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    Dress To Impress - Simply The Best Case Ever

    I've got my brand new 64GB iPhone SE in Space Grey (Black) on my birthday May 27th 2016 (Birthday Present), I previously had 64GB iPhone 5s Space Grey but it was sold. So I bought one of these Black Apple Leather Cases For My iPhone SE. Truthfully Speaking, I'm Really Impressed With This Case, it Really Dresses The iPhone SE Pretty Smart, Sexy & Feels Amazing To Hold in the Hand, Doesn't Add To Much Bulk or Weight, Holes Are Perfectly Cut out, Covers All-Around the sides, it has Super Smooth Soft Microfibre Lining to protect from scratches. No Bad points on this case. It's totally bang on. After 1 week later I even bought the Midnight Blue Case for different Occasions, it's Just Awesome, Goes Pretty Well With My Space Grey iPhone SE. I Love it. To Keep The Case Looking Fresh & Clean, Use Fresh Wet Wipes or Microfibre Cloth. It Will Look Like New Again. Black & Dark Colours Are Easy to Maintain. iPhone SE - Simply Elegant

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    Once your phone is in the case it is really hard to come out!! It has a soft touch for the iPhone to sit on which is good. However, I do not agree on the price but that my opinion.

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    Better with age

    I am very happy with this case. Good fit and finish and couples nicely with my iPhone 5s. The case has developed a nice patina and the few chips in the leather from dropping, have smoothed into real life character blemishes as you would expect with good leather. I have the same leather on my iPad which also performs very well. This case protects the phone surprisingly well for such a sleek design. I will be outfitting my next iPhone SE with the same leather case.

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    iPhone 5s

    I'm a big fan of the Apple leather case, so I bought this SE case for my iPhone5s, (because the old one is getting loose after using it for 2.5 years), and noticed it's quite hard to press the on/off button, but the volume button is ok, is anyone facing the same issue?

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    The best case I've ever had for my iPhone.It has a very nice feeling to hand and also it doesn't add much bulk to the phone which is great as most cases that I had could barely fit in my pocket. Definetly worth the £30 if you are looking for a good quality case for your iPhone.

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    the case make it hard to press the side buttons

    It looks beautiful and feels comfortable. I also believe that it can protect the iphone well. But it really makes it so hard to press the side buttons of the iphone, which I think should be the basic technic the case manufacturer need to solve with.

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    I Phone SE

    Just got my case! Looks awesome, feels awesome! Gonna stop buying cases from other retailers... Apple is always the best choice

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    Really nice case, looks good,fits well, BUT if you put it in your pocket and you know, move and stuff,(ie walk somewhere) it comes off the phone on the corners making it rather pointless.perfect for someone without pockets who leaves their phone on their desk or something, wouldn't buy it again.Im not even sure those other reviews are real?

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    Changed from iPhone 6S to iPhone SE...

    First off, I love this new iPhone SE. It is just like the iPhone 5S which I loved and hated switching to the iPhone 6, but now that the iPhone SE is out with almost identical specs as the iPhone 6, I had to get it. Then I ordered this case, I've ordered leather apple cases for all my phones, but this one in particular just feels extra leathery. It is precisely cut to the tee. Feels beautiful in my hand and love holding my phone more out of my pockets just to show off this leather case. I would buy all the colors if they had more. I DEFINITELY recommend you to buy this case. You will not regret it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The best all rounder leather case made.

    - Better leather compared to the iPhone 5s leather casings that Apple has produced. Same leather used for the iPhone 6s cases which ages better.
    - If you are looking for a casing that protects all parts of the phone, even the charging ports and speaker grills. (This would be the case to get.)
    - Minimalistic design and doesn't add bulk and tackiness to the awesome Iphone Se.
    - I have always purchased Apple casing for my iPhones and it has never failed me once. Hence, am very happy with this buy! The case speaks quality.

    - Lack of Color options. I wished Apple produced more options.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    -feels great in your hand
    -colors are nice
    -fits phone perfectly
    -quality leather

    -limited colors
    -lack of protection

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