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    over the moon, a great set of bluetooth AirPod............cutting edge design with a great relations between the functional, form and aesthetic..........................

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    They Just Work

    They Just work. Plan and simple just as one would expect without having to overthink using them.

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    Best purchase of 2017

    Just another perfect Apple product. By far the best wireless ear buds I have ever purchased. Very light weight, excellent sound. They connect automatically to your iPhone, so simple to use. Take one ear bud out and your music automatically pauses, put it back in, music plays again. And no, for all you haters, they don't fall out. I run in them and have never had a problem. And if you're worried about "losing them", that's your problem not Apple's.

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    Just got these today.... I am blown away, they are way better than I thought they would be. Pairing was seamless and the sound quality is remarkable. Since I just got them today I'm going to be doing a true review of them in about a week or two. Stay tuned.

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    Not Load Enough, Fall Out When You Bend Over or Jog, Tech is Awesome

    As an avid workout person, while walking on a treadmill these need to be at least two-three stops loader. Also when you bend over or are jogging they fall out. Even doing something like dead lift when the weight hits the ground they bounce out of your ear.

    I am not saying the tech isn't amazing, but unless you sit on your bum all day these need some improvements in usability. Apple needs to provide something that fits on them to hold them in your ear during activity. Yes people make accessories for them, but they need to come standard, especially for the price.

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    Innovative but unreliable.

    So the things that you may worry about before buying them - work fine. They pair easily and they do stay in your ears without issues. I haven't lost them once. (Knock on wood.) But, they are unreliable: even though they are paired and connected to my iPhone, they randomly will refuse to direct any sound through them. That is even when the icon in the call window says that I am using AirPods - no sound. Lot's of similar stories over support forums. Also, up to two hours of talk time really means that you cannot take two back to back 1 hour long conference calls. So, as a business tool they fall short. Now, when they are charged and when they work - they are a delight for calls, music quality is so, so.

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    AirPods or airbricks?

    They do not pair with Apple Watch 2 unless you shut down and restart the watch each time which takes 10 minutes. There are questions about this all over Apple support, but so far in over six months this issue hasn't been fixed. If you are buying the AirPods to listen to music from your watch then don't waste your money. This product is the last from Apple i will buy

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    The AirPods are absolutely genius. Bravo to Apple on creating such a marvellous product. They may be pricey but the build quality, simplicity and audio quality are nothing short of awesome. If you love music, these are perfect for you.

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    Deadass worth the money

    They're the best truly wireless headphones available right now. I used Jaybird X3's for months and those are great but call quality is trash and audio syncing some sometimes an issue.

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    Welcome to the future

    This is totally the future,I love them,when I saw them I wasn't doubting about buying them.
    When I bought them,case had 65% and AirPods themself had 100% so I tried them on and have been listening for about 3 hours.
    So when I got home case had 40%-50% and I left it charging and after about 1:30 it was at 100% so from that moment I haven't charged it and it's on 60% so I just want to say THANK YOU APPLE, great battery life,great buds,great portability,sound quality and all together is SUPER DOPE !))

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    Great product - with room to improve!

    Any first generation product will have its difficulties, flaws and room for improvement. The functionality is perfect, the audio quality is really good and the connectivity is seamless. Everything works really well with them. The connection to Mac OS can be difficult sometimes, especially if you have your phone in range and trying to connect first. Only thing I wish it had was the ability to alter volume directly on the AirPods, mitigated by using my Apple watch instead in most cases. Charging and battery life is amazing - better than expected and advertised, and the price point is pretty good. All up great earphones that don't fall out while running and don't get caught on the bench bar or have wires that go down my shirt.

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    First a Skeptic, Now a Must Have!!

    I was one of the largest skeptics of the usability of these air pods. How could they possibly stay in my ear? I will lose them for sure! They are overpriced!

    I've had them for a few weeks and here are my observations:

    - the connection is so fast that I now use them for my headset for work
    - volume COULD be louder but in most situations it should be fine
    - They STAY in place! I've run over 6 miles at a time - with sprints and they never once fell out. My right ear feels a little bit looser than my left but I trust that they won't fall and and they haven't
    - They are comfortable. I can wear these all day
    - Price is still objectively expensive but based on how often I use them. the price is justified
    - I'm hoping Apple adds additional controls to the airpods, namely skipping songs!

    Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase!

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    Absolute wireless is the way to go

    I have had these AirPods since launch, and have yet to be disappointed. I do not have any problem using them while exercising, biking, working in the yard, or walking around the office. They're perfect as I can still hear folks talking to me over the sound, when necessary. When I travel, the AirPods stay charged during the flights and throughout the airports on a full charge. The sound is better than expected and I cannot express how much I love the compatibility between Apple products. They're a definite buy in my book.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than I expected!

    I bought AirPods expecting to possibly return them. But, I can only find two flaws.

    They fit and stay put well during normal movement. They fall out when I exercise (mostly mountain biking). I purchased silicone "earhooks" and now they stay put very well during exercise.

    The flaws: 1. They are not water/sweat resistant. 2. Although they fit securely, there's too much background noise making it's way in. These would be much better as in-ear headphones.

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    My Air pods

    I just got my Air pods by chance yesterday and must say it was worth the way in getting as these are so wicked and also good value for money. Thank you Apple for these and I look forward to getting My iPhone 8 soon.

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    Amazing wireless headphones!!

    I was on the fence about spending the money for these headphones but am so glad that I received them as a Mother's Day gift!! The sound is amazing! I would recommend these to everyone!!

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    How did we live with the cables!

    Apple have a habit of being right!

    & oh boy are they right, so much better than the old headphones and the cables!


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    Great headphones!

    Have you ever hesitantly bought a product hoping that you get your money's worth and in the end you were pleasantly surprised and possibly would have paid more? These are that product. I love my AirPods. They are totally worth every penny. If you're hesitant to buy them because you're not sure if they're worth the price, stop worrying and just do it. They're worth it. Thanks Apple for another great product!

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    Simply to say , The Best.

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    Loving mine!

    I have been using mine for business and pleasure. The sound quality of the AirPods is very good, better than the Earbuds that come with the iPhone, which are quite excellent. The sounds quality is better than my $400 Shure earbuds (actually kills them) and my Klipsch earbuds, both wired. The AirPods also have much better dynamic range than my PowerBeats 2 wireless earphones, and are much more comfortable for me. They destroy my Plantronics wireless headset. I'm a musician, so I have a pretty discerning ear - call me tone freak. I demand a lot out of my audio gadgets. The AirPods have great sound quality and very deep bass for their size. The battery life is good. I usually use one earpiece at a time when I'm on business calls through the day. I alternate between the two if I have a day of back to back conference calls. It works great. The noise filter is great. I can be in a noisy cafe but I won't get any complaints of background noise. None of my other wireless headsets were able to deliver good voice quality in a noisy environment. Overall, very happy with my earbuds. I use them all the time now over the other earphones that I have, and I have a lot.

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