is a charger. The quality of the sound is great given they are wireless earphones.
    The main down fall is when I am walking/running with the headphones in, the sound turn on and off very frequently. Also I work in an office and since I have had the earphones (4 weeks) the ear phones have disconnected when they are still in my ears and the music continues to play out loud from the phone, as you can imagine very embarrassing.
    They are definitely ahead of the market but I am getting a little tired of apple products not being quite right, are apple losing their edge....

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    Where have these been all my life?!

    These are absolutely fantastic. They work flawlessly, connection is a breeze, and they are supper snug!

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    NOT for everyones Ears

    They just won't stay in my ear , Crazy ugly

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    Nice sound and smart, but they do fall out

    Smooth sound and very smart earphones, but they do fall out often. Today I walked my dogs and the right one fell out three times over a twenty minute walk. I have always had the same issues with the wired version. I have so many of those in their original packaging because they would not stay in. I guess my ear canal is not normal (no one ever said anything).

    If AirPods just offered a bit more friction, they would probably work, but they are made of glassy plastic and slide out.

    Otherwise, they are great.

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    Buy them.

    Let me tell you what I did. Bought he AirPods, waited a month to get them...received them. Used them and all was well expect for a few minor things. One, sometimes I would have connection issues..like there would be a delay when answering the phone Two, the battery..they would die after 3 hours tops. What's a plus is it doesn't take them long at all to charge. Also, I charged one while using the other and vice versa, that made up for them dying so quickly. The charging case never went low on battery so plus there.
    Well after two weeks I decided to get the beats x. I mean, longer lasting battery, they're beats so the sound quality was fantastic, right? WRONG! When I took them out of the box and put them around my neck I wanted my AirPods back. The cord was shaped to go around my neck. The sound quality was horrible and they wouldn't stay in my ears. Very annoying! I took them right back to the Apple Store and reordered my AirPods. Now I'm waiting on them. I am looking for a few updates and hopefully one day we'll be able to control the sound from the pods. Also, they need a longer lasting battery. Oh and a black option. Other than that the AirPods are great!! I'm literally crying inside bc I want them back like NOW!

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    Best Headphones Ever!

    These are a game changer. Great sound, very comfortable, intuitive, long lasting battery, slick design, etc.

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    AirPods - great product, just a few tweaks needed

    Excellent product, well worth the money. Battery life is really good, intelligent, very sleek and comfortable. Despite all the critics, these AirPods don't fall out if running etc. Siri needs a few more tweaks, not as reliable as using the home button on the iPhone. Would be even better if one tap on either AirPod could fast forwards a music track. This could easily be applied with a future IOS update. The only real criticism I have is that the AirPods are a bit fiddly to get out of the case especially the first one. The lid needs to flip back a bit further or the case needs to be a bit bigger.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Just great job!!!!

    Using already 1 week, and I'm so happy that I buy AirPods) thanks Apple)

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    Phenomenal listening

    Easy listening, perfect for the gym, Siri is easy to use and the music quality is brilliant. Cute little case and easy to pop in your handbag.

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    If you like Apple, you'll like these

    Opening the box is very easy. You pop open the case and the click connect on your phone. My only slight issue is the lack of ease on iPad and Mac for connecting to the Airpods, but it is easier than regular Bluetooth none the less. The fit right in my ears, although others have shared a difficulty in them staying in. This is a case by case basis. These are made for an apple person. They truly are a good product. Apple Watch makes controlling them even easier when connected to your iPhone. The Watch allows for volume and skipping controls. This is easier than Siri, but Siri is still effective. Overall would recommend.

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    4.5 stars

    Why 4.5? Well, I really like these! They sound way better than I thought they would and are very comfortable. I've had no connection problems whatsoever and the charging case is a great idea. They've never fallen out or anything but I think they could be improved if they didn't have such a long stem hanging out of the ear and I think they could be improved if they were shaped more like a traditional ear bud for a better fit. Also it would be nice to control volume on the earbud instead of having to grab my phone to change volume. Other than that I totally love these. I've owned a lot of different brands of top name earbuds and head phones to compare them to and I'm very happy with these. Can't wait to see/hear the second generation and see the changes Apple makes to them.

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    The Future Is Here

    These are amazing. The connection is faster and smoother than the Beats X and Solo 3 (even thought they too have the W1 chip). You really have to try them to experience it. The range goes through my house and into the yard; and, goes through a gym locker, through two walls, thought 150+ feet of the gym full of gym equipment and other people cell phones and their own bluetooth buds frequencies.

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    Love them

    I just got my AirPods yesterday after a long wait which is the only negative thing I have to say.
    I love love love love love them. The sound is excellent, the range from the iPhone is more than I expected. And the battery life is great. Having the charging case in my pocket for a quick top off makes it that much better.
    Finally, no wires!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I'm so so like Bluetooth I'm soo soo like apple

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Incredible! I'm extremely impressed regardless of some people's complaints!

    I just got my AirPods today after much review and comparison (since the Keynote announcement). I've been using BOSE QC-20 in-ear noise-cancelling headphones up to this point and was very reluctant to let them go. They were a perfect fit with my iPhone 6S and iPad Air 2, however, things have changed... Now using an iPhone 7 Plus without a physical headphone jack makes it difficult for me to listen/charge simultaneously, something I would do frequently while on long trips (with a little help from my Mophie JuicePack).

    I'm having absolutely NO connectivity issues or lack of signal quality regardless of surrounding interference. These work just as advertised and won't disappoint! My POS Plantronics Bluetooth would always cut in and out, drop calls, and randomly cycle off and on again. I'm not having any of those issues with AirPods, just perfect sound.

    Not having any wires and the absolute ease of use makes this a worthwhile upgrade, despite losing noise-cancelling capability. When I first purchased my QC-20s they were $300 (now $250), which was quite a bite to chew for headphones. The noise-cancelling tech was worth it though... I could have purchased the new BOSE QC-35s for a direct upgrade, but at $350 I just couldn't justify the cost. Plus, even though the new BOSE headphones are totally wireless, they lack the streamlined simplicity of these new AirPods.

    I'm extremely happy I was able to get these today and don't have any regrets! I got very lucky while strolling through our mall this evening. There was *one* pair sitting on the shelf! Otherwise I would have had to wait 6 weeks for an order to come in. It was meant to be :-)

    You'll fall in love with them the second you put them in - trust me, I've tested/owned many types of headphones and these are the easiest, highest quality, most cost valuable headphones I've ever owned. You can just use one of them if you only want a "Bluetooth" headset feel as well. They work with everything Apple and setup takes all of 2 minutes. It's very impressive the level of engineering put into these little treasures.

    Try them, you won't regret it!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    apple did an amazing job creating the newest wireless earbuds they work perfectly and I can't wait till they make the second version

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    Love Them!

    The real surprise in using the AirPods is that I am untethered from my iPhone, Apple TV or MacBook. I am able to work in the kitchen without wires snagging on things. And of course, the AirPods integrate seamlessly into the Apple eco-system! Sound quality is much better versus regular ear pods. Cannot recommend them enough!


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    The Heir to the Apple of Old - Inheriting a Sublime Sense of Design

    These AirPods are for me without doubt the most compelling and thought through product Apple has launched in 2016. Bar none. It may be the smallest of products, but the overall design and functionality remind me of Apple of yesteryear, and they are a delight to use from de-box to daily use.

    The details of the device: how the charge case opens, magnets to secure both Pods and the lid, how the whole package is minamalist but never lacking or under developed. And also it's in Traditional White Apple Plastic.

    Sound wise these are on par with the normal EarPods, but easier to wear due to zero cable tug. Perhaps they have a tad more bass. People complain about the price, but I personally see these as a true design marvel and therefore worth it given all the R&D that must have gone into them.

    Battery looks to be good and I love the way everything charges. Yes Siri is used as the controls but when linked to an Apple Watch, it's not really an issue. I am personally glad they are buttonless, the Pods themselves that is. It's Apple.

    Cheers for a top notch and iconic product.

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