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    My think

    That's amazing and I love it so great thing about to songs

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    Addicted to it

    What an amazing product made by Apple. Forget the traditional way of bluetooth pairing. Easy to switch between Apple devices. Sound quality is amazing for such a small device. Thank you Apple again.

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    Here's the end all review that encapsulates every review posted...

    Best tech to come out since the iPhone. The people complaining that they lose because they're too small is the dumbe*t thing I've ever heard. Maybe you should keep track of your stuff better than a toddler. If you want a cord connecting the two, that technology has been out for 4+ years. The people complaining that when you take one out (like take the left out and just use the right one), that the music pauses and that's a problem... they obv don't know that all you have to do is double tap the one that's still in your ear and it starts playing again. Wow, it's like magic!! The people complaining that there's not multifunctional buttons must not understand physics or technology. How can you fit a multi button keypad on an item that tiny? Simply set your double click to Siri and use Siri to change songs, pause, or change the volume. Voilà!! Geniuses!

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    Apple Quality Product

    I received my AirPods today and I am really impressed. The packaging as expected was the usual 5 stars. The product oozes quality and the performance exceeded my expectations. I find in ear headphones uncomfortable but these are so comfortable you forget you have them in. Sound reproduction is excellent for both music and movies. A great Apple Product!

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    LOVE IT!!!! best product!

    I really love and enjoy my AirPods.
    They have great sound and vert comfy for me.

    Pros -
    Great sound.
    Fast charging period.
    Great size where you put the pods when you don't use and charge. (if you compare other products)
    When on the phone people can hear you pretty well.
    When you workout they stay pretty firm in your ears.

    Cons -
    * limited controls. (if you are not using Siri to control, which I don't. But when you switch to Play/Pause or Answer/Hang Up)
    If you like to control you have to use the phone to skip the track or change the volume,
    * Only White color (I really wish it will be black color too)

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    Well what can i say.

    These pair straight away to my iPhone. was very very impressed. The sound quality is amazing. these also look very very stylish. i cant wait for people to see them. I have no problems at all with these AirPods. im thinking of buying my mom some. also wasn't expecting these till 7th march but they have come early. ordered 13th Jan. thanks for another great product apple. If you are thinking of buying them then buy them i really don't think you will be disappointed. Well worth the money

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    Worth the money

    I put them through the paces. I work out at the gym 6 days a week. After about a couple weeks of use I can say the following:

    1. I couldn't get them to fall out of my ears. I never pushed the limit to do cartwheels, but I weightlift and run. Running was no problem. Weight lifting, same thing. It was surprising to say the least. I was certain they would fall out at a whim, so I was researching little plastic pieces that could be added to the headphones to make them more secure. Found out it was not necessary. Also the plastic pieces (found on amazon searching for air pods silicone) would have to be removed every time you charge your the headphones because of the tight fit in the case, so if these don't fit for you, you have a choice to get a plastic piece that acts like the Bose ear guards on their buds, or you can return them.

    2. The sound quality is good. The isolation is not there, but honestly, I don't want to be blocked out of my surroundings, so this is a personal preference thing. If you like the headphones and just desire isolation, you could order the silicone pieces to create a tighter seal in your ear. Not too sure on that one, but it is an option.

    3. Charging is easy. The little case keeps the headphones topped off when I am not using, and I charge the case with the headphones inside usually when I go to bed. Open the case near your phone and a charge status appears on the phone.

    4. The case, there is good and bad with this one. The headphones slot in nicely to the case with a magnetic pull. The case also has a magnetic closing mechanism, The case also looks very nice. Easy to charge the case, and much more convenient to charge verses plugging headphone into a charger directly (My old headphones required charging the headphones directly, Beats Wireless). The only negative I have found is the case is very slippery. So much so, I have had it fall out of my pocket many times. This happened so often, that now I lock the case up when I go work out. Be advised though, without the case, there is no way to charge the headphones.

    5. The headphones know when you put them in or take them out due to sensors. They act accordingly. For example, if I remove one headphone, the music will pause. Put the headphone back in and the music resumes. That is good when I want to just talk to someone quickly and get back to working out. Also, you can leave in which ever headphone you would like since there is no master headphone.

    6. The double tap for siri and to hang up calls works well. You can also issue commands to siri such as raise or lower the volume. She does it in increments of 2. You also have the standard siri commands for pausing music, stopping music, finding music... If they could do one thing that I think would be brilliant, add a mechanism that reads touch on the outside of the headphone. If done properly, you would be able to adjust sound by dragging your finger against the headphone directly. Using siri in all instances is not necessarily a good idea. This is true when I am on a phone conferences or in an airplane.

    7. Microphone, this is also surprising, It picks up my voice very clearly. This was another one that I assumed would be problematic, but it worked surprisingly well.

    8. Pairing is easy. My daughter tested them at work on one of their work computers and she said they worked well.

    9. Distance. This is a tricky one. I know that some folks will say they don't get much range, but I think that is less due to the headphones, and more toward interference. For example, my daughter said that at work, she had a range of about 30'. At my house, I have walked the entire property without losing sound. The range I tested at home was from my bedroom to the perimeter which is about 60'.

    10. Convenience, Being able to use with my apple watch allows me to lock up my phone and just play music from my watch. Only bummer is that only 1 playlist can be synced to the watch.

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    Love them!

    The AirPods have high quality sound, and they are light. I don't even notice I have them. The battery have a good life.

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    Wow !

    First time I put them in I was very surprised at the sound quality and the volume. These sound as good, if not better, than the wired Apple earbuds. What surprised me the most was the sound volume, these are as loud as the wired earbuds, louder than my wireless Powerbeats 2.

    The bluetooth connectivity is as adversed, very easy, very fast recognition. Really like that the charging case keeps these ready for full use each time. The earbuds are so light, except for the sound, you don't realize they are in your ears. These really are great.

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    No comment!

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    Best sound I've ever had

    I can't even explain to you the amount of time I've spent on various brands of wireless headphones. These not only fit & stay in my ears, but you can hear everything perfectly, the system is flawless & the quality of the music is insane. Definitely worth the $

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    Great When They Work

    I'm going into an Apple store today to have my AirPods replaced. For the second time. This will put me on my third pair. They work amazingly well for streaming music, podcast, audiobook, etc. to them wirelessly. You can leave your phone on the kitchen table and go all around the house listening to what your phone is playing.

    But the handoff for phone calls is unreliable at best, terrible at worst. I've lost more phone calls than I can count. I will be listening to an audiobook on the AirPods and will initiate a phone call and it will not pick up the call. The audio will default to the phone, and it even causes problems switching audio between iPhone, speaker, and AirPods. They work maybe 20% of the time for me. It's possible I've gotten two lemons in a row, but I doubt it. The first pair I ordered from Verizon's online store when they happened to have some in stock. The second pair came directly from Apple through a replacement. My third pair will also come directly from Apple through replacement.

    So I have to give it a two star review due to reliability issues with phone calls. I'd give it one star but it works very well streaming audio from the phone. But I bought this for phone calls, and for that it is terribly unreliable.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I love these headphones! The sound is amazing and the battery life is great. I also like how you can just use one headphone. Comes in very handy at work. Talking on the phone works great too. I can hear the person I am talking too without background noise and they can hear me good too. They are expensive but I think they are worth the money. I would recommend these headphones to anyone.

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    Incredible product

    Ecellent battery life, audio quality , and ease of use. I've had mine for just a day but by all accounts this is a great product. It works EXACTLY as advertised by Apple....freakishly perfect.

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    Great portability, but not that reliable

    I bought this product two months ago, it really helps me from getting in trouble with cables and wires, especially when I am in gym. But sometimes, it will lose connection with iPhone. In general, it's really worthy to purchase!

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    Simply Amazing

    Once you have them you can't live without them.

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    Sound/Size/bluetooth connection.... A+ .....

    Will there be a way to update Airpods, and kill the siri/mute only features? That would be interesting and rise these up to 5 STAR rating.
    Here are my observations after a few weeks with them... (IMO)


    *no sound control (not a big issue to me, but come on...$35 ones do!)
    *i know these are "stand alone" headphones, and a dangle cord would not be "apple like" in its appearance, but many athletes worry about loosing one pod..(the set basically) that is literally smaller than my thumb. a white cord would have been nice.
    *yes, i'd like to sometimes be able to listen to music AND hear traffic around me. so one in, one out pauses the music till they're both in your ears!(?) NEEDS FIXED. (i get that they're "alerting" you that an airpod has come out of your ear), but there must be an override? i'd risk more as far as losing them to HEAR traffic.


    *fit in ear is darn near perfect! they don't move around.
    *sound quality
    *bluetooth connectivity is strong.
    *easiest paired bluetooth product ever.
    *noise canceling (literally just as good as my over the ear $400 pair).
    *apple unique. solid.

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    Game changer

    I never thought I would fall in love with the AirPods. I was completely wrong! I keep them in all day at work and hardly notice that they're in my ears. Sound is slightly better than standard EarPods, but the fit is definitely more comfortable, and I never feel like they're going to fall out. Another huge bonus is using them for phone calls. People on the other end say they can't tell that I'm not holding the phone to my face. Battery life is fantastic and having the case charge them is incredible and convenient. Best produce Apple has made in the last 5 years.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent but much room for improvement

    The sound quality is pretty good and the fit is what I would expect from a typical Apple ear bud. My only complaint is the tapping to activate Siri. Tapping only works half of the time and Siri doesn't always pick up on your commands. I wish there were a voice activated command that would initiate Siri instead of tapping. Also, it would be nice and functional to have buttons on the hanging part of the airpods if you don't want to speak commands.

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