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    Pleasantly Surprised

    Tried these out after I got my new iPhone 7 Plus, and I'm quite impressed. Way better than previous EarPods. I'm good with using these all of the time now, and I'm a long-time user of the Klipsch S4 headphones which I always liked. These are equally as good as the Klipsch.

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    Surprisingly Remastered Very Well!!!!!!

    I had a feeling these new lighting EarPods were going to be good. They have a surprisingly punchy sound to them, great vocals and clarity. The bass is good to. And for the price these are seriously worth buying, highly recommend giving these a chance.

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    Threw these in out of curiosity.. dang they actually sound so good.. Way better than the other ones. Impressed.

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    A Significant Improvement

    I am absolutely shocked at how rich and punchy these sound. As an avid runner, I was dismayed when my bluetooth headphones failed to survive the washing machine and was left with the prospect of what to do until the AirPods came out. These more than fit the bill. My running playlist heavily features a great deal of twee music and these EarPods greatly reproduced the panoply of jangly guitars, whisper soft vocals, and benign snare drums. I threw Angel Olsen's new album at them next (lots of earthy, meandering folk intermixed with a few pop tracks) and they more than performed. They sound better than both the 3.5mm EarPods and several high-end bluetooth headphones I've owned. These are a steal for what they're priced at.

    Am I upset that they won't plug into my Macbook Air? A bit, but I'd still recommend these.

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